(and now a break from our regularly scheduled programming)

Kristen, that beautiful soul whose mission in life is to make all people happy, informs me that some nut has gone and nominated me for the CrazyHipBlogMamas member of the week.

Certainly I’m thrilled because, hey, what insecure writer doesn’t need people to stroke her hair saying “goooooood….preeeeeetttttty” (as Nate puts it). But still, it feels a little to me like the quintessential teen movie where the new kid in school gets nominated homecoming queen. This is not to say that I am Lindsay Lohan and that you are all the Mean Girls, because, well, you all seem remarkably kind so far. (Yes, even you. You know who I’m talking about. Get your finger out of your nose.)

If you found your way here through CHBM, I’m happy just to have you here. For now. Down the road, I reserve the right to become more diva-like and demanding of you.

And if you are part of CHBM I recommend you throw your vote to Kristen, whose heartfelt, introspective posts this week have really stuck in my craw. Alternately, vote for Jenn, who is not only hysterical, but a real live professional writer and you’re lucky to get to read her for free online instead of shelling out $90 for two theater tickets tickets, plus the cost of dinner, a sitter, and if you’re me, a parking violation.

Of course if I do win for some freaky reason, I’m buying you each a pony.

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