Me: Thalia, you have to eat this piece of pizza. It’s so teeny – it’s not really even a piece, it’s like a quarter of a piece. It’s three bites. Come on, eat it please.

Thalia: I don’t like pizza.

Me: What? You’re a communist. All American kids like pizza. It’s like the law. You’re crazy.

Thalia: I don’t like it.

Me: So what do you like?

Thalia: Rice.

Me: And what else?

Thalia: Milk.

Me: And what else?

Thalia: Cake.

Me: Rice, milk, and cake. That’s what you like. Anything else?

Thalia: I will eat the pizza. But only with no cheese. And no sauce.

Me: So you just want the crust?

Thalia: No, I don’t like the crust.

Me: So no pizza, then.

Thalia: No.

Me: Outstanding.


48 thoughts on “Three. ARGH, THREE.”

  1. I wonder how Sarah Plain will resolve THIS problem! (sorry, I could not resist that :)) …Are 3 year olds like politicians or is it the other way around? Truth can be scary, eh?

  2. OMG. i looooove your thalia!!!!another who doesn’t like pizza.sorry. i know that’s not what you were looking for. but i couldn’t help myself. i wrote about the same thing on my own blog. i still get called out for not eating pizza.

  3. And did that immediate follow an hour of serious wheedling and begging for pizza, only to be followed by its rejection? That is THREE, for sure.

  4. I can’t get Dawson to eat pizza unless I take the crust off. Thalia is too cute. Love the things she says.

  5. Nata takes the cheese off, puts the toppings back on and then eats it up to the crust. She won't eat chicken nuggets or mac and cheese or PB&J. But she will eat sushi. Pre-schoolers are INSANE!!!

  6. I had a similar conversation with my son about eating chicken, which ended when he trumped my “all kids like chicken” logic by telling me that he didn’t like chicken because <>it was a dead chicken. <> Shot by a farmer.Well played, my son. I let him eat an all-bread dinner that evening.

  7. OH! That’s funny, but believe it or not…….. My 4 year old daughter will NOT eat pizza either. She says it makes her tummy hurt. 🙁

  8. Yeah, three is the worst. We used to cut pizza into long strips known as trains, but all toppings had to be removed. HEALTHY, no?

  9. My 19-month-old would not eat the cheesy tater tots, the onion rings, or the mac and cheese from the Asian buffet today. You know what he would eat? The garlic green beans. Almost a whole plate of them. i think he might be communist, too. But he DOES eat pizza, so i’m not too worried. You, on the other hand, well, good luck. 🙂

  10. Definitely three. My kids would eat a bunch of x one time then the next time I made x would insist they didn’t like it and never had. grrrr.

  11. If you figure out a way to make pizza with no cheese, sauce or crust, let us know because chances are it’ll also be calorie free and cure stupidity!

  12. Welcome to the reason my mom had a strict “Take it or Leave it” policy. Of course I was the youngest, so if I wanted to eat, I better do it fast!

  13. Your daughter the Communist and my son the Fascist would get along perfectly. He will eat pizza, but will not eat hamburgers (so not American – where’s McCarthy when you need him??) or hot dogs (again, un-American), or snowcones, or any candy except chocolate (that part’s from me). The “take it or leave it”policy in our house is the only thing saving my sanity. I hear it gets better when they get older – you know, when they get jobs and move out.

  14. Yesterday at the Children’s Museum I realized KayTar eats absolutely NOTHING they sell in the little mock grocery store. SIGH.

  15. thalia, you come over here and sit next to auntie stefania. i don’t like pizza either and i’m half-italian. so i guess that would make me a pizza-hating fascist. more rice, sweet pea?

  16. Pizza is my favorite. My daughter will not eat anything green. It all started with peas when she was little. She said peas freak her out because she feels like they are staring at her. Peas are green, therefore all green food must be bad. She’e 11 and still won’t eat anything green except broccoli.

