Love and not-quite-marriage

Six years ago today–or to be more exact, six years ago early tomorrow morning–I walked Nate out of my bedroom, through the living room, and towards the front door. As I kissed him goodbye, I warned, “Just so you know – this isn’t going anywhere.

We’re just fooling around. I want to be really clear, okay? There’s no way this can possibly work.”

“Okay,” he said.

“Okay,” I said.

I kissed him again, and he walked towards the elevator.

Once every so often, eh…I’m wrong. What can I say. But these words in particular are ones I’m happy to have eaten.

Happy anniversary Nate. I love you so much. Even though it’s totally grossing you out right now that I’m saying it on my blog.


42 thoughts on “Love and not-quite-marriage”

  1. A sweet anniversary story. I can relate – my summer fling and I have been together 13 years now.

  2. Feliz aniversário.That’s “happy anniversary” in portuguese. I’m brazilian and really love your blog. kissesCintia

  3. When a certain handsome coworker started paying me a bit of attention, I came home and told my friend, “No matter what I ever say–NEVER let me date that guy. NEVER!”Over five years and two kids later, those are words I’m glad to have eaten too. 🙂

  4. So sweet! My husband and I had a similar start. I was 6 months pregnant on our first date and he swore we would not go on a second one. heh heh! 10 yrs later and 3 more kiddos we are going strong!

  5. Aww, what a sweet anniversary present – grossing your man out on a worldwide blog. you so know how to treat a man good!

  6. Of course it is grossing him out. Happy, happy darlin. (and spouse)(and somehow, it’s sooooo wrong that my word verification is mdong)

  7. hmmm. your story sounds familiar to me. aren’t happy endings just the greatest? (i know, it isn’t fun and games every second of every day, but still, right?)happy anniversary!

  8. Happy Anniversary!Like one of the earlier commenters, SwingDaddy was a summer fling too, one that stuck. 🙂

  9. Awww..happy anniversary, guys! This resonates with me…as I just had almost this EXACT conversation with a guy I’m seeing. Are you gonna be able to pull this comment out of archives for me 6 years from today?? 🙂

  10. I hope your anniversary celebration is a bit more romantic than ours: Applebees, then Target, then home to put the boy to bed and pass out on the couch. But hey, we’re not newlyweds! 🙂And in honor of your anniversary, I’ve tagged you! It’s my first tag (I’m so nervous! I hope I did it right!). Just have to come up with 6 random things about yourself (I’m encouraging my tagees to make stuff up about themselves, if it’s more fun that way :)) More info is here: fun!!

  11. I got that same speech almost 10 years ago from my husband. When asked why he loves me he often answers, because you’re persistent. How romantic. 😛

  12. Um, well, at least you didn’t propose via Twitter like some couple last night. Congratulations!

  13. Congratulations! OK, the 11th must be magical! My parents celebrated their 50th anniversary on the 11th. Also, beacause my family is filled with freaks, my sister and her husband – 22 years on the 11th, my brother and his wife – 5 years on the 11th. I guess I’m just glad someone else has that day for an anniversary. Did I mention that my other two brothers both have sons name Anthony AND both have daughters named Katie? Freaks.

  14. very cute post 🙂 happy aniiversary! the hubby and i have a similar story. he came to manila from the states for a vacation and never went home. 4 yrs later we have a 2.8yr old todder and 2 dogs. it’s good to be wrong at times! i love your blog!!!!

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