This is how you get a blogger to write about your brand

Hi Mom-101, we’d like to send you some flowers.

You would? Why? What’s the catch? What do you want from me? Are you following me? Are you stalking me? You’re stalking me aren’t you. Should I be calling the FBI?

We’re just recognizing different moms for Mother’s Day and we wanted to recognize you.

Really? You’re not going to like spam me for the rest of eternity asking for coverage on my blog right?

Nope. Just sending you flowers. And we’ll write about you on our own blog.

Wow, that’s kind of nice. I like that blog.

Our pleasure. You don’t even have to write about it if you don’t want.

Don’t tell me what to do, you marketer! This is my blog! I will write about you if I damn well please!

Eh, reverse psychology. Gets me every time.

Seriously, thanks 1-800-FLOWERS for sending me these beautiful roses. No doubt they will end up spilled all over the floor some time real soon with our cats eating the baby’s breath. And Thalia wants to thank you for the big pretty bow for her outhouse. That may have been the best part of all.

And Julie? Julie Mulligan? Seriously, you are a floral designing genius. I am totally stealing that flower gift idea for new moms.

One more way to get me to write about your brand – invite me down to DC for the weekend with The Brodester, let me hang out with a bunch of other bloggers I’m excited to meet (hi Linda!) and ply me with chocolate. Stay tuned.

By the way, if you are looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas–besides flowers–the Cool Mom Picks Mother’s Day Gift Guide is out. Whoo! We’ve got discount codes galore and more recession-friendly picks than ever.


14 thoughts on “This is how you get a blogger to write about your brand”

  1. That’s some pretty smart marketing, right there. I’m with Thalia on that bow – nice!

  2. Be careful, baby’s breath(the floral kind not the actual breath from a baby) gives cats the trots. Put that in you ad 1-800-flowers, I double dog dare you!

  3. Good for them. Sounds nice to me 🙂 Probably the only way I’d actually get flowers for mother’s day. *If you are reading this, honey, Hint Hint!*

  4. The lover of happy endings in me adores seeing women get flowers. And just to reinforce how truly I mean that, I never use the word “adore” it reminds me of Zsa Zsa Gabor.

    So, there you have it, Zsa Zsa and cat trots,a banner comment day, eh?

    Enjoy the flowers!

  5. A PR person that actually may have read your blog once or twice and gave you a product that was thoughtful? I thought they were like unicorns and didn’t exist.

  6. They are brilliant!

    And also, I love them. A couple years ago, we had problems when a local florist forgot to log our scheduled delivery of flowers to my MIL on Mother’s Day. We called up 1-800-flowers past their deadline and explained the problem and they took care of it PRONTISIMO.

    So I heart them. And now I heart them more.

  7. Very pretty! And good way to build a relationship with a blogger, too. Flowers would always work on me.

    (I only wish I could convince my husband that I really do like flowers. I’m sure I won’t get any yet again for Mother’s Day. He prefers to give me video games, which are nice and all, but flowers are just classic, right?)

  8. Isn’t that nice!?!!! I love 1800 flowers their site is so quick and since i”m always last minute to remember and actually do something, i use them alot!

  9. Fascinating! I guess various floral companies are rallying for this in advance of Mother’s Day. Teleflora contacted me about something similar. 🙂 -Christine

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