Forgive Me New Yorkers, For I Have Sinned

This morning, a glorious, sunny 75 degree morning with not a cloud to be seen, I headed out to get bagels.

Three blocks away.

In my car.

I’m sorry, my Big Apple brethren. After just two weeks in LA, I have gone to the dark side.

However I can assure you that I am still fighting the good fight in complaining about the quality of said bagels every chance I get. Also, pointing out to anyone who will listen that flavors like Pesto Tomato and Cheddar Jalapeno are entirely inappropriate.


21 thoughts on “Forgive Me New Yorkers, For I Have Sinned”

  1. Well… It is hot, today. It’s pushing 90 degrees over here. I’m driving my ass to market, too. And p.s? The westside sucks for bagels. Come Eastward. For there is gold here.

  2. Hah! I grew up in LA, then moved to San Francisco for college. Without a car. Rode public transportation for the first time in my life and actually walked to the bank and the post office.Now I live in the country and drive everywhere because I live on a dirt road so there is no place to walk to. And I now HATE going to the city. 🙂 I want to drive!

  3. I have heard those flavored bagels described as a shondeh. But on the other hand, I love me some parmesan flavor.

  4. Your penance: 1 recitation of the alternate side parking rules and 5 repetitions of the 1010 WINS slogan.

  5. Hey, you’re pregnant! You have an excuse to drive everywhere. If you ever start posting about your colonics treatment, I’ll know you’ve truly gone “LA”.

  6. I guess I wouldnt know a good bagel if it smacked me in the face, but now I want a bagel. That picture looks yummy.

  7. Pregnant women get to drive for bagels or anything else they want. Its a law somewhere I think. Is it wrong that I think Cheddar Jalapeno bagels sound entirely appropriate and now I am totally craving one?

  8. The question is, do they have “Stork Parking” where you’re going? Or do you have to park more than three blocks away to find a space for your car?

  9. Last time I was in L.A. on business, I was walking a few blicks to get lunch — people looked at me like I was from Mars! But you can’t beat the weather this time of year! If you need a quais-NYC fix, check out Le Pain Quotidien in Beverly Hills.

  10. even as a Mexican AmericanJalepeno bagel…YUCk Okay and so what your saying is…if we ever got moved to New York…I couldn’t drive for a bagel? I guess people would probably frown at the fact that I don’t get my mail until I leave to get the kids from school and then I drive to the end of the driveway open my window, reach in and viola! I’m just trying to recover from the 70’s weather.

  11. When this New Yorker moved to the burbs, I reluctantly entered the bagel shop only see a sure sign of the apocolypse. It was a blueberry bagel, and it was blue too. You can’t imagine the shame living somewhere that sells blueberry bagels.

  12. That’s really sad, but at least you have decent bagels in L.A. I have only found one place in Chicago (city, not burbs) so far that sells decent bagels. It’s the one thing I miss about Detroit.

  13. I’ve lived in CA for 18 of my 40 (holy crap, I hate using that number) years now, and the bagels are still as shite as they ever were — why why why can’t they do bagels right here?!?! Still, my hunger keeps United in business, I guess, so there’s an upside.

  14. For a second there I thought you were going to say that you went to Krispy Kreme’s and ate a half dozen sugar bombs!

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