Sappy, Vomitous Lurve Fest 2006. Bring Emetrol.

While I’m no Her Bad Mother in the bloggylove department, I do want to spread some irony-free warm fuzzies around. You know, the kind of stuff that makes people say ewwwwwwww mommybloggers.

Eat it, naysayers.

A Perfect Post

First: The Perfect Post Award of the month goes to Staci Schoff’s remarkable essay about teaching kids to tolerate diversity where there is none to be found. It’s elegant and compelling, and if I had come across it in Brain, Child (hint hint, Staci) as opposed to her blog, Mommy With an Attitude, I wouldn’t have been surprised at all.

But, wait! as they say in adland, There’s more! There are two other posts that really stuck with me this month and I’d be remiss if I didn’t share them. First, Sunshine Scribe’s heartwrenching essay, Wishing it Were Flashback Friday, about the mean girls who grow up to be mean moms, only to pop up in the places you least expect them. She always writes deliciously but this one is so personal, it really resonates.

Then there’s Lumpyhead’s Mom’s post, And Verily I Wanted to Throw Up, which does what I have wanted to do for a week now but found myself unable to: Respond to the wretched attack on stay-at-home moms as hurled by Linda Hirshman. (Not to be confused with Linda Richman, although my fingers manage to type Linda Richman every time. Oh, if only it were Mike Myers in drag instead of the woman who keeps the entirely unproductive Mommy Wars alive.)

Self-proclaimed overeducated stay-at-home moms, I salute you.


Other link lurve. Just because I never do this and, well…just because.

*Hally, yes that Hally is chronicling her most inspiring life these days on her very own blog. She’s detailing her adventures in Tanzania after having moved her toddler twins there for two years. Did I mention she’s a single mom? And a great writer? And saves the world for a living? And that her friends and family seem to be physically unable to post comments on her blog? Show her the lurve, friends.

*New blogger Baby in Broad needs some advice about staying animal-free during and after her pregnancy. Can any herbivores out there help a vegan sistah out? This is not my milieu.

*Go watch the funniest, strangest YouTube piece I’ve seen in a while, courtesy of Stephanie at Pickleness. Even Nate forwarded it to friends, and that’s saying something.

*If you haven’t been to Cool Mom Picks lately, you’re dead to me. Dead. But if you can still hear me from the afterlife, go now and redeem yourself. While you’re there, sign up for our newsletter. It’s like one measly mailing a month. Twelve a year. You get more Nigerian con artist emails that in an hour and they’re not going to point you towards cool music picks for kids, stylin’ baby duds, and jewelry made by stay-at-home moms that should be for sale in Barney’s at six times the price.

And you know how I love the stay-at-home moms.


Finally, a gracious thank you to the Divine Ms Lady M for awarding a Perfect Post award to my retelling of my first real CompetiMommy experience. Considering how many fantastic pieces were written this past month, I really am flattered.

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