A Public Service Announcement

So you know how after you have a baby that they tell you to relax? Not lift anything? Like, say…a toddler? And that not lifting anything, like, say a toddler, might include carrying her two blocks to the pediatrician when she doesn’t feel like walking?

Probably a good idea to listen to the advice. Or you might have to deal with repercussions like, say, strained pelvic ligaments, which keep you from being able to walk without moaning for four days.

Good times.


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  1. Yeah, it’s hard to take it easy when there’s a toddler around. I used to say, “Sorry, Mommy has an owee.” Congratulations on your beautiful new baby! How cute that big sister climbed into the hospital bassinet, LOL. She’ll probably do a lot of baby-ish stuff in the coming months, and it’s OK.

  2. What I don’t understand is how they expect us to tell our older child that we are no longer able to pick them, too bad! so sad! You gotta deal with it, honey! My daughter is five, so even heavier than a toddler, and she is getting a bit fed up with me no longer able to carry her when she’s tired, or has fallen asleep in the car, and I rudely wake her up and make her walk herself…and this is only when I’m pregnant…and I’ve cheated occasionaly. I am not looking forward to when teh baby is actually here, and she can see the reason she’s left to fend for herself! wow, sorry to rant…anyway, I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Ouch. Time for a double stroller?This is why I want to avoid a repeat c-section. For a vag birth, it’s recommended not to carry anything heavy, but for a c-section, you risk uterine rupture if you try it. Knowing I couldn’t pick up Cordy for weeks if I had a c-section makes me keep waiting to go into labor – otherwise it will be a miserable 6-8 weeks at our house.Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Do you need a heating pad and spicy tuna rolls? I’ll fly them over… 🙂I hope the strain and pain goes away soon!

  5. When my mother gave birth to me, she decided she felt good enough to do 3 loads of laundry a week later. Walking up and down the basement stairs really took a toll on her as well. I can’t even imagine what walking carrying a toddler 2 blocks would do!< HREF="http://www.vbacadventure.com" REL="nofollow">VBACAdventure.com<>

  6. Yes, I completely understand! I’ve been so sore from picking up my son. Just curious as to what those of us with toddlers are supposed to do? I hope your pelvic ligaments are healing nicely.

  7. Yeah, I love that part about not lifting anything. I remember not lifting grocery bags after the 1st baby—by the third, I would end up carrying the baby, a toddler and a grocery bag at once! Hope you are feeling a bit less sore soon!

  8. I think ‘ouch’ would be an understatment here.However, thanks for the PSA. I will remember this in 3 months when I’m hobbling around with a newborn and a toddler!

  9. Their advice on this front is assvice, if you ask me.Because they conveniently forget that you will have to carry your infant in a car seat that has a steel bar. Car seats alone exceed the doctors’ stated threshold — never mind the weight of the baby herself.I am sorry, though; I’ve been there. It’s especially tough after a C-section.

  10. Ouch!And, hey…CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thalia and now Sage, there could not be two more perfect names, nor could there be more beautiful little girls! I hope the abused nipples on those 90-lb milk bags of doom get some proper rest!Again, congratulations.

  11. I was thinking something far more gruesome then that.Thanks for the PSA! I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  12. I can relate to that! My third was a C-section and I wasn’t supposed to lift laundry or vacuum my house – yeah right! Then of course Big Brother (20 mo. old) wouldn’t comply with doctor’s orders… One day at a time!

  13. Owie. And yet I remember that whole scenario well. Baby after toddler = rest? relax? recuperation? are you kidding!?Feel better soon.

  14. Oh honey, you have got to take it easy!Either that, or get a double stroller – that saved my life when the boys were little.Carrie

  15. Oh my. Taking care of a toddler, a newborn, and a postpartum me (all at once and all alone) is one of my BIGGEST fears. Yikes. You have my well wishes… and congratualtions on the beautiful baby!

  16. Liz, I’m a bit late on well wishes but CONGRATULATIONS on the arrival of your newest baby girl. She’s adorable! I absolutely love the name, Sage! Good job.Sorry about the strained pelvic ligaments. My 28 pound Snuggle Bug inists on being carried far too often and I think he’s going to give me a hernia soon! 🙂 You gotta love toddlers!

  17. poor mama. i’m surprised you can carry yourself around. that sucks. were you pushing a stroller too?i’m surprised you’re blogging. you’re in the 4th trimester.enter my new giveaway for a miaMODA cielo stroller 🙂

  18. eeeeep – I doubled over just reading this. I’m not parting with any assvice, I’m just gonna say I’d probably be in the same position if I just had another. I rarely listen to the advice (gotta learn my own – usually painful – way). Take care Mom101 and heal quickly.

  19. Ow! Rest up mama! I’m just imagining how I would not have been able to handle that b/c of the c/s. Thank goodness we drive everywhere!

  20. Gargantuan double stroller for you, young lady!But seriously, I’m just glad this post wasn’t about hemorroids.

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