There’s A New Pick-Up Line In Town

Nate: “So, what are you doing for the next two minutes?”


30 thoughts on “There’s A New Pick-Up Line In Town”

  1. LOL! At least he’s honest! Last night after my husband pulled me out of the shower for some “attention,” I went back to the shower and mumbled to myself, “why did I even turn the shower off?” Unfortunatly he was standing right behind me looking rather pouty. Not my fault stud!

  2. I got –You want to go have some morning lovin?He just out of the shower and my daughter sitting in the room next to I’ll pass there stud muffin.

  3. *snort*I like that almost as much as Dave’s classic: “You look hot, babe. Why don’t I check your temperature with my dick thermometer?”

  4. Yeah, the dick thermometer line still cracks me up like nothing else.I’d actually be inclined to take an offer of in and out in two minutes – literally.

  5. In the pregnant state I’m in now, this line might actually work on me. Except it would take me two minutes just to, um, assume a position.

  6. That’s hot.(Though probably quite effective. That’s usually how long it takes me to re-think a positive answer.)

  7. Wow, you’re one lucky lady. I never get lines like that.Usually it’s “What are you doing for the next 30 seconds.”Oooh, he’d kill me if he knew i said that.

  8. You get two minutes? Dang..I didn’t know what I was missing! ::Thinking:: Maybe he could douse it in benzocaine?

  9. Sweeet. I get “Could you help me out with something for a minute?” Usually on Saturday morning when I’ve just started vacuuming or something.

  10. It looks like you too have a 2 minute wonder on your hands. Could be worse, I suppose.

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