Toddler Math

Cinnamon toast cut into squares > Cinnamon toast cut into triangles

Cinnamon toast cut into “teeny teeny squares” > Cinnamon toast cut into regular squares

Cinnamon toast cut into triangles > Cinnamon toast cut into squares one day a week*
*That day changes at random and you will not be notified of such change until after the squares have been cut

Cinnamon toast cut into triangles then reassembled into squares Cinnamon toast originally cut as squares

Cinnamon toast your sister is eating > Cinnamon toast you are eating, regardless of shape

Cinnamon toast: Breakfast :: Gun: Mommy’s Head


19 thoughts on “Toddler Math”

  1. No lie—a friend I saw last night told me she has to cut her sons’ toast into the shape of a house—one wants a chimney; one doesn’t. So, be careful—you may be soon creating little architectural designs with toast!

  2. Nevermind squares and triangles….how does Thalia say the word ‘cinnamon’? Does she say it “sim-a-nim” like Dawson? Because that just makes me giggle it’s so cute. 😉 I make him say it over and over just so I can laugh and laugh.

  3. Oh, man, I go through this every morning with breakfast. I have to walk them through very specific steps:1. Waffles, cereal, or oatmeal?(Waffles)2. Cut up or big?(Cut up)3. Strips or squares?(Strips)4. Syrup on the side or on top?(On the side)5. Water or milk to drink?X2 for each kid. But, no, they couldn’t just like the same thing the same way every morning, oh no.

  4. Yep, I have this problem too. If my son doesn’t have his sausage cut up just so, he won’t eat it. And heaven forbid I should put his milk in anything other than his Diego cup! The world ends then and there! 🙂

  5. I’m cracking up…okay, so my daughter hates the crust on her sandwiches. but if I cut off the crust, she eats the sandwich as if there WERE still crust there, so I end up with perfectly good crust-less pieces of sandwich in funny right angle shapes, which is even more of a waste. I just leave the crust.I’ve tried and tried to convince her that if I cut her sandwich into triangles, it will be MUCH easier to eat the sandwich and leave the crust…but she insists on the more difficult-to-maneuver-around-the-crust squares. one day I just did triangles and she FLIPPED OUT and wouldn’t eat it.squares with crust it is.

  6. Yep…trade out cinnamon and replace with PB&J. Yeah… and that’s just my 22 year old. Just kiddin’, but it does seem to be a timeless pain in the butt.

  7. How about the Hello Kitty toaster that imprints her face on each slice? Then you could have cat-shaped cinnamon toast.

  8. Around here, it’s about oatmeal vs. cereal, and then which cereal and whether it gets milk or not. Same effect v.v. mother’s head.

  9. Occasionally we think we’ll be proactive and ask Q how he wants his toast cut.Me: Do you want triangle pieces or square pieces?Q: Cut into five pieces!Great. I suppose he didn’t mandate that they needed to be equally sized pieces. Long strips of toast, anyone?

  10. How about…Chunk of blueberry bagel that you just knocked onto the nasty floor of bagel place > Entire rest of bagel that is still sitting on your plate.Aren’t they fun?

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