A heartbreaking post of staggering randomness

There are all these things floating around my brain that don’t quite fit into 140 characters so I figured I’d get them all down here:

1. If you’re not subscribing to Cool Mom Picks, this would be a dandy time. We’re offering a ridiculous number of exclusive discounts and other goodies just for subscribers lately. Plus you could win $200 worth of cool stuff. Also? Got a shiny new Cool Mom Picks fan page on Facebook which is where I’m spending my time instead of saying hi to ex-boyfriends.

2. Fantastic interview on marketers and bloggers in AdAge today with the always awesome Danielle Wiley. (And I’m not just saying that because she mentioned me. Although I will buy her an extra free drink at BlogHer.)

3. I told Thalia I was sore from exercise (first in three years – whoo! But that’s another post) and she said she was too. When I asked her which muscles were hurting, she answered, “Both of them.”

4. Tickets from the Expressing Motherhood show that I’m in Sept 24-26 are now on sale! If you’re going to be in NYC, please come? Pretty please? I will be your best friend, at least for an hour. Maybe more.

5. Thalia watched Wall-E the other night for the first time and the next morning she drew Wall-E and Eva from memory. I am looking forward to being the proud mother of a Pixar animator.

6. More important than any of the other stuff here, Sheri (who is a real life family friend outside the blogworld so I promise she’s not like that psychopath who made up the story about her fake sick daughter) has a dear friend whose three year-old was recently diagnosed with acute leukemia. I can hardly even type those words without stifling a sob. Check out Loving Taylor and do whatever you’re inspired to do. Just leaving a comment of support will mean a lot.

7. Afterwards you might need a laugh. In which case, read this.

We’ll resume our irregularly scheduled long-winded but more singularly minded posting after the break.


7 thoughts on “A heartbreaking post of staggering randomness”

  1. Heh, I just looked back at your Facebook friending post…to see if anyone had mentioned the SC governor and his umm, virtual turned into long-distance relationship.

    My only other thought on that was that perhaps he used his wife as an excuse? The same way I tell my kids (from pre-teen on up) to use me as an excuse if they feel they need one. You know, they old “oh, my mom said I couldn't go on that unsupervised, naked hiking trip to the pot farm with the liquor trough with you this weekend.” Even if I didn't say it. That is, that he was worried enough about himself/his reaction to blame it on his wife.

  2. Liz, you are amazing! Thanks for linking to Taylor's blog. You are good people!

  3. The show sounds great – I would love to come. And also to be your best friend for an hour. But let's take it slow. Maybe five minutes at BlogHer and we'll see how it goes from there.

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