Not Helping

“So Thalia, what should we name your little sister?”


“Apple? I don’t think so. What’s another good name for a little girl?”


“Ketchup! Now you’re just being silly.”

“Howbout…Cat Food.”

Oh well. With 6 weeks to go, I figured it was worth a shot. At least she didn’t say Clinton Portis.


50 thoughts on “Not Helping”

  1. Cat Food! Now there’s imagination for ya!!!(I vote for Quinn. That’s a cool name).

  2. Not that I’m with child or have a child or anything like that, but I’ve mused over “Quinn” as a name for a girl, and, while adorable, it reacts weirdly with every middle name, e.g.: “Quinn Marie” sounds like a speech-impediment version of “Queen Mary”…On another note: Am I the only person who does this?And again: I really like “Robin” for a girl, too.

  3. when my brother’s g/f was pregnant, during the playoffs of ’05..I suggested Santana to them as a GREAT name. Maybe if you name her after a player Skins will do well this year, and I would be eternally grateful.

  4. I think I would rather work with Thalia’s suggestions.I have a ten year old girl who keeps offering up cutesy stripper names for her new sibling and a nine year old boy who thinks it would be the ‘raddest’ thing to name the kid after an assortment of video game characters.It was much easier when it was just me and the hubs trying to decide names. Notably, it was also easier when Fric and Frac didn’t talk….hmmm…

  5. My niece suggested Apple for her little sister, too, and this was before Ms. Paltrow used it. My brother told her that if they ever got a horse, they’d name IT Apple, but not her sister. Good luck.

  6. I’m a fan of the gender-neutral names, as they give a baby girl a head start in tossing aside any gender-stereotyping she might later face.Jordan. Carson (added bonus: Carson McCullers wrote a damn cool book).

  7. When my oldest son was almost two, he suggest Apple for the name of his brother whom I was expecting at the time. He also suggested Cookie. I think kids just want to name baby’s after their favorite things…

  8. Einey wanted to name Moe Cookie and in fact for her first year, thats what she called her.Now their “pretend babies” names are Kiesa and Calia.

  9. FrannieMayaRubyNo reason, they just sound good with your last name. Is it really only six weeks? That is SO SOON! YAY!

  10. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode:SevenMugKetchup (pretty name for a boy, or a girl…)SauceHaha. Good luck with that one. -Briana

  11. I’d go with the alternative spelling of Catchyppe. Of course Food would make a great middle name.You could always look to word verification for ideas.

  12. IMO Apple is a better alternative than Clinton Portis. I’m sure you’ll come up with something, Thalia is such a beautiful name.

  13. I don’t know, Ketchup sounds like a great name to me. 🙂We asked Maya that before Nata was born. She said Squishy. We didn’t use it, but you feel free if you like it.

  14. My sister’s kid, who was then about five, wanted me to name my baby Chrysanthemum (for a girl) or Coffee (for a boy). Good luck!!

  15. Well, if she’s really into the Apple name (which is a name that Chicky totally would approve of since we sing good night to apples each and every freakin’ night) you could always go with Macintosh. Cortland? Granny Smith?

  16. When I was pregnant with my daughter, my then three-year-old son got it into his head that I was having a baby airplane. He was quite worried about it for a while. At least your daughter knows you’re having a HUMAN. Good luck with the naming. Hubby and I could never agree on names; he was the worst!

  17. Best of luck on this! You must really be getting nervous if you’re asking Thalia for suggestions! I’m surprised she didn’t say Zoe, given her Sesame Street interest. Although Zoe, come to think of it, would be a perfectly lovely name!

  18. Well, I named my second kid a couple of weeks before she was born, and geez, it was stressful figuring it out, ’cause I had my first kid’s name picked out when I was FIVE WEEKS PREGNANT! Anyway, my older daughter calls my younger daughter “DeDe” which is her speak for “baby”, so no matter what you DO end up calling your second kid, your first kid will probably pick the nick name, and it’ll probably be the name that sticks.

