M is for Mmmmmmm. Maybe.

The other day, Thalia told daddy she now likes mushrooms. I’m not sure who was more excited, but I think it was Nate.

“Would you like to order some mushrooms on your scrambled eggs at the diner morning?” he asked her.

“OH, YES,” she exclaimed. Nate flagged the waiter.

“You want them on top? On top of the eggs?”

“YES! Lots of mushrooms! I looooove them!”

Wait a minute, I thought – my little picky eater seems just a wee bit too happy about eating mushrooms.

“Thalia, where did you taste a mushroom? With Grandma?”

“With you!” she said brightly.

“With me? Where were we?”

“At the Renaissance Fair,” she said.

“Oh,” I said. “You mean the men flinging the little white things in those handmade slingshots into your hands?”

“Yes!” she said. “And you caught one and gave it to me and I LIKED IT! I LIKED THE MUSHROOM!”

“Cancel the egg order,” I told Nate. “She ate a marshmallow.”

Portrait of the marshmallow eater at the Renaissance Faire

Thalia will be excited that tonight, our gracious Fresh Air Fund hosts, the Fairly Odd Mother family, has S’Mores making on the agenda.

Not with mushrooms either.

And not with chocolate syrup. Let’s hope.


17 thoughts on “M is for Mmmmmmm. Maybe.”

  1. The overly eager desire to try something new is a dead giveaway every time. But, my kid likes mushrooms. It's tomatoes that are a problem…

  2. Even I never got over my dislike of mushrooms. Marshmallows…now that is funny.

    I hoe you guys have a blast at FOM's house. Don't breath in too fast, your lungs won't be used to the fresh air.

  3. We've had similar confusion, and it was not good. When my daughter was 3 1/2 she had some marshmallows, which she LOVED. Because, hello, she was 3 1/2. But she also confused the words 'mushroom' and 'marshmallow'.

    When her baby brother was 6 days old she came in from outside and happily announced that she'd eaten 'marshmallows' growing in our yard. As in, wild mushrooms. As in, we had to rush her to the ER with a 6-day-old in tow. Not. Good.

    The irony, of course, is she doesn't like mushrooms either. She won't eat them if served. Only when she thought they were something better was she willing to try them. Eep!

  4. My husband is a very picky eater too. That story reminded me of him and his anti-anything with flavor preferences.

  5. My daughter did the EXACT same thing a couple of weeks ago. She kept asking me to buy mushrooms and I was stunned and happy- until I found out she thought mushrooms were marshmallows!


  6. Rachel (Southern Fairytale) shared this over Google Reader (I think with me in mind). And I admit, I took the bait and got excited. And then I just giggled because it is in fact National Mushroom Month and there's a festival in PA this weekend.

    Where mushroom marshmallows are hardly out of the question. Last year there was even ice cream which I personally did not go for but to each their own. If little bit starts experimenting with a jar of Fluff and a pack of criminis, please do pass any palatable product our way!

  7. I love mushrooms and my husband doesn't so I can feel your pain of picker eater. My son shovels everything in when it comes to food we haven't found a thing he won't eat. Things he doesn't like but he still eats them.

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