So Long, Farewell, BlahBlahSomethinginGerman Adieu…

I’m off.

To many restful days in a cabin in Maine, where I’ll be blissfully free from the pressures of work, miles from the 120-degree Chambers Street subway platform, but not so far from civilization that I can’t get a good decaf latte and the Sunday Times.

I will not be blogging this week. Or, rather, I will do my best not to blog. Or read blogs. Or comment on blogs. Which I think is something like Tara Reid saying I will do my best not to get drunk and be photographed by the paparazzzi with my skirt hiked up into my underwear and mascara running down my face–but I can try.

In the meanwhile, I have a proposal. Those of you who would come here daily anyway? Come here still and I will try make it worth your while.

Each day, you can scroll down and find a different site to visit in lieu of mine. I promise not to disappoint. However I don’t want to tell you much about each one. The best advice I ever heard about fixing someone up on a blind date – don’t describe. Don’t overpromise. Don’t promise at all. Just let them discover. So that’s what I’ll do here.

These are posts that made me laugh, or made me think, or made me think I should be reading this blogger more. And hopefully they’re people you’re not all that familiar with yet.

Today I’d be thrilled if you started with my vote for August’s Perfect Post Awards, Bub and Pie’s Am I Bored. In fact, so many of her posts are perfect that it was hard to narrow it down to this one. But it was the one that spoke to me on a personal level, honestly answering the question whether motherhood is boring. And as always, you can find the other Perfect Post winners at Petroville and at Suburban Turmoil.

A Perfect Post

Then, moving on…

Saturday: Problem Child Bride – Midnight in the Kitchen of Good and Evil.
(And because weekends are slow, then go and read her post How I Came to the USA Part 1)

Sunday: Jonathon’s Closet – Bits and Pieces of a Journey (warning: heartbreaking)

Monday: Cocktails with Kevin – Dove Foundation Seeks to Eradicate Quality Soft-Core Porn

Tuesday: Virtual Sprite – Balancing Act

Wednesday: Mom/Ma’am/Me – Even More Fun With Word Validation

Thursday: GingaJoy – And Then I Realized…It Was My Own Daughter

Friday: Pupptoes – Dalai Bobo’s Thought of the Week

Saturday: Binkytown – Free to Fly

Have a great week blogosphere. I’ll eat a lobstah for ya.


42 thoughts on “So Long, Farewell, BlahBlahSomethinginGerman Adieu…”

  1. I’ve always been partial to Bart Simpson’s, “I can’t promise I’ll try… but I’ll TRY to try”

  2. Seriously, aren’t you hanging on the edge of your seat wondering whether I am going to have this baby? How will you stand the suspense of not knowing whether I go into labor or not?? ; )A week is a long time, Liz. A very long time.

  3. Have a wonderful vacation! Hope you get some good relaxing in. Hooray for Bub and Pie. She does rock!

  4. We-ah hee-ah waitin’ foah ya.And it seems like most of the tourist are gone, so you picked the perfect week.

  5. I guess it would be cheating to read ’em all right now, huh? Okay, I’ll refrain and attempt to stick with the program. Have a great get-a-way. Maine’s on our list for vacation spots next summer. Enjoy!

  6. I’m such a West Coastie…I’ve never even BEEN to Maine, and it sounds wonderful. I’ve got to check out all the New England goodness someday. Have a restful, wireless-free vacation. Resist the urge to log on! Resist!

  7. I’ve plucked a number of my favorite blogs right off your site. You’ve got all the best readers Mom-101.Good luck with your blog withdrawal plan.

  8. Wow – it’s Mom-101 city over there on my SiteMeter right now – you and your readers are awesome!Thanks so much for the award. I’ll be back this week to keep up with your list of recommendations.Have a great vacation, lady!

  9. you are beyond sweet. and i thank you and the Dalai Bobo thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for such a kind plug. honestly? to find myself mentioned by you is reason enough to blush from here to Tuesday. but to be included on a list with the others you mentioned is not only humbling, it’s downright <>terrifying<>. shit, i guess i better find something profound for him to say next week, eh?have a fabulous time in Maine! you had no way of knowing this, but Maine is one of our *favorite* parts of the country. in fact, it is our dream to one day own a lovely home somewhere near Bar Harbor. the fact that the house i currently have my eye on costs a mere $4.5 million has yet to deter us from our quest. Once Ernesto blows through, you should have nothing but clear skies and smooth sailing. and lobster. lots and *lots* of lobster. pack plenty of bibs for Thalia, i’m guessing <>you’ll<> need ’em. xox

  10. YAY, Blah Blah, something in German is my favorite line. Have a great vacation. One thing though, I don’t know if relaxing and one year old go together in a sentance. Good luck though.

  11. Love the linkage idea – will check them out.More so, I love the waterskiing pic – it made me feel I was on vacation just looking at it – fabulous ! 🙂

  12. Oh, man, it’s just so twisted that you going on vacay gets me all clenched up (she’ll be gone ALL WEEK OMG).(But, hey, week after next, baby…)Oh, and? Bubandpie – good call.

  13. “I will do my best not to blog. Or read blogs. Or comment on blogs.”*GULP* My readership just dropped 100%! No really, I hope you have a wonderful time. Enjoy!!

  14. A whole week without blogging. That sounds like a GREAT vacation. Seriously. Hope you don’t get sucked back in during your haitus. Enjoy your week!

  15. You are going to LOVE the virtual vacation. I just had one and I thought it’s be hard to be away from the computer. Nope. I LOVED it. ENJOY!

  16. Thanks for the linky love. I look forward to checking out the other posts as well.Hope you enjoy the vacation. And hey, do I get to see a picture of the new ‘do?

  17. hi just wanted to thank you for your comments i apparently had them set to moderate and didn’t know it, i published them all and fixed the problem. also can’t wait to get home tonight (at work) and check out those links!

  18. I hope you enjoy your time in Maine and try to disconnect from the internets. And leave your cell phone at home.

  19. hey–have a great time! not that you should be reading this. stop reading this…. (TARA!)thanks for the shoutout, wondered why i was suddenly getting traffic when i’ve been such a lazy whore. gives me incentive to actually *write* something. (i do have good excuses)

  20. Have a great getaway time! The first 24 hours away from blogging might be difficult, but it could get easier the more you drink–er–eat lobster. It’s worth a try.

  21. Have a great time! I’ve missed you so much lately and now you are leaving for vacation. I’ll forgive you. Only cuz you’re SO stinkin’ cute. Can you stop that, please?But really, have a great time.

  22. since i have to come up wi… er, uh… *get* to do a couple of extra Dalai Bobos in case any of your friends stop by… i thought i’d tag you with a < HREF="" REL="nofollow">meme<>. not a big meme. not a hard meme. heck, you can even fold part of it into your “What I read during my fabulous week in Maine” post, which i’m sure you’ll be writing anyway, so why not add in a dash of meme for added color/flavor? seriously, i hope you’re having a wonderful time. don’t worry about meme. xox

  23. Well crap, I’m behind on your blog links. I have some reading to do.Hope you’re enjoying your vacation! I enjoyed < HREF="" REL="nofollow">my vacation over Labor Day weekend<> and the guest bloggers that I lined up did a fantastic job for me!

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