Down to one dog, one cat, one baby, two adults, and 50% less pet hair on the couch

The kitties are gone.

Final score:

Practicality 1, Sentimentality 0.


32 thoughts on “Down to one dog, one cat, one baby, two adults, and 50% less pet hair on the couch”

  1. Well done.Sometimes, as a mother, and as a household manager (or co-household manager, as the case may be), you have to be a tough-assed bitch.And it don’t get any tougher than turfin’ kittens.

  2. Kyle commented yesterday that he rather enjoys not having to vacuum up pet hair all the time.I consider this to be a major victory, as the step-cats were his (Persians, no less).Congrats to you on your victory as well. Sometimes practicality really does have to triumph.

  3. Which is 50% more pet hair than I have in my home. I’ll be staving off this whole “pet” thing a little longer…I hope.Congrats on the whittle down.

  4. Awww. That makes me a little sad. Sorry. I know it’s for the best, but i am an inrecovery pet-overdoer.

  5. I now have to admit that I was pulling for the kittens. Of course with three dogs and a geriatric cat wreaking havoc in our home I’m sure there was a “misery loves company” component to my leaning.

  6. I missed the first post but I gotta say, if two kitties showed up at my house they’d be outta here really quick, no matter how fuzzy and cute they were and no matter how much my children adored them. I can barely take care of myself and my children…I kill houseplants with the blink of an eye and I burn dinner four nights out of five. Kitties? Nuh-uh.

  7. Those kitties were adorable, but you have to think about the bigger picture, like your SANITY! Glad you found a solution!Carrie

  8. I have but one dog… a cock a poo shame about the name… it does not shed… and it does not have the nasty dander so no one is effected/affected by my lack of housekeeping skills in the dander department…Good on you…

  9. Sorry about the kitties….we just recently adopted a Katrina rescue dog…life has changed. Sometimes, I’m not sure what’s crazier…the kids adjusting to the dog or the dog adjusting to the kids!

  10. Hurray for practicality.Don’t worry, one day we’ll all have little dogs whom we will love more than our children. At least, that’s what our children will think.

  11. I guess the “poopy” skid marks from their hindparts are gone from your carpet and the couches can be restored to their pre-clawed state? it is sad but necessary at the same time….bet the dog is pleased, though.

  12. I’m so disappointed in you. Now, excuse me. I must go and wipe 50 pounds of cat hair off of every surface in my house.

  13. The softy side of me says awwwwww…..the mom in me gives a huge sigh of relief, happy that you have less cat litter to scoop!

  14. …and now the rest of the story? Are they on there way to Seattle, like I suggested originally?

  15. Blogolicious: They are back in the good hands of the pushy vet who pawned them off on us in the first place. Knowing her, they found an excellent, loving new home within minutes. I’m not heartless! Just overwhelmed with my current wards.

  16. As the feeder of three cats and four dogs (we live on a farm so have space), I think one dog and one cat is an enviable proposition. I worked out today that our of weekly grocery spend, a quarter of it goes on feeding the animals, and that is after I moved the dogs off the Vet’s extra healthy wonderful Choice food and onto Alpo, which is half the price but probably won’t make their coats shine so much…well maybe it will cut down the glare in the sunshine?! Congratulations on practicality winning the day – and when Thalia wants a pet of her own, I recommend a guinea pig as very low maintenance and tame and maximum entertainment for minimum food bill!

  17. We just sent out cat to my sister’s farm. It was only one cat. But I couldn’t handle cat + new baby. I’m a wimp.Anyway, it must be that cat-riddin’ time of year. Congrats on your cat-B-gone.

  18. That was the sane thing to do!My husband took our son to the pet store today, but since the kiddo “love to look at fish.” He assured me he had no intentions of bringing home pets, but I had to give a warning speech just in case. Not until all the diapers are gone!

  19. Don’t know how you did it, getting rid of those cute kitties. You must be a fembot or something.

  20. Darn, I feel bad for the kitties. Although even I, the adopter of many homeless ferrets and dogs, admits that sanity and hygiene are quite important.

  21. as hard as it was(n’t), you did the right thing. you know it, Nate knows it, and those kitties know it. besides, Thalia’s gonna need <>something<> to be pissed about when she gets older… this’ll do. xox

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