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Holiday shopping ideas for the indie at heart

When I was a kid, my mother made her own line of handmade children’s clothes. I remember waking up to the sound of Columbian women (legal, I swear) over my head, in our attic sewing samples. I remember playing with the bolts of fabric and bins of rik rak and ribbons that the UPS man seemed to deliver daily. I also remember seeing my mother’s pride as she nailed a huge Neiman-Marcus order, or learning her Christening dress had made it into the Smithsonian catalog.

Of course not knowing what a Christening dress was–heathen Jews that we are–I asked if it were a dress for a midget. A beautiful midget bride. I actually wasn’t that far off, I learned.

In any case, supporting small businesses, artists, and women who support their families through their work has always been a huge passion of mine. Anyone who’s ever heard me talk about why Kristen Chase and I started Cool Mom Picks has heard that story before.

So each year, we’re especially proud of our Holiday Gift Guide, because it not only helps out tons of moms looking for great gift ideas (and who want lots of discount codes!), it helps out tons of moms who support their families with those very items that you buy.

Kristen and I both agree that while it’s nice to be in InStyle or Lucky (really nice!),  the most fulfilling part of our jobs as publishers is getting those letters that say “thank you so much for featuring my work. Thanks to your readers, I’m going to be spending the next month fulfilling orders, and that makes a huge difference to my family.”

While of course there are a few big-ticket items in there like that silver caviar server from Barney’s for your next invite to Lisa Vanderpump’s house, or a family sports vacation that will knock your favorite baseball fan’s socks off, mostly what you’ll find are amazing picks from indie and small businesses in every price range, for everyone on your list.

Here, just a few of my favorite picks from more than 150 (!!) gifts in our 2011 guide:

handmade princess crown

dreidel charm necklace

diy polaroid ornament kit

plaid skull hat

roller skates

melissa zook necklace

spinal tap pencil set

black box dessert club

everything on it

handmade charlotte

joy necklace

You might even recognize a few goodies in there from bloggers you know, like Handmade Charlotte, Little Alouette, and Mihow.

I really hope you like it. It’s a labor of love. Now go forth and shop!