He’s Learning

At least this morning, when he was compelled to redo the diaper that I had so haphazardly fastened, Nate preceded his lesson with, “I’m not trying to criticize and it’s not a big deal but…”

Final Score:
Fragile ego: 1
Overblown working mom insecurity: 0


16 thoughts on “He’s Learning”

  1. Ugh, I can relate. Try forgetting your son’s antibiotics because you were rushing to give him dinner after a long day at the office. Boy, did I get an earful from dad when he got home!

  2. Mine is telling me I’m screwing up my kid’s ability to sleep by laying down with her until she falls asleep. …… Come to think of it … why isn’t HE the one getting up at 2 a.m. and putting her back to sleep?Maybe it’s time to settle the score?

  3. Oh, yes, this I know. I am somehow to blame for all my family’s ills, real or imagined. This morning, Jack told his father that he wanted to have <>him<> make breakfast, because I do not feed him enough. Cue the violins, please.His father promptly reported my failings to me, accompanied by the dirty look he has perfected over the years.Said I? “It’s not that I don’t feed him enough, it’s that you feed him too much, just like you feed yourself too much, buddy.”There is no low too low for me. All’s fair in love and war.

  4. you get that <>too?<> I just about lost my shit when I was given impromptu lesson on “doing up a diaper so it does not leak” for the 600th time this morning. What am I saying. I did lose my shit.what new breed of man are we cultivating here? (and I am not complaining. really i’m not)

  5. Oh snap!The score on parenting skills is probably, overall, in your favor.You must not have gotten the memo that moms are not supposed to mess up.

  6. Thanks for your comment on my site. I appreciate it.I agree with Sunshine. I know my memo got lost somewhere.

  7. Just so long as he handles all the potty training! How badly can a girls’ diaper be fastened? A boy, now that I understand after my mom forgot the ‘point it down’ rule and I got soaking wet in the back of a cab.

  8. Nice. Now if the situation were reversed what would his reaction be? I know how that would play out in my house and it wouldn’t be pretty.

  9. Oh yeah. Like Andi said, if I said something like that to my husband, I would get the cold shoulder the rest of the day. Just keep reminding him (and yourself) that you are a TEAM.

  10. My husband said something similar about how I washed his underwear, so I stopped doing his wash for six months. Haven’t heard him utter those words since 🙂 Hang in there mamasita!

  11. LOL- I get that all the time from my husband who needs to remind me what my own kids like to eat.

  12. men! I am told that I am to blame because my son has my ‘foreign’ eating habits because he doesn’t like good old spicy indian food. .. he’s only 21 months old for crissake!!!!don’t worry.. its not working mom insecurity.. its working dad trying to prove that he knows something better than you!

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