Entirely random thought of the day

Oh lordy I am so remiss in posting these days. I’ve got letters to write to my congresspeople, Real Housewives of LA episodes to catch up with (OMG GRETCHEN), interviews to give to the man on the TV about the CPSIA (How cute is Sage on TV? Answer: Very.), a quick LA trip tomorrow, my wife to murder, and Guilder to frame for it.

I’m swamped.

So I’ll just leave you with a random thought of the day.

That Subway jingle that goes 5 dollar foot-long? Totally bothers me. I just feel like, when I think of sandwiches, I really don’t want to think about feet.

Okay, in return give me your totally random thought of the day. The more random the better. Don’t even pretend it has anything to do with anything at all.


79 thoughts on “Entirely random thought of the day”

  1. Why do children do exactly what they <>know<> you don’t want them to do (this after my daughter tries to sneak some gummy bears after not eating all her dinner). *sigh*

  2. The irksome “Run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man” nursery rhyme drives me bugf*ck crazy. (Wait, are we allowed to swear here? Sorry.) I mean PLEASE — gingerbread men cannot run. Even my 3 year old knows this.

  3. I’m not sure what I’m more excited for next week. Inauguration Day, Lost or my kids NOT HAVING THIS FRIGGIN’ COLD.

  4. Did Gretchen really fool around with that kid??? So much trash TV, so little time to watch it all. My random thought: “Will the dog get along with the chickens?” And, “can chickens be indoor pets?”

  5. I can’t take the junk mail anymore. How does one stop the flow? I am now receiving a Hispanic magazine that is written entirely in Spanish! How does that happen?

  6. The only thing better than not having to change the diapers of a 2yo who has been taking antibiotics for two weeks is the fact that our new president officially starts in 6 days. Double yippee!

  7. MathNet – wasn’t that a math-themed takeoff of DragNet that was on some PBS show in the 80s?

  8. I LOOOOOVE the Kleenex ads. I wrote a post about it just a min. ago. That was my random thought for the day.

  9. So ready for whole household to not be sick anymore.Other random thought – not entirely amazed that in addition to Lego Star Wars, there is a Lego Indiana Jones game, and a Lego Batman game in the works.

  10. Firstly, that PB quote just made my freaking night. Secondly, totally randomly, I want to start speaking like Edith from Grey Gardens posthaste. Conversely, I’m going out with friends in an hour for the sole purpose of NOT becoming like Edith from Grey Gardens, even though I’d rather stay home and watch Grey Gardens with my cat. Huh???

  11. It drives me crazy that there is this lady in a KFC commercial and I swear I know her from a real acting job and can. not. place her. Grrr. (and also when they sing about the $5 footlong? I’m not thinking about feet… Just me?)

  12. Awesome. Now I’ll never be able to eat my favorite veggie footlong again without thinking of feet. Specifically, stinky, dirty, ingrown toenailed feet.Kind of like I can’t see the FedEx logo without looking at the arrow.Oh, and Tom Cruise’s front teeth are off center. That one is right under his nose.

  13. love that fact that i’m not the only one who watches the real housewives of the oc. felt like a closet watcher there for awhile. 🙂 you tag line is priceless

  14. Princess Bride FTW! (I *love* that movie so much)Random thought- How is it that you can be the quiet one and still get in trouble for talking too much?Happier Random thought- SWAT guy from Private Practice? Totally hot.

  15. I leave for work very early in the mornings. 5:00 AM EARLY – I am see so many people talking on their cell phones. Who are these people talking to at 5am? If called any of my peeps at 5AM they would find me and kick my ass. And I am totally with you on the Gretchen thing. WTF?

  16. I wish people would learn to use apostrophes correctly. And when did “gift” become a verb?

  17. Why does the Man with the yellow hat think it’s ok to leave a monkey unsupervised for hours at a time?

  18. egm, do you follow me on twitter? Or do we both < HREF="http://twitter.com/Mom101/status/1117283891" REL="nofollow">have the same random thoughts?<>These are all great. They’ll give me fun things to read on the iPhone in the airport during my snow delay.

