My functioning brain cells are currently in the low single digits. So much so, I actually had to turn off Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School because it was demanding too much of an attention span. So I’m going to try and condense the past four days into the bite-sized information morsels of a FAQ page.

So…how did it go?
It’s true what they say about the second time. Soooo much easier.

How was the pitocin?
My body magically went into labor on its own that morning. Thanks to Joy for reminding me to shave, if only because doing so gave me enough time in the shower to notice my mucus plug depart down the drain. Speaking of which, could there be a more disgusting term for anything anywhere? Was phlegm ball taken? Prepartum loogie mass?

(Okay, that’s braincell-less digression number 1)

Hit the hospital around 6:30. Contrax started around 8, pitocin at 8:15 (which never went above a 1ml drip , which is hardly an induction at all). By 10:30 I asked for the blessed, glorious epidural. I’m pretty tough but I’m no masochist. Slept for an hour or so, was fully dilated when they checked me at 12:30, called the parents and got ready to start pushing.

How long did you push?
I had the understanding it would take about half the time it did to push first go around. So, 20 minutes or so was my expectation.

I pushed once before hearing, “There she is! There’s the head! Now stop pushing…we have to prep the table!”

She was born one push later. No burning, no tears, no stitches, no major trauma. Just a big, round, plump, squishy, healthy baby covered in goo, squirming on my chest.

How was Nate?
Amazing through the whole thing. Supportive, and uncharacteristically hand-holding and wonderful. Besides, he’s now in love with my OB after she sat down for 45 minutes and traded political conspiracy theories with him.

He then turned the subsequent couple of hours into a video game, watching the other l&d patients’ progress on our monitor (it displays all of them for the nurses) and doing color commentary: Okay- looks like 403 is beating you. I think she’s going to go first. Oh wait, room 407 is having lots of contractions now. My money’s on her, although you’re pretty close behind. Wait! We have a dark horse in the race now, room 409 who’s contracting once every 3 minutes…

Nate is very happy to declare that I was the winner. Whoo!

How did you get to the name Sage?
Love the meaning, the sound, the herb, the color…and once I realized Nate didn’t say no to it right away (like, um, every other suggestion I had), I had a pretty good idea it was going to stick. But with all the amazing name recos from readers over the past weeks, Thalia and Sage will have a pool of doll/stuffed animal/pet names for the rest of their lives.

Who does she look like?
Nate: A baby.
Me: Nate’s sister Lexi. Sometimes my mother. Sometimes her cousin Bea. Sometimes this guy I worked with like 15 years ago.

Is she anything like Thalia?
So far not a bit. Except for being perfect and all.

Thalia was smiling and alert from moment one. This little girl took her own sweet time getting acclimated to the world, opening her eyes, interacting with us. I caught a first beautiful little smile this morning. It was gas for sure, but as an indicator of what’s to come, I’ll take it.

She’s also sleeping somewhat well–clearly exhausted from the past 9 months of destroying my innards nonstop–although she did nurse pretty much every hour last night. Sigh, say my poor abused nipples

So how are those boobs?
I’d prefer that you call them by their proper names: 90-pound milk bags of doom.

How’s Thalia doing with it all?
She amazed us with her total lack of predictability in asking to climb into the baby’s bassinet at the hospital. Has a toddler ever done something like that? Never. Not possible.

So original! So free-thinking!

Overall, she seems surprisingly adaptable to the changes. But who can blame her – she’s gotten more presents and balloons and ice cream and cookies since this baby came along than I think in her entire 22 months combined. I’m sure by now she’s like, “bring on more babies!”

You know we really only came here to see baby pictures right?
Oh, um…yeah. Right. Sorry.


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  1. She is absolutely gorgeous! Good job!!!! 🙂 Congratulations!!!!

  2. Congratulations, she is picture perfect! Uh-oh, I think my ovaries are now demanding #2 ;).

  3. Congratulations! What a perfect little round head – must be from the lack of time she spent being pushed out – whatever reason it’s from, she’s gorgeous. Good luck with #2!

