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What I learned from watching the Cosby Show again. (Mostly that we’re all old.)

Cosby Show | Mom-101Last night, I thought I’d look for some classic TV sitcoms to watch with the kids, since, to be honest, I’d rather watch Game of Thrones with my kids than subject us all to Wizards of Waverly Place.

(Just kidding. Mostly. Don’t hurt me, sanctimommies, I would like, totally skip over the naked prostitute stuff.)

After a brief misstep with Gumby, which they begged me to turn off about 15 seconds in, we settled on The Cosby Show.

Good lord, do you know what it’s like trying to explain all those 80’s references to your kids a full 30 (gulp) years later? Here were just a few of the questions I found myself struggling to answer over the course of two short episodes: Continue reading