If 1 Million Monkeys Sat Down At Typewriters…

…or similarly, one 2 year-old with nascent small motor skills sat down with a pen and paper, what are the scientific odds that she’d create this:


55 thoughts on “If 1 Million Monkeys Sat Down At Typewriters…”

  1. Ok, that made me laugh like a man it was so deep. It kinda scared me.But, MAN, that’s funny!

  2. Looks like she’s been spending some time with < HREF="http://www.imperfectparent.com/mominatrix/index.php" REL="nofollow">Mominatrix.<>

  3. It took me a second of looking, but I just about lost my coke out my nose when I caught it! Too funny! This should be saved for your inapproriate baby book!

  4. If your next post contains a shaky depiction of a vagina, I’m going to be concerned. 🙂

  5. I laughed for a long time, and then I had to show my husband. He cocked his head to the side and said “Wow. That’s really…ummm…accurate. Wow.” And burst into fits of laughter.Thalia’s got skillz. 😉

  6. And I thought my two year old was a genius because she started drawing the letter S this week, but she is clearly way behind the curve.

  7. Yes, it’s a lovely Florida, with a slightly misshapen panhandle…oh wait.Yeah. Pretty lifelike drawing there.

  8. erm, perhaps she wants to visit Nova Scotia?or perhaps she’s been watching daddy shower. one or the other, definitely. 😉

  9. I’m not a drama queen, I assure you. This IS funny as everyone says, however, I am a bit concerned. My partner is a Children’s Social Worker and she deals with children who are sexually abused among many other horrible things. Please don’t misunderstand. I’m only saying that this is inappropriate for a child her age, despite the fact that it’s funny. How does she know what a penis looks like?? Something to think about.

  10. Lucy’s Mom-I don’t think she actually meant to draw a penis. Kids just draw. Lord knows my kids have drawn some strange looking things. I wouldn’t really put a whole lot into what a 2 year old draws. They really don’t have enough hand coordination to draw something like that on purpose.

  11. Yeah, Lucy’s Mom– most two-year-olds don’t have enough fine motor control yet to actually create accurate representative drawings. They do, however, like to scribble a lot. If Thalia were one of the rare exceptions who do have the control to draw well at this age, she would also be able to draw other things, like cars or dogs or ice cream cones. I am fairly certain this is an accident.A HILARIOUS accident. (Does the fact that it took me a full minute to see it mean I am not getting enough action?)

  12. Looking slightly turgid, slightly flaccid. (And I thank you for the opportunity to use both of those words in a sentence. It was fun!)

  13. (Oh my, the blog police, lol)Anyway, it was a 2 year old’s scribble. It’s us that’s twisted.And I’ve always thought Florida was a bit phallic.I remember when my son was eight and he brought me a magazine he said had porn in it. It was a National Geographic!!

  14. WonderBaby would like to bid on that work. It’s a near-perfect portrait of Toadstool, the Phallic Lovey. What should we open at? Two cookies and an Elmo sticker?

  15. the hanging chad florida comment! fuckin’ hilarious. i can’t stop laughing.your kid is a total rockstar. i couldn’t have drawn that better myself!

  16. that’s italy, right? or south america? tex-ass?love the way the careless scribble over to the right makes this drawing all come to a head. (oor er!)

  17. No fair. Bossy is in a seashore library scarfing teh free internets and now you’ve made her laugh so hard she’s going to be kicked out.

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