  4. I’m literally moved to tears and in awe of your ability to be actually posting so soon after birth. You are SUPERWOMAN. With super beautiful girls. Mazel Tov once again. And thank you for sharing.

  5. the last pic is what did it for me. lord above. what cuties!guess that made for a great mother’s day, huh?congrats again to you and your (newly expanded) family.

  6. Posted at 2:08 a.m., huh? That sounds about right. As I enter my last month for number one, I’m just going to pretend that I’ll only have to push twice too.Seriously, congratulations on a safe delivery and healthy baby. You look like a very happy family.

  7. Two pushes? Oh I hope so. The last picture made me cry. So beautiful. So amazing. You are so blessed!Congratulations, Super Mommy.

  8. How wonderful!! Your daughter is gorgeous. I have no idea what your husband looks like, but I’ve met you once and I see a little of you in her! Congratulations. You make me want to have another. Right. Now.

  9. Finally, finally Sage has gotten me to delurk.She’s gorgeous and the last photo?I hope it’s framed and on a wall somewhere in your home soon. It’s perfect.

  10. Wow, here’s an answer to an FAQ for ya. What does it mean when a woman is sitting at her desk, bawling? It means she just saw pictures of the most beautiful little girl (two most beautiful little girls) ever, born to one of the sweetest, greatest moms ever. And now I’m officially ready for a little number two of my own (I mean I’m going to go poop now, not have another kid. Haha.)

  11. Oh, Liz! That last photo one made me tear up! What a gorgeous group of girls. She’s perfect! And looks EXACTLY like you! Exactly! I can’t wait to meet her. I’m overjoyed for all of you.

  12. Congratulations! So happy to hear it was much easier this time. And so happy to see that YOU look happy.

  13. oh my goodness, that last picture is amazing. i think my uterus is crying just a little bit.congrats to you all! 🙂

  14. She’s beautiful. They’re both beautiful. Hell, all of you are beautiful. And you were a winner before you beat out the other l&d moms.Congratulations 101s.

  15. Yay! Oh man, my clock is banging me over the head at this point…those pictures are amazing. Congratulations!!!!!

  16. I don’t know about cousin Bea or some guy you once knew or Nate’s sister, but I actually see a lot of YOU in her. And all three of you girls look simply gorgeous. Congratulations again… clearly you got the very best one!

  17. Congratulations!! She is adorable and I love the pictures of Thalia as well. My own little girl arrived a month ago and her big sister (about a month older than Thalia) is doing pretty well too. She actually tried to “nurse” her baby doll while I was nursing her sister. And she won’t let me ignore the fact that the baby is crying, ever. “Mama, Baby rying, Baby rying, Baby rying!”Much joy (and some sleep) to you all!

  18. Ah yes, the engorgement. Don’t forget cabbage leaves. They work great.And damn, you deserved an easy labor after the last 10 months :o)She’s beautiful of course, I love her cheeks. They’re edible. And that last picture? You should frame it.

  19. Oh, she’s so damn beautiful I had to say “Aww” out loud, at which point my boys tumbled over each other trying to get a peek at what I was looking at (because I don’t usually say “Aww”), only to be very disappointed to find out I was ogling the photo of a baby, and not even my own.Well. Congratulations, dear Liz, and Nate cracked me up with his blow-by-blow of the L&D ward.

  20. Oh my god – she is GAW-geous! Congratulations on such an easy time!!ps – that last picture of the 3 of you is priceless.

  21. The last picture? Lordy be, woman. What a lovely family.And one push? JEEBUS. You are the Queen Mommy. You know what that means, right? You should have more.BWWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  22. Just — beautiful. All of you. I am teary just looking at these photos. Congratulations!!!

  23. Congrats..what a beautiful name for a lovely baby. I LOVE the pic of Thalia in the bassinet. That’s exactly how my oldest felt – a little displaced. But sounds like she’s being plied with the good stuff and will remember her sister’s birth fondly.

