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I’ve got words that do not come from children’s books

Bonus points for people who recognize the song lyric in the title.

Sage was so proud to have been promoted in reading level recently, that she has been asking to read out loud to me, which I love. Last night she pulled a book from her backpack and asked again.

“It’s not level L/M, Mom…it’s a level K book. I can shop for level M books but this is K. It’s still hard. Is that okay?” Well of course it’s okay. My feeling is reading is reading, and if she likes the story, then there’s plenty of time for Cam Jansen and Dostoyevsky later. Apologies, Tiger Moms.

I dutifully listened for oh, the first 20 pages or so about the High Rise Private Eyes and blahblah blah lalalalaa something about a caper. No idea whatsoever. I’m sure it was very exciting but my attention was elsewhere, I admit. Until Sage blurted out one of the passages:

High Rise Private Eyes Level K - Mom-101

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