11 bumper stickers for Mitt Romney I’d like to see

I’m just inspired and yeah, offended enough today, that I thought I’d take a break from not paying taxes and leaching off the government to put together a few bumper stickers for Mitt Romney that I’d like to see.

romney bumper sticker via mom-101.com

romney bumper sticker via mom-101.com

romney bumper sticker via mom-101.com

romney bumper sticker via mom-101.com

romney bumper sticker via mom-101.com

romney bumper sticker via mom-101.com

romney bumper sticker via mom-101.com

romney bumper sticker via mom-101.com

romney bumper sticker via mom-101.com

romney bumper sticker via mom-101.com

romney bumper sticker via mom-101.com

They’re on sale for $10,000 each. I’ll accept payment deposited into my offshore Cayman bank account.

Okay, now back to not taking responsibility for myself and scavenging for some of that free food I’m entitled to. I’m thinking Kobe Beef would be nice.

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[Gonzalez sticker via Miguelina]


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  1. lol. i wish i could make one of those the banner picture on my fb. so funny.

  2. Having such disdain for close to half of the American population, the question that begs to be asked is: why the hell does he want to be President?

      1. Wow. I think you have really hit on a truth here. It might frighten us to know just how many of our elected officials got into the business of government because they were bright and ambitious and they got an internship that led to running for an office that led to another office and next thing you know, they’re running for President or Congress not because of a commitment to civil service but because they want to be the best and beat everyone else.

  3. These are great, but Romney needs to be wearing a Marie Antoinette wig and eating some cake.

      1. i just died thinking about it. i am dead. i cannot type anymore.

  4. I liked the re-made Romney bumper sticker I saw on Facebook this morning. It took the Romney: Believe in America slogan and amended it to read Believe in 47% of America instead.

  5. I have sworn I won’t get political on FB, but dang I want to link to these!

  6. I love it when smart people get poked hard enough. Because honestly, they say “We can do better,” but Liz, you really do do better.

    (And now I am off to have a Chander Bing flashback)

  7. I LOVE these! Rather than a wig, can we just paint the yellow smiley face onto a paper bag and stick that over his head? It would help me cope.

  8. Am I wrong or are there only 10 ? What is the mystery eleventh ?

  9. The real sad truth in this election is that there is still a contingency of middle america who will vote for this buffoon *simply* (and for no other intelligent reason) than he “isn’t the black guy”. And since he is cleary a blundering ass, I wouldn’t be surprised to see “Mitt Romney: Not The Black Guy” on a bumper sticker one day, (purely of his own doing).

    1. I don’t think we can chalk that up to “middle America.” There’s racism everywhere, sadly. And the “not the black guy” statement has been pretty well documented for the last 5 years. See also: Birther Movement.

      1. I am not that political so I usually dont get drawn into conversations like this…. I just feel like you are majorly underestimating fellow americans and “the middle”. How is your thought that Romney supporters are racist and uneducated in the political issues any less offensive than Romeys thought that people accepting gov’t assistance are victims. Both equally offensive and dismisive. Maybe a little less finger pointing and name calling could take this country a long way.

        1. You’re right it WOULD be highly offensive. Which is why I never said such a thing. Please reread my comments; I agree with the statement that there are racists in the world who will not vote for a Black president.

          My inlaws are Romney supporters. They are neither racist nor uneducated. Please don’t attribute words to me that are not mine.

          Can we get back to being funny now? I like that better.

  10. Obama – bringing back socialism. Cuz that’s been real effective in the past. You are entitled to your opinion. I’m entitled to mine. I’m middle America too.

    1. No, Pia, the trick is that you’re supposed to be FUNNY here. Think harder and come back with something better. You can do it!

      1. I lost my sense of humor when I started paying for your WELFARE Suebob.

          1. I don’t have to agree with Liz’s politics to like the blog. And I really like the blog. I just don’t understand why I can’t have a different opinion and post it without getting a snarky comment. So I gave one back. It really pissed me off.

            1. I agree with that. Glad you’re here. Hope we can continue to keep it light and fun and respectful of one another even if we disagree.

              (Also if Suebob is on welfare I’ll be a little sad.)

        1. I get welfare? No one told me that! I’m gonna go out and stand by the mailbox for the rest of the day. MAILBOX MONEY FTW!