  19. We have friends whose son, when asked that same question, answered, “Cinnamon Dump Truck”… they have called her Cinnamon ever since.Which is nicer than “Dump Truck”

  20. Thank you! We’re arguing right now about names! Very cool for reminding me — I’ve got to bring up Clinton Portis! He was on my fantasy football team…

  21. well it’s better than what blake wanted to name his sister… “SPRINKLES! or how about whooped cream?” seriously, wtf?? lol

  22. My mum wanted to call me Hermione but, in this rare instance, my father put his foot down He told her Hermione sounded like an Alpine cow. One with a bell. Instead they named me Daisy. I’m kidding but holy cow! Hermione?With apologies to any Hermiones. I was almost one of your number. Stay strong, girls! *Bites fist*My friends have wee girls called Millie, Beth, Tara, Isla, Eve, Ellie, Orla, Rosy and Thea amongst others. My own two are Kate and Jane. Anything there you like?

  23. Since you named your first daughter after the Muse of comedy, how about naming the second after another Muse? Melete (pronounced mu-LEET-eh) has my vote — the Muse of meditation and practice, and a pretty name to boot.

  24. Give her a couple of years and the suggestion might be “Rainbow Unicorn” – with that in mind, Ketchup doesn’t seem so bad.

  25. The problem with the muse thing, is it sort of implies nine of them, doesn’t it?But just in case, from that most canonical of reference material, wikipedia: * Calliope (Chief of the muses and muse of epic poetry) * Euterpe (muse of lyric song) * Clio (muse of history) * Erato (muse of erotic poetry) * Melpomene (muse of tragedy) * Polyhymnia (muse of sacred song) * Terpsichore (muse of dance) * Thalia (muse of comedy and bucolic poetry) * Urania (muse of astronomy)

  26. A friend of ours let her 4-year old son name their new puppy.I’m pleased to report that Go-Jet is doing well and is a beloved member of the family.

  27. you better take ketchup before some celebrity comes and snatches it away from you 🙂

  28. My husband and I had a girl’s and boy’s name all picked out after a week of constant discussion (6th week of pregnancy – no joke).A few days ago (in 13th week of pregnancy), I freak out after going through a theoretical scenario where I hold our child for the first time and realize the name we had so carefully picked just doesn’t fit.Solution? Procrastination for months followed by intense sessions on with my husband to narrow the field down. Then have baby and probably throw all those names out the window because the right name will just suddenly pop into my head.That’s my prediction.Advice for you: spend a little time with her when she’s born and try some names on her. You’ll probably find one you like and that fits.

  29. Ramona named her doll Chevrolet. Ketchup makes more sense than that at least!My girls names: Samantha and Emersyn.Or here are the names that were not and never will be used but made my finalist list, steal if you’d like, I feel like they need some attention but my uterus is too tired after four babies to have more just because I like the names:ShelbyKendallRileyAvaRaeSchulyerSheridanDarby

  30. Someone sent me < HREF="" REL="nofollow">this<> and I thought of you immediately. Just promise you won’t name her Speck Wildhorse or Audio Science.

  31. I had my oldest offer up Winston for the unborn Clutch here.. and I instantly pictured a camel floating around in there.. ciggie association I am sure. I kinda like Apple though… could have been worse, she could have said Purina.

  32. My grandparents were going to allow their son’s to name my dad until his name became “Sherif Todd”… then they nixed that quickly.I think Clio and Thalia or Calliope and Thalia are both really pretty together :O)And hey if you think about it, both names have some of the same letters as Clinton Portis… *wink*

  33. I really like my neice’s name, which is Naia. If I had a girl, she would be Isabel.Good luck, naming a kid is important stuff. They’ve got to deal with whatever we give them for the rest of their lives. Like Inspektor Pilot. I remember reading about a celebrity naming their kid that, I just don’t remember who it was.

  34. I want to go on the record as loving Ava. Love It. Jack as going to be Ava. Sam was going to be Isa. My dreams were shattered with the ultrasound’s location of ze weiner.What about Portia (as a Portis Compromise)?I like Ruby a lot too. And Mavis. And Bea Arthur.

  35. When my second daughter was born, we named her Ashton Reilly, fully intending to call her “Ashton”.My first daughter had other ideas. She called her “Reilly” from day one. It stuck, and Reilly is now 10 years old. My point is, whatever YOU decide to name her…she could still wind up being known as “Ketchup” to everyone else!

  36. I see she takes after dad. My nephew wanted me to name my son “Mr. California” and was crushed when I didn’t.

  37. I’m with the people who say pick a complimentary muse to go with Thalia. Calliope is cute. You could call her Callie. . . . Just don’t read Middlesex.

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