From the Mouths of Babes. Who Will Get Extra-Special Treats Tomorrow.

Thalia steps on the scale.

“Mommy! What number am I?”

“Well, looks like 27.6 Thalia. Very good.”

“And what number are you, Mommy?”

“Well, I’m 100 and (mumble mumble)”

“WOW mommy. You’re…”


“You’re so…taller!”


24 thoughts on “From the Mouths of Babes. Who Will Get Extra-Special Treats Tomorrow.”

  1. She is such a smart little gal. I would definitely keep her around. I taped Montel and watched but didn’t see you. Did I tape the wrong show? I was really looking forward to the sex + Elmo bit (not sex with Elmo.. you understand).

  2. Congratulations on raising such a brilliant child! The next time the youngest asks why that number is so much higher when Mommy stands on it than when he does, I have the perfect answer!

  3. I’ve had almost the < HREF="" REL="nofollow">exact same conversation<> with my three year old. I love it when they’re trying to work out the measurement thing. I feel so much better about myself.

  4. Better than my girl saying, “I hope I’m fat like you one day so my child can use my belly for a pillow too!” This a few minutes after having weighed in at my lowest since having children.

  5. Someone at Storables gave my son one of those free little measuring tapes. It’s been in the car ever since.All afternoon yesterday as we drove around town, he strapped that thing around different body parts and announced how much they each “weighed”…My leg weighs 30 and 8!My head weighs 70-80!My other leg weighs sirteen!(…btw, hi! found you a couple weeks ago and have been reading ever since…)

  6. Thalia is clearly brilliant. And all things being equal, you’re *hardly* tall. (Tall in all the right places, though.) 🙂Also, thank you re: mothergoosemouse. I do not understand J&J. Or Jeff.

  7. She is welcome at my house any time. My little bloodsuckers are not nearly as diplomatic.

  8. this is FANTASTIC. Way to train that kid to make us adults feel GOOD about ourselves.

  9. Yeah. While my son just goes around poking me, calling me “jelly belly” and giggling.(Yes, I have told him this is not really a nice thing to say to people, but he’s three, and also obsessed with things that rhyme, so I cut him a break.)

  10. b, your comment totally made me laugh out loud. Talk about finding the silver lining!

  11. Julia always asks me what number I am after she gets off the scales. That’s usually when I start coughing loudly while exclaiming, “I CAN’T HEAR YOU, SWEETHEART” and making a beeline for the stairs.

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