  11. Thank you for these Liz! I’d like to add one:

    ‘Mitt Romney, Making George W. Bush Look Compassionate Since 2012’

    Seeing as ‘compassionate conservatives’ have taken a sharp left turn into heartless bastard territory, I thought it appropriate. 🙂

  12. I’m yet to hear him make a stick about Canada as a refuge of socialist utopia – hey, that STUPID constitution that gives everybody healthcare as basic right. TOTALLY uncalled for – one should only get medical treatment if one can AFFORD it (in millions, since doctors have to jack up the rates, as they got shark-loans from banks that are bankrupt playing stock market against millionaires that hold nascar teams).
    I’m laughing frequently and thinking that these kind of blunders don’t win voters… but I’m scared: I was wrong (TWICE) with previous blunder-maker (anyone remember nukelar?)

  13. Love those! Thanks for sharing.
    I want a T-shirt that says, I am the 47%…..:)

  14. Seriously, I used to think he was just a politician who, yeah, as you said, wants to win a contest. But after the video leak, I actually think he is a bad person. I’m sorry, but I do.

    “Forty-seven percent of Americans pay no income taxes… And so my job is is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

    Who *thinks* that let alone *says* it out loud?

    1. I understand that he meant “not to worry about those people” in terms of campaign strategy. And the fuzzy math of the 47% thing aside…the idea that he thinks that half this country doesn’t believe in personal responsibility? Are you fucking kidding me?

  15. And you aren’t worried that President Obama wants to redistribute wealth? That nice little video won’t be talked about on main stream media because they don’t dare talk bad or tell his real motivation, no not the Messiah! He has single handedly made it a crime to be wealthy and success in this county. You no longer are encouraged to work hard and get yourself out of dire straits. No we will give you food stamps, welfare checks, excuse your bad decisions for buying a house you couldn’t never afford even if we didn’t go through a recession.

    I pay my bills, my husband and I work two jobs. Why because that is what you do when hard time hit. You don’t automatically suck on the teat of the Government because that is easier. We are indoctrinating a society of children that are learning when things are tough you just go to the government because they will take care of you for as long as you need it. Thanks to Obama’s most recent executive order you no longer even need to look for a job while on government assistance.

    If I were to guess I am sure you weren’t going to vote for Romney prior to the release of this video anyway, am I right?

    1. Thousands of middle class, hard-working families defaulted on homes because the banks lowered the standards for lending, including the minimum credit ratings and the standard 20% down, while disguising the actual risk. People thought that they were buying into the American dream on honest terms, and terms that they could indeed afford. I know some of these people. They are good, honest, hard-working people, same as you. They had every intent to raise their families in these homes, and pay off their mortgages same as anyone. How dare you claim to know them, their decision making process, their work ethics, or what you believe they think they are or aren’t entitled to.

      In the past, comments like these have been deleted. Not because you disagree – which you are entitled to – but because you’re regurgitating talking points [edited] created to disseminate a political POV through spin, and not truth. The commenters on this forum are smart as hell and deserve better discussion than what you’re offering here.

      By the way, the video is from 1998 and it already made the rounds in the last election. I like Suebob’s notion that we should counter with video of Romney in 1998 talking about his pro-choice, pro healthcare platform.

      1. So call conservative “heartless bastards” is a “SMART AS HELL” commenter. I didn’t call anyone names nor did I state that anyone making the comments was heartless or their opinions didn’t matter. I read each and every one of them. Found truth in some but felt that I needed to speak as well.

        You are not the only one that has had friends in precarious situations with their mortgages, credit card debt, etc. The fact is that they utilize government help responsible and then once on their feet they no longer use it. However, that is not the same for a large majority of those on government assistance. It has become a way of life for them and the generations to follow. Those are the ones that I fear are fraudulently bilking the system and will continue unless there are huge changes in the way the system is established.

        By all means go ahead and delete my post. I have never (ever) written on post prior to this but for some reason today felt the need to speak. I love your site and have following it for quite some time now. However, if you feel I am not “SMART as HELL” and don’t deserve to have a voice do what you must. By the way, I am smart as hell, work long hard hours, am a mother of two and a active aunt of 20. I donate my time, my skills, and just about anything that can help other meet and exceed their goals/dreams.

        1. Feel free to disagree politically, as everyone can here. What I’m asking is that when you make assertions like “a large majority is doing x” that you support it with links and statistics so we can have a productive discussion. I don’t mean to snap at you or dismiss you; but when I see blanket pejorative statements about a huge group of people who are suffering, it hits a nerve.

          Read this post. I met her at Blogher. I haven’t stopped thinking about it for weeks. It may not change your mind, but I think giving a face to people in need can be helpful.

  16. So as long as people agree with your views They are extremely smart and anybody who doesnt must be from middle america and too dumb to know the difference?
    Wow.. these comments unfortunately show what middle america thinks about ” liberal hubs”. I like your blog when u discuss your children but this is a bit much.

