Wanted: People to laugh at the funny parts.

Oh my gosh, what with the first day of school and the begging for El Bulli dinner reservations that the Queen of England couldn’t get, get and the cleaning up of cat poop six hundred times a day, I almost compleeeetely forgot to beg you to come to a show.

Yes, a show. You like shows don’t you? Of course you do!

This one is called Expressing Motherhood and there are going to be all kinds of funny and thoughtful and generally awesome pieces read by talented writers who just so happen to be moms too. One of them is Motherhood Uncensored. And one of them is me.

It’s on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night in NY at the Tada theater on 28 Street and all sorts of other funny bloggers and other writerly types will be there, like Yvonne and Devra and Isabel and Doug and Laurie. So you won’t even have to sit alone if you have no one to go with. Or you can sit with my mom on Friday night. Or you can sit with Nate Saturday if he doesn’t blow it off which he probably will. Or if you do sit alone I won’t tell anyone. Or if I tell anyone I’ll make it funny.

Oh shoot, that reminds me, I have no babysitter Friday night. So I just may be up on stage reading while my children run around singing Fish Heads. We’ll call it performance art.


13 thoughts on “Wanted: People to laugh at the funny parts.”

  1. I have, um, done that. But I hope you don't have to! There in spirit, sistah! Break both legs! Except, totally don't!

  2. I wish I had known! I'm flying out Thurs. afternoon. (But I'll see you at the Euro-Pro event?)

  3. Wish I could see you and everyone else. I'm certain you'll do great
    Good luck or as we say in Italian “in bocca al lupo” and then you say “crepi” which means in the mouth of the wolf and the answer is I hope he dies – it doesn't make sense in English but it's good luck in Italian

  4. Break a leg, yo. I was hoping to be in the Maternity Ward, sitting on my ice-pack but it looks like I'll just be home watching shows on demand and hoping you guys have fun.

  5. I am absolutely, positively impressed. That's amazing you have NYC show and all. From Texas that looks just short of astounding, not that I'm surprised. Love your stuff. While I'm passing through the NY airport next Thursday, I will have to miss this Friday.

    Break a leg!

  6. wow – that is awesome! congrats to you and good luck!

  7. Well, that sounds like a bitchin' way to spend an evening. Unfortunately, I'm only going to be in New York for 24 hours and I have a Saturday night reservation at Momofuku Ko. Otherwise, I'd totally be there, dude!

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