Thanks O.B., for providing hours of femininely hygienic fun.

A whole house full of toys and the kids like to play with the “tankons.”


36 thoughts on “Thanks O.B., for providing hours of femininely hygienic fun.”

  1. too funny. i guess she’s proving how well attached and strong that flimsy little string really is…

  2. My 4-year-old is a big fan of the maxi pads. They have sticky backs, you know, perfect for decorating walls and stuff.

  3. Oh that’s a riot. I have so far been able to keep the kids out of those…

    “So far” being the operative phrase here.

  4. This is a little random, but I really love Thalia’s dress. It’s so adorable!

  5. No tampons in our house, but I am sure that some day I will catch my daughter trying to use my Diva Cup as a drinking glass.


  6. Ahaha that’s too cute. Who wants toys? I was all about the cardboard boxes as a kid, never mind what was in them!

  7. Laura it’s from < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Slick Sugar<> – they’re out of it for now but have other stuff that’s just as cute

  8. (Gosh, I love Slick Sugar dresses—we have one for Jilly and it’s my favorite thing. LOVE black on girls.)

    Have they figured out how big those suckers get when they get wet? That is when the real fun begins. You’ll find them in your coffee mug, sink, water glass. . .

    I think I posted something a couple of years ago about a Christmas tree decorated with tampons if you need a good craft idea at the holidays.

  9. Well, judging by the looks, at least it’s clean. I discovered my two-year old walking down the hall with a used applicator in her hand. She pulled that out of the trash can! I guess we really need to find time to put the safety latches on the bathroom cabinets 🙂

  10. She’s ahead of her time! I spent more than one tipsy night making slippers, mustaches, hair bows, elbow pads etc out of a friend’s maxi pads. It was quite hysterical as I remember. . . 🙂

  11. Well my daughter is the same. She bites on them like they are a teether. She pulls the tampons and pads out of packages and plays with them all the time. I don’t mind. I am happy that I can have a moment of peace to catch up on blogging. 🙂

  12. Since I rarely get any time alone in the bathroom, both my kids know what a period is. They call tampons ‘mommy band aids”. Really charming at 2 and 4. I realized that I have to start getting dressed quicker when my son asked the other day (when viewing me naked from behind, “Mommy, what’s that string coming out of your butt?” Um.

  13. completely hilarious! I have a 7 week old little girl….I wonder if I should start stocking up on the ‘tankons’ now…..

  14. My two boys are convinced that they are packed with sweeties. NO IDEA WHY – but strongly suspect suggestions made to them by their father…As soon as they hear one being unwrapped they both instantly appear looking hopeful, leaving me to wait that I’d like to be left on my own for one minute to sort myself out. Never get that one minute….

  15. So that’s why my kids are always trying to play in my bathroom! I’ve wondered what the allure was. Yesterday I found my 1 year old trying to shove his sister’s favorite pink shiny shoes in the toilet…all the while giggling

  16. Don’t let her floss with it. (Seriously, that’s what I thought it was from the photo.)

    I thought, how is that *femininely hygenic*??


  17. When my first son was a baby he’d take the OB tampons and pop them in and out of his mouth, crawling around on the bathroom floor. They were still wrapped of course, and thank goodness for that. At first I’d take them away. And then I just decided it was easier to let it go and finish my business on the toilet without him reaching for the hair balls under the cabinet instead. Every time my husband saw it he winced. Eventually I did have to hide them though, as he started trying to stick them up his rear as he saw mommy do. Is this one of those things I’ll share with him later on for total embarrassment, or what?

  18. LOL, of course! My son has played with these, as well. I sort of gave him the box one morning so I could shower/get dressed for work while he played with tampons in the bathroom with me. It was the better alternative to splashing around in toilet water. 😉

  19. My 20 month old son likes to get my tampons and use them as drum sticks on the toilet lid! Hilarious until he actually started to unwrap them.

  20. I recently discovered that my 18 month old can shred a box of 10 tampons in under 10 minutes. I put it down as one of his more expensive toys when you calculate time over purchase price.

  21. my oldest son reached into my purse a few months back-pulled out a tampon (wrapped) and said, mom, i dont know what this is!? i took it from him and said-its mommies-why are you touching my stuff again, you are only supposed to touch your things right? love the old bait and switch-distract, distract, distract!!

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