    1. I’m not sure who you’re referring to, but that sounds like nothing I’ve ever said or believed to be true.

  17. To that I would ask that you have people who make statements grouping conservatives as a whole as “Heartless Bastards” they too be asked to provide a link as we are not heartless bastards. These blanket statements do not provide for a productive discussion as well.

    I have seen the face of those suffering and those taking advantage of the system. I have been the face of those that suffered. I watched my parents go through a horrible bankruptcy with their business, when I was 13, and the government garnished my fathers check for 6 years. My father worked 16 hour days 7 days a week to get us through. My mother worked 6 days a week as well.

    My bothers just recently had to close the doors to their business of 25 years that supported 50+ families as well as theirs. It doesn’t take a link or a particular statistic to know first hand the plight of all these people. So forgive me if I didn’t follow (the unwritten) rules of your open blog.

    You too hit a nerve with me when you chastise and implied that I was not a smart person for disagree/challenging that of your commenters. Your venomous tongue is not willing to allow others with different opinions to reside here and that is not beneficial for anyone.

    You do a fantastic job and I thank you for all of the wornderful things you have given me through your gift of words on your blog. Just remember when you are lashing out of others who come here to speak and engage; you don’t know where they come from or what they have been through that forms their opinions.

    1. I can’t speak for my commenters’ thoughts, but what I’m seeing here is the belief that Romney is a “heartless bastard” based on his well-documented disdainful comments about people in need. There’s a difference between the candidate and the voters. A huge one this year, in fact.

      I’m sorry that you felt hurt and believe I implied that you are not a smart person. What I asked for was a smart discussion. And generalizations about the “theys” of the world needs support. Feel free to peruse my archives and find lots of thoughtful disagreement with lots of things that I say. I will say for the last time: It’s always welcome here and always has been.

  18. I live in Bakersfield. My husband owns his own business and we have been audited by the IRS for the past year. My house is so far underwater we should all be walking around in scuba gear. My husband is a republican, as are many of my friends. I am a democrat and I disagree with their methods, but I think we all want to get to the same place.

    Slogans, pathos and vitriol are not helpful to this discussion, however they do incite emotion and how best to get people to stop thinking? Get them lathered up emotionally.

    Deep cleansing breaths everyone. Anyone want to hug it out?

  19. This is quite hilarious. I really love it particularly the Nascar and the jealous thing!

  20. Being poor in my book doesn’t mean lamenting the closing of one’s business. Poor means not having ANY food to eat, knowing how you are going to pay the electricity bill, the rent. That stress alone puts people in a constant state of panic, why would anyone want to continue that cycle?
    Question to the group: Has anyone here applied for and received SNAP or WIC benefits?
    WIC is highly regulated and you cannot buy anything you want. It is spelled out for you. It is a modest supplement, so your children get essential nutrients. SNAP benefits are not regulated, you can buy almost anything you want ( no alcohol, cigarettes, diapers). I favor regulating SNAP benefits because nutrition could be improved and education could be mandated with received benefits so everyone can “fend for themselves” better once they were off assistance or were able to “move up”.
    Neither are EASY to get, forms need to be filled out, appointments made, proof of anything and everything must be shown, and then you have to wait to receive the modest supplemental food. It is humiliating, uncomfortable, not easy, and most of the time you are treated like garbage at the grocery store when redeeming said “benefits”. I don’t believe anyone asks or wants this kind of treatment.
    When our government fails to take care of its people, as a whole, what does that say about our society/government? Why have a society or government at all, when it’s just everyone for themselves? If we take care of each other, we take care of our country. A starving, sick, and stupid nation where we don’t value proper nutrition, proper education, proper health care doesn’t equal a “Super Power” in my book!
    So to bring it back to this post, it’s hard to imagine that Mitt has anyone’s back other than his own.

    1. Thank you for a real life account of WIC. I’m frustrated seeing stereotypes about poor, lazy freeloaders being repeated here.

      Guess what? There are lots of rich freeloaders too. Some even use loopholes to avoid paying income tax while still reaping the benefits of that tax. One of them happens to be running for president.

      1. YES. As my husband said this morning, so people who don’t pay income tax are freeloading losers, but the Republicans’ stated goal is to pay as little income tax as possible.

        I daresay that Romney himself may have been in that 47% in recent years due to the way his income is structured (as a carried interest). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carried_interest

    1. You should be rationing them for Cheetos and Mountain Dew, Amanda. I’ll send you a sticker for free.

  21. There should be one that says, “Mitt Romney- What an American looks like.” Or “Mitt Romney- Because no one has ever asked for his birth certificate.” It’s too easy. Hopefully he just keeps on talking.

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