Easter v Passover Smackdown 2009

Easter eggs on acid, courtesy Mahar Dry Goods

Once again, Peaster has come and gone in my mother’s household, only this time with less political outrage than years past and more forcing my aunt and uncle to sit through “Come on Thalia, sing When I’m 64 for everyone!” Personally I prefer it this way.

On the Passover side, we had children eating matzoh, children licking matzoh, children asking for more matzoh, children fighting over who got more butter on her matzoh. Which flies in the face of my earlier theory that my kids will only eat foods made out of leavened white flour. So hooray for small favors!

On the Easter side, we had Easter egg dying, Easter egg tie-dyeing, Easter egg hunting, and Easter egg smashing while Sage yelled, “Uh oh – egg fall down.”

Yes Sage, egg fall down because you hurled it to the ground with great, deliberate force, my little Nolan Ryan.

I call it: Rare Moment with Unbroken Egg

Also on the Easter side was a much rehearsed performance art interpretation of Little Bunny Foo Foo caught on camera, with my mother alternately acting out the Goon or Little Bunny Foo Foo, depending on which character Thalia wanted to take and how interested she was in wielding a wand. (I’d post the video if I hadn’t left my camera at my mom’s house. D’oh.)

But then, on the Passover side, there was a rousing atonal triple chorus of Dayenu complete with spilled juice, and a Two Minute Haggadah after which Thalia declared her favorite part was “the frogs.”

Final Score:

Eh, it’s a wash. So I guess we all win. That’s what’s awesome about Peaster.


20 thoughts on “Easter v Passover Smackdown 2009”

  1. We call it Peasterover…cause it’s so peaceful when it’s all over. And aren’t matzoh made of white flour (unless you buy the whole wheat variety)? I’ve tried the WW variety…there is still post Peasterover constipation.

  2. Indeed Leeandluu – correction made, thank you. I should have specified that now they eat flour of both the leavened and unleavened variety. Joy.

  3. I LOVE the word Peaster, I might just have to steal that from you. We call it Passeaster, (you have to say it with an italian accent,of course.) Easter was definitely more success here than passover,for my little one it’s chocolate over anything dipped in saltwater really.well, maybe next year!

  4. “It’s all a wash” indeed, especially with all the chocolate stains to remove. Bloodstains too, but that was just a regular ol’ nosebleed, nothing to do with Christ or crosses.

  5. Fabulous! I’m amazed you can make different families and different holidays work, while we’re still struggling with just one simple holiday. And? Your girls are adorable!

  6. I love the word Peasterover. I have to tell my husband – he doesn’t do anything really just comes to church with us but it’s nice to know that you can integrate two traditions and get the best of both worlds!

  7. Hey – your eggs turned out swell! We did the tie-dye thing with 8 adults and a 5 year old on Easter with equally trippy results. =) Thanks for sharing the pics.

  8. After our children ravaged the park for Easter eggs and the adults turned their attention to other things, I spotted a small group of Muslim kids surreptitiously peeking around the bushes for eggs left undiscovered. I think I startled them when I walked by, but I just smiled. Easter eggs are for everyone, right?

  9. As long as they don’t have new testament quotes on them Gracie, I’d say yes – they are officially secular.

  10. We have Peaster too–matzah and chocolate bunnies. Yum!

    I knew a family that named their first kid Nolan and the second one Ryan–and they didn’t even know who Nolan Ryan was!!

  11. Hi, I want to let you know that you’re a very talented writer. I honestly never thought I’d be that interested in a blog on parenting but I’m blazing through your archive. I don’t really follow many blogs, but I’m going to follow yours. 🙂

  12. Grae, you’re my new favorite person in the world. Give me your address and I’ll send you some really pretty although quickly aging Easter eggs.

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