Picking The Right Long Distance Plan Suddenly Has New Meaning

Actual Vonage Customers

Actual close-up of Vonage customers

Am I the only one who notices these kinds of things? Or, better question: Am I the only one who bothers to pause the tv, get the camera, rewind, and take photos of these things?


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  1. That is pretty funny! Not unlike Nancy Pelosi’s grandson, who was spied during Tuesday night’s State of the Union address repeatedly and with abandon (and might I add taking great pleasure in) licking the metal railing in front of his seat.My question for you, because you’re in this field, is how could this have gotten by the Vonage people (or even by the ad agency people)? Aren’t they supposed to PhotoShop this stuff out?

  2. Oops, licking boy was neither Pelosi’s grandson nor at the State of the Union address. He was watching a speech she gave in Baltimore. No, he wasn’t watching it, was he? He had better things to do.

  3. The important question is – does his finger enter his mouth before the end of the commercial? Ew.

  4. You have GOT to be the Queen of Advertising and or Marketing. Goddess of Madison Ave.Holy crap – that is funny.

  5. I’m gonna have to go with yes, you are the only person that notices these things and then takes pics of them. But its pretty damn funny.

  6. You are not the only one to rewind and pause the TV (I’m right there with you), but you may be the only on to snap a photo.

  7. Nope not the only one I’m sure.. but I would never have noticed, with 5 children 10 and under I’m so used to seeing fingers up noses, if that kids wasn’t halfway to his frontal lobe, that would have struck me as odd….Funnier then hell though that it got by their editing dept

  8. I think it’s akin to people who scrapbook learning to take fabulous photos-one thing leads to another.Same can be said for blogging-sharing everything with an audience, then finding something share-worthy. Nothing quite as share-worthy as nosepicking-except, of course, toenails.

  9. HA! Since I can assure you Vonage sucks ass I think the ad is more fitting than they imagined. I wish he’d wiped something on the lens.Am bitter. HATE Vonage.

  10. Awesome! The huz is a tv editor, and he notices things like this too… he’s also keen on ruining otherwise thrilling on-screen moments with cries of ‘Dropout!’ or ‘Bad feed!’

  11. Ugh, this reminds me how we’re going through something similar with my five-year-old, who apparently strives to become the “gross kid” in class.Am I the only one who yells, “If you like it so much, I’ll be more than happy to serve you a big ‘ole bowl of nose poop, for dinner!!!!” Um, guess so.

  12. Isn’t that father the same guy who cut down his tree so he could watch a football game and is now “done with the dish”? I’m just sayin’.

  13. Vonage knows exactly what was on the commercial. In fact, they count on Bloggers and youtubers picking it up, sending it round the world and talking about it. It’s actually quiet clever when you think about it.

  14. By Golly I do believe that you are are subliminally marketing that tivo thing to us without us even knowing it.we think we are just looking at a boy and his booger excavation but really we are all thinking how cool it would be if we could pause live tv run over get a camera …..I live for this stuff!

  15. Umm…maybe you are because I doubt I would’ve caught that myself. 🙂I think this is hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

  16. I would have caught it, but lacking Tivo, I couldn’t have backed it up and taken a pic of it, but my kids steal my camera and take pics of the tv all the time. I DL my pics, then look at them – Nemo’s birth, Nemo’s first bath, me in the hospital bed, Nemo nursing, Nemo coming home – what the hell is Buzz Lightyear doing there? And somehow I missed the Wonder Pets….Great catch.

  17. HA! This is brilliant! Correction: You are brilliant. Thanks for making me laugh so hard I had to run to the bathroom.

  18. LOL…I thought I was the only one to admit to finding stuff like this!!!! I really enjoy your blog!!

  19. I hear a friend of yours with the initials G-C does it a lot, too.But you probably already knew/assumed that.

  20. I assume the editors left the nose picking in there to make it more “real?” One can only assume… I’m always noticing stupid stuff like that, too, so you are not alone!! But I don’t have TiVo, so I can’t pause and rewind. That sounds like a fun toy. 🙂

  21. Why? Why would anyone put a nose-picker in an ad?Unless it was of a chimpanzee…that one cracks me up.Carrie

  22. I love that shit. By the way, you’re on my linky link sidebar but I’ve never been on yours. Which wouldn’t be a problem but the damn thing’s so long I think Jeffrey freaking Dahmer is on there. So one day, put me on and the God’s will do something nice for you. Like rearrange your refridgerator or something.

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