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At Least It Wasn’t the EPT Stick

Thalia understands concepts like dinner is ready or Elmo is on. I think there’s a baby girl growing in mommy’s uterus and she’s going to come out in about a month after which you’ll have a sister is just beyond her grasp at 21 months.

Even so, we’ve been trying to prepare her in whatever ways we can, if such a thing is possible. So we bought her a doll stroller yesterday.

Last night, we found her pushing it around the house containing not a doll, not a stuffed animal, not even the brown bag of muffins she had pushed home from the store that morning. Instead, strapped into the seat was this:

Maybe she gets this baby business better than we think?

You may have noticed that this weekend, Mom101 tidied up the place with a wee bit of help. If I was having a boy I’d definitely have to name him Chag.