  19. I’m not on Twitter, so we must just have the same random thoughts. Good to know someone else finds it annoying, too.

  20. You actually think of feet? Huh, I think of a totally different part of anatomy…

  21. I don’t know, but now I totally have the five dollar foot long song stuck in my head.

  22. Paula Cole has a fantastic voice and serviceable songwriting chops, but her lyrics betray functional illiteracy. Could no one, agent, producer, label rep, anyone, have intervened at some point and said “‘Say a little prayer for <>I<>‘? What are you, retarded?”?Was just thinking of Grey Gardens last week when we had a raccoon in the garage.

  23. i’ve never given that subway jingle another thought until now. it will be tangling up my brain waves for the rest of the morning. also, who else is in love with the crunchy cinnamon bagels at panera? ah, the baby weight is just extra weight now…

  24. I am trying to figure out if I can stand the cold long enough on Sunday to see all the performers at the Lincoln Memorial. And if I can, will I be able to get into DC to do so bc I live in Virginia and all of our bridges into the city are closed, or open, depending on which news source you read. Argh. For the people, indeed.

  25. This is brutally honest random.. . why are the strings on tampons so damn long… ( this is not the first time I have yelled to the FHP gods!)

  26. If you hold down your “start” button and press the letter “m” it takes you to your desktop. Really!But why are all my random thoughts so knowitally?

  27. Why do I feel like I am the only person my age who is completely IN LOVE with all things 40’s?? Glenn Miller, to be exact.

  28. The first comment I ever leave for this woman and it is totally random… that’s my random thought!

  29. why is a raven like a writing desk?admittedly, it’s not original, because it’s from “alice in wonderland,” but when people say “random thought,” i often remember that scene.please tell me someone knows the scene i’m talking about.

  30. can the toddler and I make it through the day without turning on the TV?and why is she wearing a swim suit over her clothes when it is 14 degrees out?

  31. I wear the same pair of Merrell’s everyday. Somebody warned me that once I tried them, I’d never wear anything else, and they were right.Also, if I have another daughter (which is NOT the plan), I will name her Araminta.

  32. The only reason I ever buy bananas is because I want a chocolate-banana shake. My husband is the only one who makes half-decent chocolate-banana shakes.He always says he can’t read my mind, but I told him last night that I make it really simple. I BUY BANANAS.This morning he was still puzzled, which means that I better learn how to make chocolate-banana shakes. And that is all.

  33. Oh I despise that commercial. Am I becoming old? I just feel old when I hear grown adults obsess about Twilight and American Idol. I must be getting old, because I just don’t care. I am also beginning to realize why old people head south in the winter. Because Winter sucks. Who knew?Also: If some of the people on Top Chef don’t remember how to cook soon, they should change the name to Bad Chefs.

  34. At Goddess In Progress – I find my Wii remote in the weirdest places too. The freezer is the favorite in the moment, but also in the toy box, under the bathroom sink and in a box of my son’s diapers.

  35. Paula Cole and Andrew Stanton (creator of Toy Story, Nemo, Wall-E, etc), went to the same high school. I swear it’s a fairly good one. Buzz Lightyear was their physics teacher.

  36. I’m making ribs. They expired on 1/12/09. It is now 1/15/09. They sort of smelled weird. But then, I’ve never made ribs.So, how do I know if they’re bad?

  37. Oh – that commercial always irks me, too. So glad I’m not alone. Random thought: Why do I always want to eat brownies while watching the Biggest Loser?

  38. Here’s a silly quote I like:“I see,” said the blind man, as he picked up his hammer and saw.

  39. Will my tombstone read ‘death by dust’?Can I vacuum up scrambled egg?

  40. I’m absolutely convinced that Bob the Builder and Wendy have wild monkey sex in one of the trailers after they say goodnight. There is a LOT of sexually suggestive language in that show! Or then again, it could just be ME!

  41. Liz, take it easy. If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.My random thought: starting a campaign where every American throws a shoe at Bush. You in?Also, relief that all are ok on the flight that crashed in the Hudson. Whew.

  42. Would I sound more sophisticated and interesting if I had a British accent?

  43. If Stromboni (the evil puppet master in Pinocchio) has this big whole production with singing girl puppets and puppeteers etc., how come it’s just him in a horse drawn wagon that leave the show with Pinocchio?

