Home Sigh Home

You know those vacations that make you yearn for a vacation from your vacation?

Let’s just say it started with Sage screaming for three straight hours in the car, and ended with us pulled over at a gas station with Nate opening the hood to see what’s what, looking fairly competent and manly-like, until I caught him unscrewing the cap for the wiper fluid.

Oh, and in the middle of it all? “Here are the keys, you’ll be staying in Mobile Home 8.”

We’re home, we’re fine, and now excuse me, I am going to sleep for 16 years. On a mattress not from 1963.


22 thoughts on “Home Sigh Home”

  1. I know you are sleeping, but I just wanted to tell you I think we must have gone on the same vaction!! Oh fiddlesticks…I should have warned you first!! I am starting to think family vacations are soooooo like 1980-90’s…and ended with the Griswolds. They are over rated, and I think I am going to start a new trend. SPA VACATIONS!! Sorry kids……Oh, I find it also helps when traveling…if your child starts screaming…you just face forward…close your eyes…and repeat “SERENITY NOW,SERENITY NOW” over and over in your head. That or earmuffs….I have some if you would like to borrow them for your next trip:)))

  2. Then again, women don’t have kids with guys like me and Nate because of our auto skills, right? Reminds me of the time a mechanic laughed at me because, after owning my car for 3 years, I didn’t know how to pop the hood. Fuck that! I don’t give him shit because he can’t fix a dangling participle. Anyway, glad you guys are back home safe and sound. Ready for another cocktail night?

  3. While our luggage did end up all over the highway – twice – I never did have to sleep on a decades old mattress in a mobile home. I think you win.

  4. Welcome home. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip. Unless your vacation includes driving around desert roads at 2 a.m. looking for snakes, I think I’ve got you beat. THAT was my honeymoon (at least a part of it). It’s only become more surreal with kids.

  5. Glad you made it home safe, even if your eardrums may not be intact. The baby is not too thrilled with his carseat these days, so we’re not venturing far.

  6. okay, I know it’s probably not funny, but the thought of Nate acting all manly and unscrewing the wiper fluid cap makes me giggle. it just sounds like something Doug would do.

  7. Welcome home! We’re going on vacation to see my in-laws this weekend and it will be work. And we’re staying at the Holiday Inn, so I’m sure it will be a step below mobile home #8.

  8. Summer holiday beds are rarely as comfy as the home bed, which is just so wrong! When G and I went to the cottage last month, we said the place would guarantee a fully-booked summer if they’d invest in some good beds!

  9. I do wonder about vacations sometimes… this year my hubby just started a new job so I am on a week off without him and instead of dragging the kids somewhere I am staying home and getting caught up on all the things I never have time for…. sounds boring but I am loving it!! Your blog just makes me all the more happier about it!!! He he he!!!

  10. I too am suffering PTTS (post traumatic trip syndrome) and I feel that On-Star should have therapists available to keep you from driving off the cliff beckoning your name so seductively. It might just be me.

  11. Well now it makes you appreciate your home just a little bit more right?I think all parents should get a Spa vacation at the end of a family vacation. Because lets face it, it’s not relaxing or easy.Welcome back….

  12. The prospect of my girl screaming for 3 straight hours in a car has kept me firmly planted at home without a far away [airquote] vacation.

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