…I’m Gonna Eat Some Worms

Ever have one of those days where you realize you suck?

Like for example: You spot a woman in the local Starbucks with a kid about the same age as yours and you’re thinking how great it would be for your daughter to actually have one friend. So you start chatting up this woman, only to realize that you had met a year ago when your girls were newborns, and you exchanged numbers then. She called the next week, you said you’d call her when you got back in town, and that call took place…..never.

You stutter a vague apology and say something completely retarded about being really busy, um, for a whole year; at which point you’re faced with a polite, closed-mouth grin and a terse, “well, see you around.” Which, as you know, is really code for, “too late, beyatch. And don’t think of trying to make any other mommy friends around here either. I’ve added your name to the blacklist.”

Oh my God, I’m like one of Those Guys, aren’t I. The I’ll call you guys that we spent our entire single years complaining about.

Am I the only one with the best of intentions decimated by terrible follow-through?

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