  24. Congratulations on your new family of four. And what you can write with only a few functioning brain cells is the envy of those of us who couldn’t do it as well with the brain cells at max capacity 🙂

  25. Congratulations Liz! She’s gorgeous and perfect in every way. Is that an Aiden & Anais wrap? They’re my fave! We’re newly pregnant and I was sad when I realized that our Christmas/New Years baby would be to cold for muslin. Dorky, eh?Anyhoo, I’m so glad everything went well for you and hope you savour every minute!

  26. shut the hell up with all this perfectness! i love it! it’s too much!~ everyone is precious and bootiful and perfect! LOVE IT! loVE YOU!

  27. Aww! Sage is just SO beautiful! I love the last pic of you with your girls. Enjoy being a family of four! =D

  28. Welcome to Sage, and congratulations to the rest of you! I love the family portrait at the end — what beautiful smiles! Thalia, you can hang with me and the rest of us free-thinking older sisters. 😉

  29. Oh wow. I love the pictures – especially the last one. Congratulations!

  30. Welcome, Sage, and do take your sweet time getting used to life on the outside. There’s a lot of weird stuff out here. You’ll see when you meet your first Republican.It sounds like you’re a circumspect sort, young lady. This is a trait most useful in the corporate world. I’m certain you inherited that from your mother, considering her acumen in dealing with clients. She hasn’t gone crazy yet, so something’s working.As for you, Liz, great job. One push, huh? Dang, you could have hoisted your baby in a sling and gone back to work in the potato fields.However, what I impresses me most is your uncanny ability to incorporate a mention of political conspiracies in a birth story. Now that, along with the one push business and the beauty of your babies, is awesome.All hail Family Mom 101!Love,GraceD

  31. such a wonderfully beautiful baby! congratulations.oh, and funny thalia! those baby bassinets do look like fun to crawl into…

  32. Yay! Congrats! Glad it was so easy for you. It’s nice to hear that kind of story once in a while (although not when you are about to have/have just had your own delivery!). Well done.

  33. Beautiful name, gorgeous baby, and some of the sweetest pictures ever! Thanks for sharing and CONGRATULATIONS to the whole family!!! 🙂 Pascale

  34. The last photo made me cry. What a bunch of beauties. Kisses to you all…

  35. Those are the best pictures ever.I’m thinking that the ‘easy’ labor was her way of making up for the ‘tiny’ bit of stress you had during the pregnancy.congrats on the beautiful, perfect family.

  36. Oh wow, she’s beautiful. One push? Seriously? If you have another, it’s just going to fall out on the way to the hospital next time.And I love the pic of Thalia in the bassinet. Way too cute.

  37. YAY! So happy for you all! What a beautiful girl, and a beautiful Big Sister! That pic of her in the hospital bassinet is hilarious! Fodder for future blackmail for SURE. Thanks for sharing!

  38. Come on, you people with your beautiful babies and families, you’re making me want to get knocked up again!!(Congratulations on a job well done. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!)

  39. My God you have freaking AWESOME taste in names!! Seriously my favorite girls name ever!!!!!Too bad I keep popping out boys….Congrats. Good luck and hope she continues to be a sleeper for you.

  40. Egads, I leave for 3 hours and there is a new post and about 1 zillion comments already! That last photo is a killer! Sooooo cute! And Thalia in the baby bassinet is pretty adorable too. Only 1 push? You are a machine! Have 10 more! Hope you are getting some rest mama. Take it easy.

  41. oh heck yeah. all of it — the words, those lovely pictures, the sweetness. congratulations to you all. welcome sage!

  42. Welcome to the world Sage!She’s beautiful and lovely and all the squishy goodness of baby. Congratulations to you and your family.

  43. What a great story, what great pictures! Sage is so plump and juicy, you just wanna eat her up! Congratulations, Liz. She really does look like you, you know.