  17. My Little One yesterday would only eat pickles for lunch. Dill pickles only. No cheese, no eggs, no soup, no toast, no nothing. Pickles. *sigh*Luckily her tastes are changing daily, so she’ll probably eat anything BUT pickles today.

  18. My little one is almost 3 and she doesn’t eat. If she eats a full meal I act like she won the Nobel Peace Prize it’s so rare. Then, yesterday, I hit the wall. She finally ate pasta, green beans and fruit at one sitting! I was so proud of her I told her she could have some ice cream because she ate so well. She says, “No thanks, Mama, I’m full.” What?! What kid says no to ice cream? And doesn’t she know we don’t eat because we’re hungry, we eat to cover our feelings? What kind of “health nut” am I raising here?

  19. Classic. We’re in the same boat over here. Dinners are pretty much a total failure unless either A. Ravioli B. Fish Sticks or C. Macaroni and Cheese are served. I keep grinding up vegetables to stick in everything but it’s like he KNOWS or something and will not have it. BUT! I have FINALLY found a way to get him to eat his veggies: wheat-grass shots in his Jamba Juice, which is our new after-school snack/activity. Dude eats the ENTIRE smoothie and for whatever reason has never questioned the fact that it now tastes like… uh… wheat grass.

  20. Welcome to my world —for the past nine years. Glad to hear someone else in the room. I wish I could tell you it gets better but so far I can’t. *sob*

  21. Hey, seriously folks, Dr. Sears says to give your child a choice. A great tip: use muffin tins and fill each one with a different veggie or healthy food–one with peas, one with cheese, finger stuff. Oh, and in my experience kids are dippers. Give Thalia hummus or guac or mashed potatoes. She’ll have a ball.Thanks for the laughs! Love your blog.

  22. Fay, you do realize that if Dr Sears tells me to do something I do the opposite, right? Like if he’s like “cocaine is bad for you!” I’m signing up for a kilo.Thalia won’t eat hummus or guac or mashed potatoes but she does like to dip ketchup. She’ll dip a chicken nugget in ketchup and just eat the ketchup off it. ARGH, THREE.

  23. What kind of cake? Maybe she only likes white food. But yeah, totally communist. Or Republican, maybe. Something.

  24. haha! My boy is only 18 months old…but he is totally headed down the communist path. He loves to eat ketchup…by licking the ketchup off everything. Or eating ONLY the ketchup! totally agree with you about Dr. Sears…i do the opposite every time.

  25. My 3 yr old TELLS me she likes things, but then refuses to eat them when I give them to her. She eats hot dogs (cheese hot dogs, to be exact), mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, fruit, and junk food (Daddy sneaks it in more than I realized). Needless to say she ends up eating fruit A LOT! Her 21 mo. old sister, on the other hand? Have only found one thing she'll not eat- cake. She eats frosting and wants more, but no cake for her!Some days I just go in the bathroom, let out a great big scream, and then beg her again to eat more!

  26. I spent months trying to convince my daughter Dylan to eat pizza. Every birthday party, she wouldn’t even touch it. Just waited patiently for that cake. But suddenly, she turned 4 and started digging the pizza.So there is still hope!

  27. I am so familiar with this story.Remind my not to let our children marry. They would likely produce a child who only eats stardust collected by unicorns.

  28. My son is also three. This morning for breakfast he would only have a popsicle. He was offered lots of other breakfast food, but none would do. *sigh* I’m sure he was lots of fun at preschool.:)

  29. For a long time the Peanut was kind of a pill about eating anything but pasta and pizza. She would eat other things, but it took foreeeevvvvveeeeerrrrrrr.One morning after a long dinner battle the night before, I said to her: “Peanut, what do you like <>besides<> pizza and pasta?”She thought for what seemed a longish time, for a three year-old. And she finally said, “I like sauce, and cheese.”Sigh.

  30. My 2.5 year old had half a lime for lunch yesterday. His supper was a glass of water. I really have no idea how they survive to 4.

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