Me? Hormonal?

Situations in recent weeks that have made me teary, if not prompting me to sob uncontrollably (and don’t even get me started on the wedding that I just attended):

-The bagel guy telling me he was all out of salt bagels

-Spilt milk

-A birth control commercial

-The fall foliage in New England this weekend

-The Lyrics to Bowie’s Space Oddity

-My thighs

-A very pretty rock

-Nate’s suggestion that we watch UHF instead of Walk the Line

-The scene in The Benchwarmers when the bullies hold the nerdy kid down and let another kid fart on his face. (Yes, that Benchwarmers. Don’t ask.)

-My grandmother’s voice

-Any mention of Iraq

-The theme song to “Taxi”

-A song that I thought was the theme song to “Taxi” but turned out to be muzac

-Finding a single hair growing in a place that most women would not like to find a hair growing

-A bank commercial

-The sunset

-Madonna’s adoption woes

-Driving past an empty playground in the rain

-A tire commercial

-A mean telemarketer


-A really ugly potato

America’s Funniest Home Videos


52 thoughts on “Me? Hormonal?”

  1. It has been almost of 9 mos since I have given birth and I still feel hormones. I am still breastfeeding, so I dont know if that has something to do with it. I fought back tears at the Nativity preview, last night, when we were at the movies. It shocked the hell out of me. I quickly acted like nothing was going on when my husband came back from getting snacks. Stupid hormones. I still get a little weepy at the possibility that this is my last child or seeing a newborn, or having another baby. Yeah, I am pretty messed up.

  2. I feel for you. If it’s any consolation, I spent most of today crying too (posted about it as well). And, fortunately or unfortunately, I can’t chalk it up to pregancy harmones! I cried roughtly six times over the book I just finished and for a full straight hour in church. My eyes still hurt. I wish I had harmones to blame it on! P.S. I remember when I was pregnant crying like a maniac because I dropped the dish towel and OH MY GOD, now I had to bend over to pick it up. My husband found me sitting there in hysterics and thought someone had died.

  3. The BossLady was pregnant during the Olympics. Between the commercials and the “triumphing over adversity” stories, it was pretty much a non-stop cryfest in our household. Good times! Hope you’re feeling well, Liz!

  4. omg, too funny! poor you and the people around you who have to try to figure out WHAT’S WRONG NOW? i so remember those days. in fact, i still have them, but nowhere near to the extent of when i was pregnant. there was one commercial for huggies diapers that featured babies sleeping while ‘silent night’ played. that’s me, on the floor, in a puddle of my own tears. oh the pregnancy emotions.

  5. Its terrible to snicker, because I have been there in CrazyTown too ( And I fear the pregnancy Gods and their need for vengance. So I swear it was just a sympathy smile. The hormones? They are crazymaking. Take care.

  6. I’ll kick that mean telemarketer for making you cry. Let me at ’em.I hope you ate the ugly potato for the potassium. (hugs)

  7. Awww, Liz.I remember bawling because my dog was too cute and I wouldn’t be as available to him.I send sympathies and hilarity.

  8. When I thought I was pregnant with child #1 the stick came back negative. A few days went by and Andrew came home to find me crying, sitting in the bottom of my closet. I think I’d ran out of hangers. He said, “Maybe it’s time to take that test again.” Sure enough . . .

  9. when i was pregnant the first time, I mistakenly put dirty wash into the dryer, and another load into the washer. When I went to put the wet load from the washer into the dryer (now full of warm, dirty clothes), I was so discombobulated I called my husband at work crying uncontrolably. He’s gotten so much mileage out of that story it’s pathetic.Wishing those hormones pass quickly. (Although there’s something magical about having your mood heightened like that, on the good days.)

  10. “A really ugly potato”Hee! I wouldn’t laugh except that I’ve cried over one too. I felt so alone until now.Eat some chocolate. You’ll feel better.PS. What’s a salt bagel?

  11. it’s been 19months since the birth of my second and I’ve told my man over and over again how weeeird it is that I’ve become so easily moved to tears for any old thing since my last. I’m still breastfeeding so perhaps that has something to do with it? Aaah well, good luck then.

  12. Here’s my expert physician advice. Tears = Godiva. And lots of it. It’s kind-of the law. And stay away from rocks. They’ll get you everytime.

  13. 20 weeks here and i am still sobbing uncontrolably about everything. This morning I puked up some corn and cried that i wasted food- hormones are a bitch

  14. Maybe it’s not just hormones… could be something in the air. I’m not pregnant, and I started getting teary this weekend at the Disney on Ice show with R. when the ice-skating Belle started singing, “And wouldn’t it be grand to have someone understand, I want so much more than they have planned?”

