Will Pimp for Food (and Celebrity Contact)

I’ve just received a Quicktime video of my visit to The New Adventures of Old Christine set and I have to admit, I am too much of a pussy to post it. I know that everyone hates seeing herself on camera but seriously? This is bad. You’re better off watching Yvonne’s.


What I meant to say is…

I just received this video of my visit to the set of Old Christine and I just can’t believe how glowing and beautiful I look and how intelligent I sound every time I open my mouth. Who says I’m only funny on paper? I quite literally steal the spotlight away from all the actors – the spotlight guy just kept turning towards me with the hopes of catching my attention if only for a fleeting moment. The cast was pissed about it too; good thing he’s Union.

And so, you can understand that I feel it would be irresponsible of me to post any sort of video that deflects attention away from the true stars – the talented cast of the show (which you can catch Monday at 8 on CBS, and subsequent Mondays at 8:30. Unless you’d rather watch Deal or No Deal, in which the major dramatic question revolves around the riveting premise: Pick a number. Nope, guess again. Nope, guess again… )

But here’s what’s really cool:

I just learned that Julia Louis-Dreyfus, along with the show’s creator, Kari Lizer will be doing a live press conference with Lisa Stone of BlogHer Monday night at 9 featuring your questions. So…think of a question. Ask it here. Then watch as famous people answer that very question on BlogHer.org or on CBS.com.

You can ask them anything besides “do you know what a blog is?” I can tell you right off the bat it’s a dead-end street.


Okay, now that you know exactly what kind of solicitation will get me to write about a product/brand/sitcom/whatever, let me tell you what won’t:

Hello Liz,

I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and I noticed that you often discuss topics relating to food and family, so I thought you and your readers might be interested in learning more about the opportunity to enter the [very famous brand name] Bake-Off Contest…

Because this sort of email will lead me to forward it to Kristen and ask her, really? Where exactly have I discussed topics relating to food and family? I just can’t think of any besides the one where I’m annoyed because I can’t eat sushi. Is it possible that it’s just…a form letter? No! Say it isn’t so!

Kristen’s response:

Do they have a “best recipe using breast milk category?” Because that might be something worth blogging.

And that is why she has like 600 million readers a day.

Good thing she didn’t mention placenta recipes. I might have actually run with that one.


19 thoughts on “Will Pimp for Food (and Celebrity Contact)”

  1. Well, I did click on Yvonne’s video and you do look beautiful so stop fishing for compliments. I can promise you, I did not look as good as you lo, those many years ago when I was great with child. And I do mean great. Ba Dum Dum.You know, Beck at < HREF="frogandtoadarestillfriends.blogspot.com" REL="nofollow">Frog and Toad are Still Friends<> recently related her brief inclination to make sourdough starter out of breast milk. That might make an interesting bake off recipe!

  2. Hey, at least people don’t think your readers would be interested in infant cannibalism. That’s something, right? At least they believe in separation of food and family.

  3. I know I am punchy with lack of sleep because I found myself saying, “MMMMMMmmm, placenta!” to myself and snickering.

  4. Yeah, pretty sure I sat here chewing my thumbnail thinking, “Placenta, placenta, i am SURE that’s actually food. Isn’t it? Made from dried cornmeal?”After a few seconds during which my brainular pistons misfired in grotesque succession, the kinks worked themselves out and I realized I was thinking POLENTA. POLENTA is food made from dried cornmeal. Damn. It.I need some coffee. And a vacation.Get me the hell out of here. (But keep me away from the public sphere until I know the difference between placenta and polenta for heaven’s sake.)

  5. I was going to eat breakfast after I finished reading your blog.But breastmilk and placenta recipes suddenly killed my appetite. I’m a wuss like that.

  6. I want the breastmilk recipes. Because it would be funny to make those for parties.Also, watched Y’s video. And your outfit is fab. Love the boots, lady.

  7. Good video – I don’t know what you’re worried about???A Bake-off – heck I burn everything – I’d probably even burn breast milk….

  8. OK, I always get sucked into Deal or No Deal. It makes me crazy when people don’t take a good deal and then lose it all! But, I’m very lame with my television choices. I’m sure you looked beautiful and sounded intelligent, as always.

  9. You’re lovely, Liz! What are you talking about, you dafty lady? You’ve got the glow about you. The glow that completely passed me by, leaving only small localized mini-glows in its wake. Mini-glows that others have called “horrific, diabolical spots.”

  10. Mmmm…placenta pot pie. (OK, I can’t even keep up that joke. Yuck.)I’ve had several e-mails like that one, where I just have to wonder, “Did you even read the blog beyond the title?”Cooking is the last thing on my list of blog posts. The only reason I did the cupcake tins review was because it gave me the chance to make something involving chocolate.

  11. Oh come on, I watched both Y’s and Mindy Roberts’ videos and you looked great! Honestly, you are the cutest pregnant woman ever! And you were rocking those fabulous boots. Show us the video, please????But don’t post any placenta recipes. That would be bad.

  12. I just watched Mindy Roberts’ video, too and I’m sorry, but you just HAVE to put yours up. C’mon. Please? Pretty please?

  13. I swear I’m not being falsely modest – for some reason my video contains wall-to-wall b-roll footage of me talking to people. It’s like a bad reality show version of “This is Your Life.” Then there’s the part where Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks visibly annoyed when I tell Wanda how funny she is…

  14. OK, that’s it. Now you totally have to have your OWN recipe/bake-off contest. And a Best Recipe Using Breast Milk category is mandatory.

  15. Great video and you do look great! I am so excited to see the New Adventures of Old Christine tonight! I know its going to be great!

  16. your video link doesn’t work.i saw you on yvonne’s.do you ask a question on yours?can we search youtube + find yours?hmmmmm

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