Thank you Courteney

Nate by text: Shd I keep Thalia up or put her to sleep? Shes asking for u.

Me by text: No, still working. Sigh. Done 930ish then will grab a quick bite.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately. More than overwhelmed. Working full time along with all my other commitments hasn’t left enough time for the girls. Racing home to try and catch them for a few minutes before bed, then waking up to play with them for a half hour and give them breakfast before racing out the door has been tough. Then just when I’m feeling it most, a trip to Chicago for a conference.

Suddenly I understand why my father brought me home trinkets every time he returned home from Houston or Jackson or wherever his own job had him traveling when I was a kid. I promised Thalia a “special treat,” hugged her, and walked to the door towards the waiting Town Car.

I couldn’t even kissing Sage goodbye; she was napping.

I had one of those verge-of-tears kind of mass in my throat as the driver helped me with my bag.

“Passenger’s here!” he shouted into the air as he fiddled with the bluetooth headset. “I’m transporting and I’ll get back to you in one hot minute!” He turned to me with the warmest, most genuine smile imaginable. “My sister. She’s in Florida, at the playground with her son right now.”

A moment ago you couldn’t have convinced me that I would have had a conversation with a driver the whole trip to LaGuardia–I just wanted to sulk. But with Courteney, I couldn’t help myself. We talked about our fortieth birthdays, we compared notes on Obama, he volunteered his favorite commercials in hiliarious detail. He spent a good five minutes breaking down the lyrics to a song from “my girl, Annie Lenox” then played it for me, belting out the lyrics almost in tune.

He made me laugh.

Sometimes the universe sends us the people we need, right when we need them.

Thank you Courteney. I arrived at the airport on time. And smiling.


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  1. tears at my desk! my husband & i were having the convo again last nite about is it all worth it? but when we think about what our parents sacrificed for our upbringing, i guess it's a no brainer. i now have 2 little ones and it's too hard to leave them some days. i hope your juggling gets better…

  2. Love this story. I had a moment like that before I was a mom, when I hated my job so freaking much, and I had to take a car service to Bayonne, New Jersey for work and the driver told me the most hilarious story about something or other that literally made me cry with laughter. It’s amazing the connections that we make and the unexpected ones are so precious.

  3. Totally relate to this – I am about to go away for a 2 week trip for work in Dec and just thinking about it is making me teary-eyed. Its the first time I will be away from my 2 yr old for more than a night !

  4. Sometimes I think the universe is so wise. But then I realize the real wisdom is probably in the ability to see value in something as simple as a smile and a kind word.Thanks for sharing this.

  5. That’s a great story. I FEEL FOR YOU, with the working and missing your family. I feel the same way so much of the time. Sometimes the guilt alone theatens to eat me alive. The juggling act is so damn hard.

  6. Glad you got a smile but my heart is breaking just knowing how much you are missing your kids. I live in Chicago – Little chilly here right now. BRRRR

  7. Aren’t drivers wonderful? The right personalities do seem to arrive just when we need them. And yet, I’m LEAVING Chicago the same time y’all are arriving? Not fair. So.not.fair.

  8. The best part is the little person throwing open the door upon one’s return. The leaving is always tough though.

  9. Hang in there. You’re doing great work, and while there aren’t enough hours in the day, between you and Nate and your fabulous family, you’ve created a wonderfully strong foundation for your little girls.Balance seems to be one of lifes greatest challenges, and while it’s scary keeping all the balls in the air, you seem to excel at it.

  10. You know I feel your pain, girlfriend. I know this is hard. It is SO HARD. Thalia and Sage will remember this: that you loved them very much, and that you kicked ass at your job while still being the most perfect mommy they could hope for. Live the life in front of you, my friend, and I’m here if you need to bawl.

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