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Not so crafty

I was really excited to open up my email and find an invitation to attend the taping of a Martha Stewart craft show. I love supporting the crafting community, and let’s face it, don’t we all have total Martha love/hate/envy/fascination/didIsayenvy?

Then I got to the kicker:

We’d love for you to bring your favorite craft project. Please make sure it’s small enough that you’re able to hold it on your lap during the show.

My favorite craft project? As in, one that I, myself created? Well that’s that’s going to be challenging.

Here’s what I’ve got lying around that could possibly pass for “crafts.”

-Greeting card with melted Bonbel cheese wax on top

-Accordion pleated construction paper fan decorated with Dora stickers

-Two safety pins holding wrap dress together, arranged in an artful way

-Cookie tin with bow on it from Christmas 2007

-Broken coffee mug with handle glued back on


I’m guessing I should RSVP no?


Edited to add: Thanks for the reminder mom. I forgot, I could totally bring my knitting!

Edited to add again: Know who I stole the title for this blog post from? Alexis. Click over and you’ll see why.