Halfheartedly Waving My Flag

While it’s easy for me to riff on outlandish kids parties the truth is, I’m a little bitter about them. I’ll never get a chance to throw some crazy bash for Thalia. I’ll never get to sneak a pony up the elevator or have REM show up and sing the birthday song Thalia’s closest 375 friends. Not even if I had a hundred schmillion dollars in the bank. Why?

She shares a birthday week with America.

This would be all well and good if America would kindly do for Thalia what people often do that have the same birthday–have their parties together. But nope. America has gone and claimed the whole week for itself, selfish country. No sharing here. No benevolent gesture for a sweet little two year-old girl who might like a party. Never mind that America has had TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY birthday celebrations and Thalia’s only had one.

Big meanie.

This is the week that kids of friends are hauled off to summer homes and vacation cottages and cabins in the mountains. This is the week the city is so, vacant you can hear the clicks of the traffic lights if you listen carefully enough. This is the week that belongs to tourists, stumbling around with their guide books and purses clutched to their chests in the out-of-towner death grip. You think the blogworld is quiet? Try looking up kids’ activities in the city. The computer all but laughs at you. Don’t you know you’re supposed to hightail it out of here this week, silly woman? This is AMERICA’S week, not Thalia’s.

Instead we’re going to head uptown to Grandpa and Grammye’s for a barbecue, then down to the beach for a low-key celebration with more family. And it will be awesome. Because Thalia will be surrounded by people who love her, love her enough to give their holiday weekend to her and put on funny hats when they sing, just like she’s asked for. She’ll get to eat chocolate cake off Sesame Street (TM) branded plates. She’ll blow bubbles. She’ll open presents.

And then I’ll have a whole year to figure out what the heck we’ll do next July 6th.

So happy birthday America. Jerk.


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  1. Dear Thalia:I know your Mom is a bit upset that the whole Independence Day thing seems to be stealing your birthday thunder, but as someone who shares this birthday week with you, I want to let you in on a few secrets. The fireworks are for you. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. <> Your <> celebration with family should start today and run well past your actual birthday. It’s a multi-day affair. And then when your friends are back in town, you get ANOTHER party. Some years your birthday will actually be the “official” day off. This won’t mean too much to you until you are about 22 or 23 and in your first job. But it is still cool. So, enjoy being born near the Fourth of July!

  2. Dear Thalia,Like your mummy I’m from that far off place called South Africa and we’re not big on the whole patriotism thing and so this week is really all about you!Veels geluk klein engeltjie!

  3. I share the same birthday and always felt bad as a kid that I never got to bring cupcakes to school for my birthday!On the up side, my dad always saved a firework or two to set of on my day, and sometimes there were enough sparklers for the cake…It is also one of the few times of the year you can have cake, corn on the cob and watermelon all in one sitting! We’re all about balanced meals you know!

  4. A friend of mine is born on July 1st–Canada Day, and she has the same problem. No one is around to celebrate her birthday. I do believe that when she was in school her mum had her birthday party before the end of school so that her friends would be around. And then she got a second party with family and fireworks on the actual day. Bill it as two parties with two cakes and two pinatas and I think Thalia might go for it.

  5. Hehe, both my husband (this coming Saturday) and I (traditional Memorial Day) can relate.I totally remember the “only me and my best friend” birthday parties. >_<;;On the up side though, at least your family is there to celebrate with her. And there’s fireworks! I don’t get fireworks! *grumbles*

  6. How unfair. Not only does she have a summer birthday, but she’s got to compete with the whole darned country?I agree with Susan. Those fireworks are for you, Miss Thalia!

  7. I feel for her too – my birthday is Dec 29, which you may remember is smack dab between Christmas and New Year’s. My mother and my husband are the only ones who consistently remember my birthday.Happy Birthday, T!

  8. My son’s birthday is New Year’s Day…how much does that suck for him? Someday, in his 20’s, he’ll be thankful that he doesn’t have to work that day and can party it up on the Eve but for now, it sucks trying to plan a party.

  9. Try sharing your birthday with Martin Luther King Day. It is a holiday – but unlike the 4th of July or New Years no one celebrates with a party. Everyone just leaves the north for Florida.

  10. It could be worse. Try having a birthday any time in the same month as Christmas.

  11. Sheky’s Bday is today so I feel your pain. I hate that he can’t invite all his lil friends from school for a party. Meh. We always make a BIG deal out of it among ourselves though. He has had 7 awesome birthdays and will have many many more. 🙂 Thalia is a lucky girl to have family surrounding her on her special day. 🙂

  12. Ah, I know the predicament well. I am also a July 6th baby… all I can say is MORE CAKE FOR THALIA! muah ha ha!

  13. Wheeee. The newest little rookie baby girl shares this birthday now too. Fireworks for everyone.And my two-year old hasn’t had a proper birthday yet, but if I had a million schmillion dollars he may have had petting zoos and alterna-rock. I guess we’ll never know.

