When preschoolers attack. Or at least attack their closets.

If I am so proud that Thalia dressed herself this morning, why is it leaving me with bad 80s flashbacks?


41 thoughts on “When preschoolers attack. Or at least attack their closets.”

  1. Ah ha. When Momsie called in the 80’s, the first question was always, “So, what did she wear to school today?” Dare I say: what goes around….

  2. It’s adorable when a child under the age of 5 dresses that way. When you get into the preteen/teen years one has to wonder about their eye sight. Thalia looks adorable!

  3. I love it. When I came home tonight my 2.5 yr old girl was dressed in jeans, a tank top with sparkly flowers, a sweater over that and her latest favorite dress. Which is basically a tutu. I’m happy to let her go at it now. It’s the teenage years I want to control!

  4. At the very least, be happy she is not wearing a hat with a big fake sunflower on the brim (in which case parental intervention would be in order). Of course, who am I to talk? My daughter left the house today wearing a polyester Dora dress, ballerina tights, purple socks and pink jellies.

  5. My 4-year-old daughter shares Thalia’s fashion sense. I say, better to let her get it out of her system early.Plus, I have no leg to stand on. I was 13 in the late ’80s, you can only imagine the fashion monstrosities I embraced.

  6. So cute. And apparently, coming back in style. I picked up a pair of pants at a store today and -gasp- realized they had STIRRUPS!!!!

  7. Hehee! I have a three year-old and I love it when she gets dressed by herself. EVERY morning she comes up and asks me “can I pick out my clothes.” When I actually allow her, she’s incredibly excited. And yes, I have thought of Blossom on more than one occasion!

  8. I think kids dressing themselves is one of the greatest things ever. One less thing to do and they can’t really complain about how they look/feel when they picked out their outfit! She’s adorable–her and Jilly are kindred fashion spirits.

  9. My daughter has to wear a uniform to school all week, so on the weekends I let her have freedom….sometimes, I am a little embarrassed to walk next to her….But oh well!!

  10. They are always so proud of it too. She looks adorable. And I can fully appreciate it, since mine are in the, I can match my own clothes now phase. 🙂

  11. whoa *in joey voice* Thalia and Blossom don’t compare. Thalia’s adorable (although I may be biased since my daughters dress themselves the exact same).

  12. My son continues to wear his rain boots with everything(and i so love that he tucks his jeans or pants in to his boots) Sure we live in the Seattle area but c’mon it really doesn’t rain everyday.

  13. When Emilia attacks her closet, it ends up looking more like Buzz- Lightyear-meets-the-Sugarplum-Fairy-meets-Jeff-Spicoli. That, or, Nouveau Nudist.I’d be glad for Blossom, personally.

  14. Great blog you have here. My son is 15 now, but a memory I love – is when he dressed himself in a basketball jersey and boots! That’s it – not even underwear! And he was ready to go! (:

  15. Thalia is so adorable! She could pull that outfit off! 🙂 I just don’t know about Blossom’s hat…

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  17. Maybe it’s a sign of my warped sense of style, but I think Thalia looks just great!Dressing little girls is tough. They have so many patterns and so many shades of pink. Sometimes I will put an outfit on my daughter (who is 22-months-old) and then look at her and realize, this ensemble is not a winner. But we usually just head out to the playground anyway.

  18. My 3yo son could care less what he wears but some of the outfits my husband chooses for him totally don’t match. I just hope that people look at him and think he dressed himself!!

  19. OMG, our girls need to get together.Today Laurel dressed herself in:1. Bright pink hibiscus summer dress2. Rainbow stripe tights3. White (thankfully) cardigan, but two years too small (she refuses to part with it)4. Pink ballet slipper shoes5. Disney Princess bucket hatIt looked crazy but I loved that she got dressed herself! -Christine

  20. I love the outfits – both of them!!! I especially love YOURS! To this day I wish I had taken photos in the morning before Erin headed out to the door for kindergarten. For the entire year, her outfits were versions of dress-pants-rainboots patterned like a cow-and an accessory to two. Btw, Thalia looks exactly like you – gorgeous!

  21. LOL She’s too cute! She can pull it off. 🙂 I actually remember watching Blossom and now looking back she was dressed funny all the time. Isn’t it funny how times change?

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