I swear I just found them this way.

Naked baby dolls. You can’t leave them alone for even 5 minutes these days.

babies gone gadI blame Jersey Shore.


18 thoughts on “I swear I just found them this way.”

  1. Hahahahaha! All boys here, so no dolls. But I always wondered what the toy dinosaurs were doing in the living room plants.

  2. Ha! I took this same picture a few weeks ago when they were in a similar position but never posted it, and then when I saw them like this this morning I was going to post them, but it looks like you beat me to it.

    Thus, for the first time in 10 years, you beat me to a joke!

    (I’m sure my 10 readers will be disappointed)

  3. The toys in our house all look like something from the Island of Dr Moreau. My kids add bat wings and feathers and tape and bits of rope…. A little naked baby doll fun looks downright wholesome to me.

  4. Now THAT’S funny! I woke from a short nap the other day to find all my daughter’s Barbies naked in the bubble-filled kitchen sink. Thing is, my daughter is into One Direction these days, having abandoned Barbie dolls months ago – it was my two little boys who had stripped them down and plopped them in the sink.

  5. JUST the laugh that I needed to end a day of mundane, inane and frustrating. Now must go check and make sure the dolls in my house aren’t hooking up with action figures.

  6. Well…for me it wouldn’t be that much of a problem finding 2 naked dolls hugging each other in my son’s room. But then again it’s two naked girls at the time and he is only three years old 😀

  7. How happy I don’t find dolls in that kind of positions in my son’s bedroom 🙂
    On other hand though – he spends all time with tv and console, it’s so hard to get children out these days…

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