And, Once Again, My Dork Meter Goes to 11

Nate and I emerged from the trendy Brooklyn bistro early this afternoon after a quiet little brunch a deux.

Nate: You’re ready to leave? You sure you don’t want to go back in there just to look at Jude Law one more time?

Me: WHAT???

Nate: Jude Law. He was sitting right next to us.

Me: NO!! How did I miss him? How is that possible?

Nate: You didn’t see him? Really?

Me: That’s it. I’m going back in.

Nate: Oh my God. If you go back in there and pretend you left something at the table just to look at him I will totally lose all respect for you. That’s the kind of thing that people who…Liz? LIZ!! Get back here! Oh Jesus.


42 thoughts on “And, Once Again, My Dork Meter Goes to 11”

  1. HYSTERICAL!!!!!!My rear end would have been right behind you! EXCEPT I would have crossed the line by snappin’ pics of you and of course….Jude would have just been in the background.

  2. Now, see, that’s exactly how observant I would have been. And exactly how I would have reacted in the end! Too funny! Was it really him?

  3. Screw pretending to have left something…I would have SO gone back…WITH MY CAMERA PHONE!Though, I would have pretended to take a pic of something else…like…oh, I dunno…OH, HELL…smile, Jude!My hubs would have been somewhat mortified, but used to it ;o)

  4. I absolutely would have done the same thing. Try to be all suave and look around for my sunglasses or something. So? What did you think? I have a feeling he’s a bit to skinny in real life for my taste, but still yummy on screen.

  5. Um. Hello. Would so have gone in there again.But I would have probably licked him. Or just in my mind.

  6. What? Like going back in to oogle a movie star is a bad thing? But I’m still trying to get over the thought of you sitting right next to him and not noticing. How the hell did that happen?

  7. Sister, you’re not alone. I wish I lived in New York some days. Today is such a day. Oh, I see Larry Hagman around from time to time, but it’s not really the same thing is it? There are some men who just don’t NEED to prove anything with the size of their headwear. Was he alone? How tall is he?

  8. i SO ould have lost all respect for you had you NOT gone back in to look! my sister and i once drove 6 hours just to watch Tom Selleck play volleyball. sometimes you have to go the extra distance to make your eyes happy. i’m guessing yours were! xox

  9. hehe I would have so gone back!!! So was it him!??! Did he had my babysitter with him, cause she has been missing *wink*

  10. You should tell Nate he’s lucky you didn’t go back in and sit on Jude Law’s lap. He’s yummy with those eyes.I wanna live somewhere that celebrity spotting isn’t so uncommon. But they just don’t come to St. Louis.

  11. C’mon, Nate. It’s Jude freakin’ Law for God’s sake. It’s not like she was going back in there to ogle Barry Manilow or anything. She’s a red-blooded woman. Be thankful, man!

  12. oh yum! I would have pretending to lose a contact and bent over all in front of him BWHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  13. for a minute he thought you were making all those googly eyes at him…what did you pretend you forgot? your camera? click I found it!

  14. I saw a photo of Jude once in a thin filmy white scarf and I haven’t been able to love him since. I still totally would have ogled him, though.

  15. You are my friend Deana. We were sitting at the bar in a coffee bar in Athens, GA a long while ago and Michael Stipe from REM came in and stood between us to order. Deana started singing, “That’s me in the corner…” ON AND ON AND ON… I cringed, he walked away, she kept right on singing. Gotta love the star dorks.

  16. Too funny. I wouldn’t have noticed either. Although I did see Viggo Mortenson at Starbucks on Friday. But I only saw him because he came through the door while I was waiting for someone else. So did you go and drool or what?

  17. It was the only respectable thing to do – for the love your internet friends you HAD to go back in and see him.

  18. Bea: No kidding! The first thing I said when I came back out of the restaurant, was good, now I know what I can post about today.

  19. I always prefer it if I don’t notice the famous hot men. Otherwise, I spend the duration of the meal/movie/etc furtively glancing and then obsessing about my uncouthness and horrid invasion of privacy.Being oblivious is just SO mush easier.

  20. I once pretended I had to use the bathroom to get a peek at George Clooney. What I want to know is…where is the photo?

  21. Y-U-M-M-Y!! Jude Law?! I’m still scratching my head as to how you’ve missed Jude Law sitting next to you and Nate didn’t?

  22. My husband once didn’t notice Russell Crowe walking past our table at an outdoor cafe, because he was too busy gawking at the bugaboo.I would have gone back too.

  23. Melissa, you saw Viggo Mortenson on Friday? That’s it. I’m getting OUT of St. Louis and moving to wherever you are.

  24. See, what the hell is wrong with your husband that he waited to mention that!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Was he very dreamy or dirty looking?? Who cares, he’s on my lamenated list!!

  25. i liked him for soooo long and then nannygate happened…and now I LOVE HIM AGAIN!!!! Did you submit this to Gawker Stalker?

  26. You made me proud by going back in. I would have lost respect for you if you hadn’t. IT WAS JUDE LAW, for Chrissakes! You had to go back!

  27. aaaah! jude? jude law? THE JUDE LAW THAT GETS A COVETED SPOT ON MY ‘LIST’? (cuz, y’know, i’m sure i’m on his list).you better go back in.

  28. did Nate or you happen to notice if he has a small willy? I have heard he has an eeny weeny one, but would like this confirmed.

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