It’s a Nasty, Cold, Miserable Day Out. And in Other News…Contest Winners.

Ya know…

A whole damn week of stalking Pitt and Clooney with paltry results and who does Nate just stumble into at work today? La Brad.

-No he’s not
-No she wasn’t
-No idea who they were
-Pretty short

In far more important news (Well, to like six of us), the awesome caption contest entries have been judged by leaders in the lucrative world of humorous blog writing and tabulated by the accounting firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers after their all-Martini holiday blowout late last night at Ghost Bar.

The finalists:
“At least I have my dignity. ” (Marketing Mommy)

“…and I for one welcome our plastic animal overlords…” (Queen of Spain)

“Expend 1 to reroll dwarven spell damage.” (Anonymous; and I’m embarrassed that I get it)

“I should have stopped at that second martini.” (Zellmer)

“You there with the camera? You really need to get a job.” (The New Girl)

“Very funny. But not as funny as Guess where I took a dump.” (Grey Matter Matters and similarly, Kaleigh)

Third place:
“What are the odds that she tastes like chicken?” (Friend of Emily, who has to be one of my relatives but not exactly sure which)

Second place:
“Ever since that lead-paint-from-China scare, chewing toys just doesn’t seem as appealing as it once did.” (NG)

And the winner:

F*cking Humans.

Thanks Pixie!

A donation is being made in the name of, um..”Pixie,” I guess, to help the victims in Washington State who could probably use a little more to laugh about these days.


13 thoughts on “It’s a Nasty, Cold, Miserable Day Out. And in Other News…Contest Winners.”

  1. Oh man, a Brad sighting! Why can’t they come and film in Hoboken?!

  2. Hmmm… Sounds like this was the same accounting firm that tabulated Miss California USA.I knew you had connections, but damn.Did Nate get Brad to sign his boobs?

  3. Matt Damon occasionally runs the 5K we have here on Thanksgiving. There is no shortage of well made-up, well coiffed women who have never run a day in their lives who show up for the event. Too funny.

  4. I am SOOO Glad you commented on my blog as this blog totally cracks me up!! What a riot. Can I hire you for Connor’s first birthday?*grin*All jokin aside.. To answer your question for the hours and hours I slave on Prize-A-Tron I rarely win.. which is ironic as I won all the time before I started it LOL ahh its ok.. good karma right? Hopefully now that I’m sharing I’ll finally win a new car like I always dreamed of? Ask and you shall receive.. or so Ive heard.I LOVE cool mom picks btw.. Im so jealous. Possibly one day my blog will grow up to be as neato as yours :)!

  5. Damnit. Brad is wasted on men.And I got the anonymous comment too. I’m going to go stand in the corner with the geeks now.

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