  44. Awwww…she’s precious! That last picture made me tear up. Congratulations again. What a nice, easy birth, the very best kind! 🙂 Enjoy your sweet baby girl.

  45. Oh my GOD!!! You look amazing, your daughters are gorgeous and the last picture is unbelievable-three contented ladies. Congrats on a beautiful family.

  46. Those pictures brought tears to my eyes. Very loverly family,congrats!

  47. Beautiful times four, for your whole family.I’m glad that things went so smoothly. It’s really nice to hear when things go well, and not just the scary birth stories.

  48. Okay, I promise to stop confusing you if you promise to stop making me cry.That pic of Thalia in the bassinet is a riot. And I’m such a dork that I recognize that decor of the room and it’s made me want to go back to the hospital.

  49. Congratulations! I love all the pictures, especially that last one of you three. You are beautiful! And I’m so happy for you.

  50. Amazingly blessed man you are Nate! Congratulations, it’s so nice to see you doing well. Isn’t life wonderful.. God bless you!

  51. Two wonderful girls, and a great writer mom for them! Congrats & wishes of happy, healthy years to come, from this side of the world (Istanbul, Turkey).

  52. Oh Liz, she is gorgeous!!! And definitely smiling in that last photo, as she should be with such an adoring big sister and beautiful Mama!

  53. Oh so I had to look up what Sage meant because you mentioned the meaning as a reason for the pick…..I was amazed by the graphs is absolutely breathtaking and has such a look of calming peace. I love the pic where it appears she is looking straight into the camera. Thalia looks like she is going to be a great “2nd mommy” to her. Enjoy your moments together and congrats to your family.

  54. So beautiful! Congratulations. You must remember to post about all of the bad parts of new babies because honestly all of this new baby stuff is making my ovaries ache. I somehow managed to skim over the part where you said you were up nursing every hour last night, and went right to the pictures though.Enjoy!

  55. TA DA! your 100th comment!Second time around *is* much easier. Not least because you’re not giving birth to a New Parent.That final pic is so lovely… (sniff…)

  56. Please allow me to be the 103rd commenter to wish you congratulations! Simply lovely.

  57. Let me add to the list of the moms crying at their desks over that last picture…How beautiful. And you are my hero for even writing this post at this point.

  58. Even with limited power of attention you are able to amaze. And the pictures are almost as gorgeous as the kids in them … including you!Congratulations!

  59. Liz, she’s beautiful! I think the fear of induction gets a lot of our bodies going. My body went into labor both times after I started stressing about an upcoming induction.I’m so proud of you! You got through it! Now just try and get through the next two weeks of breastfeeding and it’ll be smooth sailing. 🙂

  60. She is soooo beautiful, and I love seeing the pics of her with her older sister… wow… congrats to you all!

  61. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Congratulations! And I love the name Sage. If I can talk hubby into baby #2, that name will DEFINITELY be in the running!

  62. I so neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a girl! Congrats and best wished. She is a true treasure!

  63. You already have 116 comments, and with a new baby in the house, you’ll probably never read mine…but still, so happy that the birth went well, and they’re both gorgeous. 🙂 Congrats.(And I’m assuming this beautiful Sage baby is fine, and that it was apparant from moment one that cat poop fears were unwarranted?)

  64. Babies, babies everywhere…I want one! Congratulations on a new and 2nd beautiful daughter. I know another Brooklyn mama, who gave birth to her second, on the same day and afternoon, a girl named Siri. I love the name Sage – it sounds serene and earthy. Best wishes 🙂

  65. Oh, she is so beautful! Congrats on a healthy delivery and lovely addition to your family.

  66. Sounds like you had a great delivery. The photos are great. What a adorable baby and a sweet big sister.

  67. *sniff*I love to hear about births. I’m so happy it went so well. Wow, the world feels a little different now.