  44. My random, random thought for the day….Why did the large man on the treadmill next to me feel the need to pass gas not once, but twice during my short little run on the treadmill today? Those treadmills aren’t exactly spaced far apart.

  45. Jamie– When I go to my work out at 5:30 am I am on my cell phone. I talk to my friend who lives in another time zone!my random thought–Why is it so hard for both my husband and nanny to match the sippy cup lids to the proper cup. It drives me ape-shit when they don’t match.

  46. i hate all things subway – including that ad (which is now stuck in my head – thanks!)random thought: what the hell am i going to eat for lunch? no one is in the office and it’s too cold to go out!

  47. You are right– omg Gretchen! Tamara is just wicked! Glad I am not the only one watching that junk

  48. How can I possibly clean out the kids old toys to replace with the new Christmas ones WITHOUT Son having a total fit? And where do I find the time???

  49. my son had botched cicumcision fixed today. FYI world: If incompetent OB/GYN gets their hands on your 24 hour-old son, it will take a team of 4 nurses, 4 anesthesiologists, the head of pediatric urology and a team of 3 other surgeons almost 2 hours and 20 stitches to fix it. We’re not jewish but if we have another boy we are finding a moel.

  50. How someone who appears to hiding her struggles in”drama” and mock fun at her life as a mother of a colicky newborn and 3 yr pottytraining child via a blog doesnt have a friend who will help her get herself the help she needs. Clearly looking like PostPartum Depression to me

  51. I can’t let a random Princess Bride reference go un-commented on. Love it. Pardon me if I use it in my facebook status one day…

  52. I’ve had this zit on my chin since Thanksgiving. Why won’t it just go away?Ann- you can vacuum up scrambled eggs, but don’t ever try hot dog bits. Trust me.

  53. When my vacuum doesn’t suck something off of the carpeting, why do I pick the item up myself, and then place it on the floor in front of the worthless vacuum to give it another chance?Oh, and Real Housewives is my dirty little secret too. Those women are so nasty to each other! I’m glad I can hide in my little house in the country (and not have to wear those be-jeweled halter top thingies.)

  54. Did you know that the foreskin removed during a baby boy’s circumcision is used to grow neonate cells on silicone, which is then placed on burn victims to provide a good environment for skin to heal?Yeah. Just found that out.

  55. Why is it that my husband returned at midnight after being gone since Tuesday and leaves again in less than 24 hours for the rest of the week and I am more irritated that he’s made this 36 hour stopover than I would have been had he stayed on the road? Oh, and can the baby pass this third handful of raisan’s I’ve given him so I can read the rest of your posts in peace before Daddy leaves tomorrow a.m. (in hopes he has to change THAT diaper) 🙂

  56. Bubbles.That’s all I’ve got. My mind has been totally spent on the coupon-clipping, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing, and care-taking of two preschoolers and one giant man-child. Ah the sweet respite known as weekend.

  57. Why is it the more I try and organise my life the more it falls to pieces?

  58. If you were not your own best friend how could you ever enjoy playing with yourself?

  59. Where do celebrity stalkers get all the $ needed to do their stalking? I doubt they can hold down gainful employment when their obsession comes first and stalking someone all of the place seems like it would take a significant amount of money.

    That's my random thought.

  60. Araminta? Really? I'm sorry but that kid is just going to get the sh*t teased out of her (assuming it's a girl that you have…) Really Mom? Araminta. I'm all for freedom to name your baby rights and all of that, but I just think that in the quest for being unique some parents go way overboard and try to name their child something totally random and freaky just to be different when really all that girl is going to want when shes 12 is to have a name like Sarah or Jen or Nicole JUST so the boys stop teasing her, calling her minty and when she's 17 the boys are just going to want to know if she tastes as minty as her name sounds…so as you gaze down lovingly at your beautiful new baby girl (boy) remember this post and ask yourself REALLY??? do I want to torture my child, and haunt her days with taunts from snot nosed little twits and testosterone infused jerks just so I can say “I am unique”…just saying. 😉

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