Reasons that no, you may not take a photo of your sister’s naked butt and keep it on my iPhone.

1. It’s just weird.

2. No one thinks it’s as hilarious as you both think it is. (With a few exceptions in our extended family.)

3. Me saying no is good practice for the other naked body parts I will never ever let you put on your own phones. Should you be allowed to have phones. When you’re 35. And Snapchat has long since been deemed illegal.

4. Because I’m the mom, that’s why.

delete photo from iPhone

5. You don’t want to give me one more humiliating photo option that I could potentially whip out to show your prom dates one day.

6.  Should I ever lose my phone for any reason and it’s recovered by the police and blurry photos of children’s naked butts are discovered among my benign photos of flowers and skyscrapers, I don’t know if they will accept the excuse, “c’mon! It’s funny!”

7. Are we really having this conversation?

8. The framing is all off. At least learn how to center it first. Take a butt photo you can be proud of! Have some pride!

9.  Aren’t you supposed to grow out of the “look at my butt” jokes by now anyway? No? Another few years? Okay.


13 thoughts on “Reasons that no, you may not take a photo of your sister’s naked butt and keep it on my iPhone.”

  1. Great reasons! My son tries to take pictures of everything..”but mom, why did you delete it?”

  2. Hilarious–this is all applicable to my little darling 5-yo daughter–who at this rate she will NEVER have a phone that has a camera.

    My son is too “vain” to allow that to happen. He makes me delete photos when his is talking, chewing, etc. and has learned to say “mom don’t put that on Facebook.”

  3. My kids wanted to be famous on YouTube. I had to put a stop to those shenanigans. Phone pics are just the gateway….

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