Black Friday Gets Just a Little Less Black

You’re wondering why I’ve been such a terrible blog commenter and spotty poster lately, aren’t you.

(That’s right, because I am the center of your world. The axis upon which your proverbial planet spins.)

Well besides the travel, the full-time job, the pregnancy exhaustion, the toddler, and routine beauty upkeep, I have another excuse:

As Seen at Cool Mom Picks


I swear, it beats hitting the mall this Friday with the eight million other psycho shoppers.

Meanwhile, if you have the inclination to add this very purdy and appropriately non-demoninational–C’mon Zoroastrians, get in on the action!–button to your blog, email us at info[at] with your url. We’ll enter you in a drawing for a big bagful of goodies that we’ve featured on our site. You’ll find the code by clicking here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Have a big glass of grog for me, will you?


17 thoughts on “Black Friday Gets Just a Little Less Black”

  1. I have your site in bloglines, does that count? Mostly though you guys have awesome stuff, that I’d buy if I had a baby. So maybe soon. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Ha, I’m the first comment. Oh and I did miss you when you were gone…but mostly cause you weren’t posting….I know you are too busy to comment everywhere.

  2. I read somewhere that someone was trying to make Nov 24th as the National Sleep-In Day. If my kids cooperate I will be observing that! I never shop on Black Friday. I’ll be perusing Cool Mom Picks in my PJs. I just emailed you for the button!Happy gobble-gobble day!

  3. What a cheery button! We decorate our homes so why not our blogs?Plus the you gals put the cool in your picks. Ok that’s probably enough kissing of your behind as I am sure that it is a random draw. hee hee hee. Seriously all shopping should be done online.

  4. Of course I’ll have a big glass of wine for you. After all, I have my MIL here for 2 weeks. I need it!!!

  5. Liz, the gift guide looks great! I managed to get a little early middle-of-the-day shopping done last week while the stores were still empty, but I think I want to do the rest online.I’m glad you made it back safely from your zany trip too.

  6. I just got this today! I love it! At first I didn’t know how I signed up, but I think it’s because of the blog exchange. I’m glad I got it!

  7. Sweet! The gift guide looks great. And as for the grog, I would have some, but I am in the same crappy preggers boat as you. Oh, and I’m in Canada, so we already had Thanksgiving (yes, we are an odd folk).Many thanks for stopping by my wee blog. I’ll admit I got a bit giddy when I saw that you commented (I may be a bit of a Mom-101 groupie).

  8. Sigh, I switched over to Blogger Beta (why or why) and when I inserted your little thingy-ma-bob in the ‘right place’ it pushed my entire right column to the bottom of the page. Why am I so technologically illiterate? I’ll see if Fairly Odd Father (you know, the COMPUTER guy) can help me figure this out. xoxxo(yes, I’m sure your shopping site will benefit greatly from the 2 people who read my blog (one of whom is you!)! LOL! Hey, but I want to show much love and support anyway)

  9. I, too, have been slacking on my commenting. I’d list my reasons, but it would eat up a good hour just typing them all. Anyway, I’m going to try adding the Cool Mom Picks button as well. Me and blog codes are on and off friends, so here’s hoping for the best!Happy thanksgiving to you and your growing family, Liz. 🙂

  10. You’re forgiven, oh-center-of-my-universe.Button going up as soon as I can get back into my template.(And. How’d you know that I was Zoroastrian?)

  11. So I just have to say that I think that people who stand in lines waiting to get into stores at the butt crack of dawn are kind of crazy. More power to them, though, if they like that sort of thing. I don’t, so thanks for the Cool Mom Picks!

  12. Oh, good… I’m not the only blog slacker. Yay!Cool mom picks rock! I braved Black Friday to get one stinking item for my insignificant other and I never will again. Not without a gun or some other method of self-defense.

  13. Christmas is so much more enjoyable when you are shopping online instead of fighting the crowds.< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Diaper Bag Diva<>

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