Media, Press, and Nice Things People Have Said About Me

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Best All Around Mom Blog





 CBS NY Most Valuable NY Blogger


AWNY Game-changers 2011

Forbes Top 25 Working Moms to Follow on Twitter

The Nielsen Power Mom 50

Parents Magazine Top 10 Power Moms

parents magazine top power moms online





2012 Advertising Working Mother of the Year Award

Iris Awards Winner: Best Sponsored Campaign

Iris Awards Finalist: Best Written Blog

Forbes Top 10 Mommy ‘Hood Gurus

Daily Beat #beastbest Top Twitter Accounts of 2013

Babble Top 50 Twitter Moms

babble top mom bloggers

Babble Top 10 Best Written Mom Blogs

Red Tricycle: NYC’s 18 coolest power moms

Parents Magazine “It Mom” of the Month

CBS NY Most Valuable NY Blogger/Lifestyle

iVillage: 25 Inspiring Working Moms

New York Post: 8 New Yorkers Follow on Twitter

CBS New York: Best Lifestyle/Family Blog, Editors Pick

She Knows: Our 8 favorite mom blogs of 2012

Huffington Post: 9 Favorite Midlife Posts of 2012

Stroller Traffic: Best of the Web

Cision – 10 most influential mamas

BlogHer of the Week: Mom-101

Cafe Mom: 10 Blogs That Will Change the Way You Think About Moms

Cribsie Awards 2012 Finalist – Most Entertaining Blog in Parenting Sphere

New York Family: profile on Liz Gumbinner

Dallas Observer: Moms Gone Wired

Mommytrack’d Spotlight

Big City Moms Super Mom of the Week

Familia/Pais & Filhos (Brazil)- Best US Blogs of 2012.

Time Dog review of Mom-101 (with a video too! Super nice.)

“For Dummies” Books Blog – Bloggers and Personal Brands”For Dummies”

Huffington Post – Best tweets of the week April ’12,  Best posts of the week April ’12, Best posts of the week May ’12, Best posts of the week June ’12, Best posts of the week July 12, Best posts of the week Oct ’12, Best Tweets of the week Oct’12, Best Tweets of the week Feb ’13, Best Tweets of the week April ’13, Best Tweets of the Week October ’13,  Best Tweets of the Week March ’14, Best Tweets of the Week March ’14 (lucky strike extra)

Select Broadcast Appearances

Liz Gumbinner on TODAY

The TODAY Show – 6 apps, websites to make your life easier

The TODAY Show– Woman to Woman: Moms Get Real segment panelist.

Liz Gumbinner of Cool Mom Picks on TODAY Show

The TODAY Show – Back to School 2012

The TODAY Show – Last minute personalized holiday gifts

The TODAY Show – Back to School Essentials

The TODAY Show – How to send your first Tweet

The TODAY Show – Cyber Monday fashion deals

The TODAY Show – The SnapChat “Sexting” App

Liz Gumbinner on TODAY

CBS News/@KatieCouric – NurtureShock and hot topics in Parenting, 2011

Couric & Co – NurtureShock, the follow-up

Liz Gumbinner with Katie Couric

 CNN syndicate – Hot toys: The Gifts You Didn’t Know Your Child Wanted

HuffPost Live – Apps Aren’t for Babies

The Martha Stewart Show – The Baby Shower Show

Liz Gumbinner on Martha Stewart
CBS The Early Show – Moms and mobile technology

CBS The Early Show – Keeping road trips safe and sane

CBS The Early Show – Cool personalized gifts

liz gumbinner | headline news

Raising America on HLNtv – Mom: Ads should portray dads better.

ABC News Now – Parenting sanity savers









ABC News Now – Favorite indie and handmade baby gifts

WPIX Channel 11 NY Cool Mom Picks for summer

NPR/ The Takeaway -Bubble Boy (remember that?)

NPR/All Things Considered – Blogging With Integrity


Select Print and Online Media

The New York Times – “Sanctimommy” – buzzwords of the year

The New York Times – Recalls make toy shopping a source of anxiety

The New York Times – Travel apps to keep children happy

Gumbinner / NY Daily News

The New York Daily News – “Great People” – Blogger Liz Gumbinner and other moms trek to Ethiopia

Parents Magazine – The virtual power of moms– Mommy bloggers and ethics

Forbes – 21 Women Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Favorite Business Books

Forbes – Mattel alienates moms with Hot Wheels PR flub

The LA Times – Blogging moms wooed by PR firms: Is it ethical?

Martha Stewart Living – Rainy day kits for kids

Martha Stewart Blog – Guest Pinners: Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase of Cool Mom Picks

PR Week Magazine: Parenting Roundtable

Hollywood Reporter – The Duggars’ 20th Baby: What the Viewers are Saying

Buzzfeed: Parents Share What They Tell Their Kids About Tragedies

The Happiness Project – Interview with Liz Gumbinner

Publisher’s Weekly: The Mighty Mom Bloggers

Dallas Observer – Moms Gone Wired

CNET– Kids on YouTube

NY Post – Giselle Bundchen’s breastfeeding comments infuriate moms

NY Post – Parent ‘Hoods: The backlash against smug childrearing in NYC

NY Daily News – A to Z Family Guide to the Holidays

CBS The Talk: Talk That’s Trending

CBS News – HFCS’s Latest Target: Mommy Bloggers  – Baby video monitors can invite burglars

GenConnect Experts Video:- My number one beauty tip

Gen Connect Experts Video: My advice to Marissa Mayer (which she doesn’t need)

American Express Tumblr: Career Advice Worth Taking

Technorati: State of the Blogosphere 2010 Interview

Kansas City Star: Why is Dad Such a Doofus (in advertising)?

Etsy -The Storque Blog – Blogs we love

Apartment Therapy/ Ohdeedoh – My Favorite Children’s Books

Gilt Group – How to Have the Ultimate Baby Shower

New York Family Magazine – Top New York parents share their favorite charities

For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report – Interview on Blog with Integrity

Care 2 – JC Penney Pulls Shirt After Social Media Uproar

Urban Mommies – Interview

Huffington Post – Parents Respond to Sandy Hook

Forbes – Maybe the Tech Industry Should Grow Up and Stop Being So Sexist

EcoSalon – Is the Tech Industry Sexist?

Carley K – Interview: What’s On Your Device?


The Conversation Thread on iVillage

Liz Gumbinner on iVillage The Conversation Thread






An online web series hosted by Kelly Wallace

Episode 1: Kids who talk back, parents who spy, unhappy moms

Episode 2: Loving one child more, the mommy wars, and drinking with the kids

Episode 3: No sex in 16 years!

Episode 4:  Overparenting, bullies, and tips for living a less crazy life

Episode 5: Is our parenting putting our kids in therapy?

Episode 6: Momorexia, Weinergate, infidelity, and the problem with too much homework

Episode 7: Sexism and Go the F*ck to Sleep, and a boob job IOU gift card for a 7 year old. (Tawdry!)

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