  14. Try December 24th… no nice outdoor summer parties in the backyard, no cupcakes in school, birthday decorations outshadowed by red and green and Santa, “For your Christmas Birthday” cards from relatives, one big present from your aunt instead of two (when you’re young quantity is more important than quality), marrying a Catholic who actually went to CHURCH on your birthday and left you home, stupid bowling party every year. Shall I continue? I guess the only worse birthday is my dad’s … September 11.

  15. Yup, I share a birthday week with Thalia and the country too. Personally, growing up, my only gripe about it was not being able to bring cupcakes to school. I never minded having to have my party a bit early or getting to see loads of fireworks. Only those stinking cupcakes.See, all you need to do to one up all those Jones’ with summer birthdays is have Thalia bring cupcakes in JUNE, she’ll beat the whole pack to it ;-).

  16. Ha! Archer’s birthday is during Memorial Day so everyone is out getting smashed at BBQ’s just the same… I hear ya, lady. You could always do the half birthday?Oh and.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY THALIA!!! love,us

  17. America is kind of a bully.Happy Birthday, Thalia! And just think, it’s better than sharing a birthday with Christmas. That just totally sucks.

  18. There’s alot of great stuff in this blog. We should respect our respective country. We won’t be alive as our country is our parents, food, living place for us. It will be nice if you do appreciate the country as others dun even have nice place to stay and work!

  19. The good news is, until she’s about 5, you’ll be able to convince her that the fireworks are all for HER. Then you start planning birthday parties with friends in August, and a family-only one in July, and she gets two parties and life is good.Having been born on Memorial Day, I know whereof I speak. I miss believing that the parades were in *my* honor.

  20. Happy Birthday to Thalia!My youngest’s birthday is the end of August. It always falls on the first day of school or the last day of vacation it seems, and the following weekend is labor day…and usually the first weekend of all the schools fall sports. so yeah, I get ya.

  21. My son turned 2 on July 1st, so I know how you’re feeling. Luckily, there’s always plenty of family around to celebrate. And yes, the fireworks are for Dalton and Thalia! As for someone being born on a holiday, at least it’s a holiday most people like. I was born on Valentine’s Day and didn’t like having all my girlfriends HATE my birthday. Happy birthday Thalia!

  22. My niece’s birthday is the 4th. She HATES fireworks, and cries every year. This year, she was so MAD that the city wouldn’t do them on a different day because didn’t they KNOW it was her birthday?? We always do a big party for her on the 4th followed by a bbq FOR the 4th at my sister’s house. It actually works well. Except for that whole fireworks thingy.

  23. Happy Bday little lady! Good reason to shoot off some fireworks!

  24. Happy Birthday Thalia! My brother’s birthday is July 3rd, and while I always thought that was a bummer, he never really had a problem with it. As an adult, he’s usually enjoyed having work off, and being able to party it up with his friends at night, with no one having to get up early the next morning. However, with my girl, Stella’s birthday a week before Christmas, I definitely commiserate with you!

  25. My husband was born on Christmas. And still, still he complains! Happy 2nd birthday to Thalia!

  26. Einey’s birthday is on Christmas. So most weekends before are filled with Xmas parties, after with New Years parties and the week of Xmas break – alot of her friends are gone.She used to think it was cool that she shared her birthday with Jesus.And now that she’s five she’s starting to not like it. She only gets gifts once a year – Christmas and Birthday parties are all real close (where as her sisters are months away), she’ll never get a “fre birthday meal” at a resteraunt on her birthday, and she’ll never get to play hookey from school – they are all already off. and everything is closed that day. I nthe words of Einey “It’s just not fair!”

  27. I’ve often had to share my birthday with a turkey — Thanksgiving turkey, that is. We just put candles in the pumpkin pie. 🙂 Tell Thalia that I feel her pain.

  28. It’s always tough when your birthday coincides with something else that’s ‘big.’ Glad to hear that you’re making it big.Best wishes

  29. If Thalia wants to grab a beer this week after work, we’re all in town! But you’re right. The city is EMPTY!

  30. Happy Birthday, Thalia! The fireworks are so for you.It seems like all the previous commenters have Christmas or holiday birthdays too – I’m one of them, but I look at it as a way to not have school/work on the big day.

  31. My oldest’s birthday is the begining of September – just after school starts, just after the pool closes. No pool parties – she is bummed. Then again, her friends with summer birthdays are bummed that they don’t get to have a “classroom” party.My middle’s birthday is in February – no pool parties, again! No outdoor parties filled with trampoline jumping, bubble blowing, egg tossing, etc. But she does get to have a classroom party.My youngest is about to turn two, but his birthday is in the begining of Augusust – finally a pool party! But no classroom party…Hahaha – all this is to say, there is never a “perfect” date when they feel they haven’t missed out on something.When Thalia is older, you will have her party the weekend before or after. No biggie!Happy belated birthday, Thalia!

  32. My son was born on the 4th of July. We have smiled for 6 years now as he has opened red, white and blue items while people called him a firecracker. Good times.

  33. My mother’s birthday is July 4th. She said that as a kid she thought the entire fireworks and parade was for her. Quite the ego let down to find out it wasn’t LOL

  34. J is a July 4th baby. He doesn’t really know yet why the whole nation celebrates his birthday, but I suppose I should explain it one of these days before his head gets too big!

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