Separated at birth. No really. So close it’s uncanny.

I was messing around on Bing this weekend, and after typing my name into the image search (oh admit it, you do it too) this came up:

So now you understand why I hide behind my laptop in near anonymity day in and day out.

It’s painful being so imperfect–just something I’m learning to live with.

One day at a time folks. One day at a time.


21 thoughts on “Separated at birth. No really. So close it’s uncanny.”

  1. Well lucky you. The only one of note who shares my name is that teacher from Long Island who slept with a student. I suppose I look better in contrast! 😉

  2. This sounds like my best friend, who when she typed her name into Google, she came up with a porn star's website that looks somewhat like her. She is slightly panicked because she is a middle school teacher and the kids might have a field day with this

  3. Heather, trust me, she doesn't share my name.

    It came from some lingerie blog and I honestly can't figure out what they and I could possibly have in common, unless at some point they linked to this.

  4. if you've got it, flaunt it, right? that is awesome! love it. now are those a C or a D? i am just curious…

  5. I google myself from time to time as well, to make sure I'm associated with one blog and not associated with another.

    The pictures that come up aren't quite like this, although an interesting one of me comes up if I use google images to look for “my snuggie.”

  6. Well, I never noticed that it almost looks like you have a penis when I met you in person, so you have that going for you!

  7. lol. It reminds me of when we walked into the CK store. They had a big, huge picture of this beautiful lady in her underwear. I had just given birth to LM and was no where near or have ever been in the shape that woman was in. BG announced in the very crowded store: “Look it's mommy!” Embarrassed, I told her that was not mommy she kept insisting it was and only getting louder, lol Kids!

  8. My full name and the domain name that goes with it are owned by a bikini model in California.

    If it throws people off the trail, so much the better. ;>

  9. I hyphenated my lastname when I married, so when I google that, I get me! I'm pretty much the only human with that last name, so.

    However, when I google my maiden name, all sorts of worthy women come up. Neurosurgeon and other doctors and professors. Activists for causes I would support. An athlete, a runner if i recall correctly.

    It makes me feel inadequate in ways that a gorgeous model in lingerie never would. I mean, I'm cool with my size and shape and the way it's varied through the years. My husband is cool with it, and, before he came along several other men were too. So, no problem there.

    BUT. I dropped out of college, generally can't committ to anything beyond a small donation (coins in a collection box small) and certainly should though never had the least interest in working out except as absolutely necessary. I don't envy the model, but I envy all these other women whose accomplishments I do beleive I could manage if I'd stayed in school.

    p.s. I'm worried about my word verification: sureflu. is this a sign of what to expect soon??

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