For everyone who wants to write about Ferguson but hasn’t.

On a day that everyone is giving thanks for family and turkey and football and apple pie, there’s something else I need to write about first.

Monday night I was feeling under the weather. I was fast asleep before 9 PM. I woke up, adhering to my self-imposed social media blackout (besides a quick scan of my feed)  in order to get a pressing work project finished, then at about 1PM I went through my stream.

It was like waking up the day after 9/11 and realizing your world had imploded, and you had missed it.

It’s embarrassing to admit it, but I had no idea until an entire afternoon later about the Mike Brown grand jury verdict or its impact. I had no idea about the riots, they mayhem in Ferguson, the protest marches being organized, the rightful, overdue outrage and the pain searing a swath across the nation. I had not followed the previous night’s events unfolding live, and so I had not built up hours of my own anger and passion and frustration. I no idea about the raging social media fights that ensued, the anger, the spate of unfriending and fighting.

I just didn’t know. Continue reading