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Gen X is cool, Millenials drool.

Yesterday I discovered the masterful, completely engaging and made-for-sharing article, Generation X’s Journey From Jaded to Sated in Salon and haven’t stopped thinking about. Then again, I am squarely in Generation X.

Reality Bites / Gen XJust as author Whitney Collins describes, I do remember what life was like before REM, never slept with a Care Bear, survived high school with craptastic hair products and no pedicure ever save for my Junior Prom, was terrified by AIDS and Ronald Reagan’s finger on The Big Red Button (am I the only one who was traumatized for life by a required viewing of The Day After?), watched Martha Quinn and Nina Blackwood on MTV (not so traumatizing), and sat glued to the first season of The Real World while trying all season long to determine 1) exactly which Soho apartment they were living in and 2) whether maybe Eric Nies might date me.

I also have had pets with people names and yeah, I wanted to be Nancy McKeon in Facts of Life. Guilty as charged.

Also, I remember it all in great detail. Without notes or journals. I’m weird that way. Continue reading