30 thoughts on “January 20, 2009, est 9:46 AM”

  1. That’s what I looked like on the inside this morning, while the exterior me was sitting angrily behind my desk, wearing business casual.* But you can bet that’s what I’ll look like after work tonight!*Angry that I had to be sitting at my desk and not out with friends, of course.

  2. Yay, Thalia!If you asked Calvin “What does America say?”, he will answer “Obama!” God, I love my kid!

  3. My 2-yr-old watched the whole speech and actually watched it. She calls him ‘Omama’ though. Close enough! 🙂

  4. it’s a beautiful day..and isn’t it so great that our kids will be nonplussed by presidents and elected officials of color. it’s what’s normal now.

  5. Sorry you couldnt make it but, the view from my television was perfect after I saw the temp and amount of folks there. Amazing to think I was only about 7 miles away from all that and secluded in my living room! LOL Great photo! I feel the same way!

  6. Kate,To be completely honest, he says “Ogamama”, but we’re working on it! He gets a big smile when he sees the President (Gosh, I love saying that!)

  7. I’m an American living overseas in Australia and I woke up at 3:30am to watch it. I love that I live in a world where even foreign countries will show it live and then replay his speech again when everyone is actually awake. Obama was the only thing on network tv all day! -Ashley (a previous delurker)

  8. My mom (who watches my 19 month old while I’m at work) called me at work on Tuesday, and said “You’ve got quite the little Democrat here… (mom’s a mild conservative)… she’s watching Obama on the TV and saying ‘Go go go! Go go go! Yayy! Clap clap clap!’ and clapping. Heh.” Her grandpa must be so proud. So is her mama actually.

  9. That’s so cute. I like her Obama shirt. I had the inauguration on but my 3-year-old son was having a fit over it because he wanted to watch “Max and Ruby.” I guess he needs to get his priorities straight!

  10. OMG that shirt is fantastic!! And Thalia should become the posterchild of the Obama movement for sure =)

  11. So far so good America. Obama is looking like The Man. Yeah! I watched the inaguration live on the BBC after my 3 year old got over the fact that it was going to be on, the end.

  12. Oh, how I wish my three month old could say Obama-she can always learn to say mama or daddy later.

  13. Great shirt.It’s strange to be INTERESTED in what my president will do now, instead of worried.I love that they will grow up not remembering a time when a black democratic president was a huge deal. That they will accept it as something that just IS.

  14. What a great photo! I have a video of Mekhi saying Obama while watching him on tv. Priceless. Isn’t it great that we are raising our children in a time when this is the norm?

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