The first steps! The first steps! We got it on video tape and everything.

Which makes me absurdly happy that we broke down and got a new video camera last month. The first one we had wasn’t compatible with our macs, meaning there was no way to download any of the film. So essentially, every clip taken of the first year of Thalia’s life is no more than 5 seconds long and ends with Nate whining, Liii-iiiiiz, shut it off already!

Now string twenty or so of those segments together and you’ve got the entire video record of Thalia’s first year of life. Sigh.

But now, the girl walks. We have the footage to prove it.

Mamas, lock your medicine cabinets. She’s coming for your laxatives.

Just so you know, don’t expect me to do it again. I like this hand-holding business way too much.

41 thoughts on “Hooray!”

  1. I am deeply insulted that she waited to unveil this trick until immediately AFTER I left.Then again, she probably realized that I would encourage you to curtail this walking nonsense immediately. For your sanity’s sake. Because I’m slowly losing mine with my own newly-perambulatory child.(All of which to say, of course – congrats! And – good luck!)

  2. Fantastic! Yay Thalia!Sadly though, I’ve found that just because they CAN walk, doesn’t mean they aren’t still very attached to being carried around.

  3. You ain’t kiddin… As a toddler, I ate an entire box of chocolate X-Lax. It was not pretty. Thalia, on the other hand? Gorgeous.

  4. Congratulations! It’s lovely to see them walk, and a great reminder that child-proof is a process, not a state of being.

  5. Yay! Congrats. 🙂We have Maya’s first steps on tape…hear that? Tape. This was 1996, and our recorder was old even then. You put the VHS tape into it, recorded, and then you could take it out and watch it on TV. Ah, good times. Now we don’t even HAVE a recorder anymore. That’s a mighty cute kid you got there, by the way.

  6. Go Thalia! Go Thalia! (And don’t tell mommy that tampons are waaaaaaay more fun to play with than laxatives. Pfft.)

  7. Aw she is gorgeous. Congrats on the walking! And good luck with everything you’ll now have to nail down hehe. xXx

  8. When they walked I was all of a sudden struck with “Wow. They’re people! They walk and move…” A milestone and a realization. She sure is cute. 🙂

  9. Wow…what a cutie!When my girl started walking, I thought, oh my god-Pad Everything!! With Bubblewrap!But you realize, hey, that will never work.She just stood in the middle of the living room one day, stood up, down, up down, then she was suddenly <>verrry<> mobile.Now she climbs on tables and chairs.

  10. Congratulations!!!!! That is an exciting milestone. She’s a cutie.Time to move the tchatchkes to an even higher shelf. Sigh.-Lisa

  11. Yippee and ‘oh crap’! I’d love to see Des’ face the first time Thalie towers over her, and then falls—timber!-like on top of her. Big hugs to that little walking cutie-pie.

  12. Thalie? OK, I tried to catch it but my computer has a poltergeist and just posted it before I could reread! Sorry. I know it is ThaliAAAAAAAA.

  13. Heyyy, I just did a first steps post too. Must be the crisp fall air putting a spring in their Robeez.

  14. Congratulations! Or should I say Good Luck? Just think, with all that running you’re going to do to keep up with her you won’t have to go to the gym. 😉

  15. The hand-holding is to be encouraged. There are many environments in which it is both safe and convenient. Unfortunately, both of my children firmly believe that mommy’s hands are coated in poison ivy – they walk WHERE they want, WHEN they want, and AS FAST as they want.So that sweet little girl, walking along hand-in-hand? it’s a good thing.

  16. Thalia does seem to be on a similar time-table to Ada, who just recently started walking hands free. Whether I think that is a good or a bad thing depends on the moment. It takes us 45 minutes to get around the block. Sometimes fun, sometimes excruciating. Here’s hoping your gal’s walking is all fun fun fun!

  17. <>sigh<>. they don’t stay puppies long.i’m so glad (not to mention <>impressed<>) you were able to capture the moment… you’re way ahead of the curve, girlfriend. heck, we not only missed the curve, we launched ourselves off the stinkin’ cliff… and only managed to pick up and videotape the pieces when our kids were around 10 and 13. (have i mentioned lately what terrible parents we are?)this was a big day for you all… and i know it fills your heart to the brim to realize your baby is capable of such bravery and independence. Go Thalia! xoxo

  18. Hooray! Cordy was a slow walker – she preferred walking while holding onto something rather than walk on her own. Do we get to see the video?

  19. With all the photographic documentation floating around our house you’d think I’d have more than four clips of video of Ittybit. NOPE. And the ones we do have, just eerie not cute at all. Congratulations on your feat!!!!

  20. Oh, that’s so sweet! Aren’t those first steps so exciting? Snuggle Bug’s first steps were in an airport, when he was 12 1/2 months old. Now, at almost 21 months old, he’s running and starting to learn how to jump. 🙂 When he started walking, we had to baby proof at a whole new level. Good luck with all of that! Thalia is such a little cutie. 🙂

  21. if I could just get my son to hold my hand, I could conquer the universe. apparently, that is not in the cards for me.

  22. Wow! Watch out world, here comes Thalia! Good luck to you and Nate…it’s the end of the world as you know it.

  23. We have the first steps recorded of our older daughter…and all you can hear on the tape is us squealing with delight at her new found talent.Congrats! It is so exciting!

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