  15. Space Oddity makes me cry even when I’m not pregnant. “Tell my wife I love her very much” “She knows”.Excuse me – I have to go redo my eyeliner now…

  16. Don’t feel bad, Madonna’s adoption woes can make anyone cry. When I was pregnant and weepy, I found that a pint of Ben & Jerry’s really helped.

  17. Okay I feel much better now. My husband used to chide me when I was at the crying pregger stage and sobbed at commercials .. he figured I’d “know better” and then I’d get so mad at him … I’d cry.

  18. Wow, were we ever on the same page. So the hair, was it on your neck under your chin? That’s where mine was. And it was long. Seriously, I have no idea how much time it took for an inch long black hair to grow there, you’d think I would have noticed.

  19. Here Liz, hands big hunk oh chocolate and box of tissues through screen. That should help. Just remind yourself that it will get better. You won’t be pregnant forever. I am laughing a bit at the rock one…all the rest I can understand having been throught that twice, but the rock…not so sure.

  20. When I was pregnant I could not get through a single day of NPR’s All Things Considered with a dry eye. I’m figuring that’s what will clue me in to the fact that I’m pregnant next time around.

  21. Right there with you.And wherever that single hair is, I’m guessing I have several there. My neck is the worst. I’ve told Aaron that after we’re done having kids, I think I deserve laser hair removal treatments as a reward for all I’ve put myself through for carrying our children.

  22. Well…whatever you do, don’t watch Extreme Home Makeover. In your condition, it could lead to permanent scarring of your tear ducts.

  23. A really ugly potato?? Oh, girl, you ARE emotional. LOL. I’m so sorry to laugh. I know how it is. Those damn hormones!!

  24. Oh, those hairs in the wrong place can be a bitch! And when you’re crying about the really ugly potato just remember that that ugly potato can be made into some really delightful potato cream soup. See? All better.

  25. America’s Funniest Home Videos, now there’s a real American tragedy.The driving past an empty playground in the rain might make me cry, too, but mainly because it hasn’t rained here in what seems like four years. 100 degrees today. WTF?

  26. Wow….I’d say you’re hormonal! 😉 At least looking at the list of what makes you cry now, might make you laugh later (well, not all of them….the bagel one, the ugly potato, the tire commercial, definitely!) 😉

  27. When I was pregnant, I cried because my husband didn’t like the movie, “The American President”. I liked it, he said, “eh, it was OK”, and in my hormonal state, I thought he thought I was an idiot to like such a stupid and horrid movie. Also cried once because I was afraid I looked like an eggplant. Pregnancy tip: No big purple sweaters, OK?And, uh, Space Oddity ALWAYS makes me cry. “Tell my wife I love her very much…” “She knows”. Sob.

  28. you should take a look at my thighs – they’d make you laugh … (i’m not suggesting anything, mind you – i mean, we’ve only just met … not that i think you’d even want to look at them … i mean – OH SHUT UP!)

  29. i have to say, hormones raging or no hormones raging the UHF thing would render me hysterical… (sorry nate).

  30. The Taxi theme is one of my favorite TV themes ever. It’s so melancholy and perfect.And I’m not sure which birth control ad got you, but the one with the pretty girly images and butterflies and ballerinas and “There she goes again” is so appealing to me– I could see shedding some happy tears over it.

  31. There is something profoundly sad about an ugly potato.I’m crying right along with ya.

  32. same here! same here!– when tom cruise apologized to brooke shields because he made every mom so mad– when kiefer sutherland won an emmy for 24 and *his dad was there* sniff– when my pal whitney thought i was my husband calling with an emergency and she answered the cell call during a meeting– when things go my way– when things don’t go my way– david gray song that reminds me of my ex. shhh.– pictures of my son when he was a newborn– pictures of my fun old childless lifeHang in there! The weeping has slowed but the irrationality persists.

  33. When I was pregnant with my 3rd, my husband took my Jeep to get new tires (they still had the original tires from the dealer on them, which apparently were too small in a man’s eye.).When he got back, he told me that he had gotten bigger tires that made the Jeep “look better”.I immediately BURST into tears, crying, “You think my Jeep is ugly???” rofl!Pregnancy hormones also made me hug my MIL once!Hormones…they’re a bitch!

  34. aww, I ‘m late commenting, but I hope you feel better in Hormone Warzone…I loves me a bit of Man Ray in my Day…

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