Beatrice Caroline was born this morning at 10:11 to my brother and his wife.

Ten fingers, ten toes, and (so I’ve been told) adorable.

A 19-inch, 7 lb 5 oz reason to keep doing everything we can to make this world better.


40 thoughts on “Niece-102”

  1. Congrats! Beatrice Caroline, that is a beautiful name. Post pics if you can! Lord knows we can never have too many baby pics!

  2. What a beautiful name. Congratulations to your sister and your whole family! Being an aunt is really special. I miss my neices and nephews so much!

  3. congratulations, Auntie! that’s wonderful news. let’s hope she has your family’s sense of humor. with a name like Beatrice, she’ll need it. (kidding! i kid! don’t let your bloggirlfriends hurt me. seriously, i lovelovelove that name. i mean, look at MY name, for godssake… and, if one of my boys had been a girl, i’d be regaling you with tales of Mabel. so, you know… Beatrice? good name. i’ll try not to wear it out) xox

  4. “A 19-inch, 7 lb 5 oz reason to keep doing everything we can to make this world better.” I love it! Congrats.

  5. This is excellent news.. YayI hope the same for my sister too – she just has to get pregnant first…Yay again…Tori

  6. congrats to you all! my BIL just had a baby, too, — like, days ago — and I felt the same way when we got the news…like the whole world shifted just a bit. So lovely.

  7. Hooray for another beauty! Congrats all around! Thalia’s lucky to have a cousin that is close in age. Soon they can get into trouble at family get togethers!

  8. Will they have another one and call her Ramona, and then Ramona won’t be able to say “Beatrice” so she’ll end up calling her sister “Beezus”? Please can you ask them to do that? Seriously, congrats. I thik being an aunt is a lot easier than being a mom. Though I have no nieces or nephews to prove this, I still think the theory holds water.

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