  68. I’ll say it for the 126th time – Gorgeous! So glad that you are all doing well. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  69. I wrote you a big, beautiful comment last night and then the server went down . . . let me see if I can remember —Oh yes, congratulations to ALL of you on the birth of that gorgeous child.There aren’t words to describe that last photo, it is sublime. Perfect.Hope you are enjoying that new baby smell! 🙂Carrie

  70. What a beautiful baby! She looks very healthy and edible. Oops, did I just say that? 🙂 Congratulations to you all. I love that pic of Thalia in the bassinet. That is wonderful she has taken to her so well (I have a theory that newborns are a bigger hit with big sisters than big brothers). Hope the nips feel better soon. I will try to focus on remembering that “fun” instead of the little green monster inside of me that is now craving a newborn!!!

  71. Just beautiful, the name and both daughters! Congrats! On a side note…Isn’t the epidural the most amazing thing ever? LOL

  72. First off, congrats! Second, our birth stories sound eerily alike. I had my second baby (a boy) at 2:21 on Friday. I was supposed to be induced the next day but went into labor on my own. I also had a lightening fast labor. One push, no tears. Also a NYC baby. Weird. Congrats, again.

  73. I’m not even going to read the 130 comments you’ve already received. Just know that if I tried, mine would be the best. But seeing as I’m tired. CONGRATULATIONS! She’s absolutely beautiful and I’m glad your vajajay didn’t get all jacked up!

  74. OH!!! That last picture makes me want to cry. She is just beautiful. (90-pound milk bags of doom…HA!)OK…my ovaries are aching. Must go. Congrats to you and your family. 🙂

  75. Oooh – beautiful baby pictures! I’ve got to stop looking. Ovulating right now. No. More. Babies.

  76. Congratulations! She’s beautiful! Here’s to you and those milk bags of doom getting some rest. The Flav will wait! 😉

  77. i’m so happy for you mommy101-102!!!you DO know what you’re doing!thank you for generously sharing!!!

  78. Wow! I’m not sure you’ll have time to go through all the comments on this post. But, if you do, I’ll add my congratulations! Those pictures are fabulous.

  79. Yeah, like you’ll get all the way down to here… Hmmph. That’s what I get for being late to the party. Congrats. Sleep well. Sage is beautiful. Yadda-yadda.

  80. I managed to make it all the way through without crying until that last damn picture. congrats once again. You have a beautiful family, Sage is glorious and I cant wait to read more of the adventures to come

  81. her eyes are like the sea, and i’m not just trying to be poetic. she’s gorgeous. the photo of mother and daughters is gorgeous.delurking to say congrats, and happy braincell regeneration.

  82. WELCOME TO PLANET EARTH, SWEET, SWEET, BABY SAGE!Ohhhhhhhhh…she is adorable and dropped down from heaven!Well done, you, for cooking up such a beauty!And congratulations to Thalia. My baby sister is the best thing to have every happened to me. I love her so. As Thalia and Sage will love each other forever and ever.Blessings to all!

  83. She’s beyond dreamy.Thalia and Sage MUST be the name of a book. Get writing.The picture of Thalia in the clear plastic baby bed is HYSTERICAL!!And OK, that last shot of the three of you makes me crazy emotional.Sigh. Love to you all.

  84. Congrats to you and your beautiful family Liz!! She’s absolutely adorable!! Can’t wait to meet my little guy too…very very soon.

  85. See now, if I really WAS just here for the pics, I’d have been like, “OMG that’s one BIG baby…”(thalia) That is the cutest thing and I can so, totally see my older one doing that too. (but, she didn’t) What gorgeous pics. What perfect children. (JUST like MINE) Kewl. I just found you, glad I did. (not JUST for the cutie babies)

  86. Oh my god, the picture of the three girls actually made me tear up. How cute is that?! I am hoping it’s just the pregnancy hormones and I am not getting sappy in my old age…

  87. Oh, sniff, I’m so happy for you! Thanks for the photos. Sage is a beautiful name and a beautiful baby!Thanks also for your encouraging second-time-around stuff.

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