National Outstanding Blogger Awareness Day (NOBAD)

I feel like there is more niceness needed around these here parts right now.

Between the #nestlefamily twitter debate and internet trolls and and Glenn Beck and various other bits of insanity, I want to continue to be the annoying glass-half-full kind of a gal that makes cynics (and Nate) absolutely crazy. And so I want you to know about some exceptionally cool people who deserve a little recognition.

This is worthwhile.

1. My friend Gabby, aka the brilliant Design Mom (seriously, she should change her site to is having a baby. I am overjoyed, in part because the world can use more children raised by parents with exquisite taste and who never seem to be in a bad mood or have anything but loveliness in their lives. I offered some pregnancy advice to her–some stock snarky answers to the inevitable questions about having baby #6. Feel free to add your own. She’ll need it.

2. I do not really know Kevin, the author of Always Home and Uncool, but I’d imagine he’s not uncool at all. Friday was his wife’s birthday, and also the same day his daughter was diagnosed with a not so good autoimmune disease called juvenile dermatomyositis. There was a big ol’ grassroots effort to get people aware of Cure JM Friday nd I blew it. Although I figure any day is a good day for awareness, and not just October 2, so here I am, two days late, telling you about it. Head over and learn more?

3. I want you to meet a beautiful woman named Maggie. She write a deligthful blog called Maternal Dementia with a tag cloud highlighing words like PARIS and FRIENDS and MEMORY and HOTEL-DE-VILLE.

When she learned a couple of weeks ago that Nate and I were going to Spain (courtesy of the fabulous Voyage.TV whose site I will mention until it is so stuck in your head that you have no choice but to bookmark, visit daily, and rename your firstborn voyagedotteevee) she made it her personal mission to mine her Spanish contacts (she knows bullfighters!) and try and get us into El Bulli.

As in the #1 restaurant in the world. Where pretty much there was no chance of getting into. Ever. We might have a better chance of winning the lottery.

I asked her why she was doing this.

She wrote to me:

When I first moved to Europe, I was overwhelmed by the people who didn’t really know me – friends of friends sort of thing – who went out of their way to make sure I had an amazing or authentic experience while I traveled, who for some reason wanted me to move beyond the condition of being a tourist to being a voyager. They’d get me into hidden hotels or tell me about a known-only-to-locals café/bistro, some relic in the back of an obscure church or a secret stash of sketches behind a locked door that would open merely by asking the museum guard — this sort of thing that would take my breath away or make me pinch myself to be sure it was really me living this experience. It made all the difference.

But this was the clincher: last night I watched this video: and I said, okay, I gotta try.

So to answer your question: I don’t need anything for this — except perhaps your forgiveness if we can’t pull it off.

And I sat there and cried.

I needed an email like that that day. It didn’t matter if she could get us in or not. Just that she wanted to.

There are good people in the world. Good good people who give back energy instead of sucking it from you. And they deserve ours in return.

So no, we couldn’t get into the restaurant. But Maggie had a great time reconnecting with old friends around Europe in the process. She gave it her best shot up until the final hour. And I’m left with a warm fuzzy, annoying glass-half-full feeling that I hope will last way longer than Crab Marrakesh with Tomato Foam.

So what about you? Do you have a blogger you’d like to honor? Just someone good who made your day or did something lovely or inspires you to be a better person?

I’d love to hear about them. Really.


84 thoughts on “National Outstanding Blogger Awareness Day (NOBAD)”

  1. I have been holding Jessica of Foursquare Schoolhouse ( closer to my heart ever since I learned she had breast cancer. Reading about her journey and how she is trying so hard to maintain a sense of normalcy for her son (while making sure he understands as much as possible) is inspiring.

    And, I really, really hate to link to my posts in comments (so I won't), but I have much love for those who supported me on Twitter & in comments when I was feeling down. People who think a computer can't hug are wrong.

  2. The idea of moving beyond the condition of being a tourist to being a voyager makes me want to book plane tickets, pronto.

    I love Lindsay Maines at Her blog always reminds me that I'm more than just someone's mom.

  3. Mel at Stirrup Queens ( is one of the most inspiring people I know. Infertility is a subject close to my heart and Mel has a way about her words that make them feel like hugs. I've had the honor of meeting Mel on several occasions and she is just fabulous.

  4. Hey Liz:)! I had the greatest phone conversation with Adria Richards of the other day. We basically sat there for over an hour talking about ways that we could just help each other with different things in relation to our websites. She is just brilliant and is great at all of the techie stuff that I jinx. She felt so supported by my help in coaching her on how to market herself a little bit more effectively too. It was wonderful. Very give – give. Very clean. Very not hashtag-able:). Loved it! It made me think of how much better things would be if bloggers and everyone focused on what they could offer and what they could give.. instead of all of the other stuff that I don't even want to go into to give it just that much more energy:). Give to give, not to get, right?

    And, I also find myself at often:). Thanks for being so freaking great!


  5. Thank you so much for this post — and especially for including Kevin at Always Home and Uncool. I was honored to host his CureJM post on Friday; it was one of the most thoughtful birthday gifts I've ever heard of for someone.

    I would choose AnnZ at Little Four Eyes. She has created a wonderful community of parents around the issue of children with vision issues. Her blog is informative and always positive. Her community is a place where parents support one another unconditionally. That's rare and worth celebrating.

  6. Hi there and thanks for this post. I too remain half-glass-full, choosing to seek out the beauty that exists all around us.

    I am a new blogger, struggling to find a voice and a following. I have already met some of the most amazing people here but one in particular.

    I would like you to meet Carrie at Carrotspeak. She is a 19 year old girl from Kentucky who is engaged to an army man. She just had to say goodbye to him again last week. She has a heart of gold and wisdom beyond her young years.

    She wrote about me on her site and brought me a following from around the globe.

    You can find her at

  7. I love lots of blogs, but today my favorite is Amy Turn-Sharp at

    She's funny and her writing can be incredibly moving. She and her husband have an etsy store called Little Alouette, where they sell amazing handmade wooden teethers and toys.

    What's not to love?

  8. Aunt Becky at Mommy Wants Vodka was my first blogging love. I've followed her blog for several months…I check it every day. She's funny, loves to curse, and shares some really embarrassing stories about herself. She's a great read. PLUS, she was one of my first followers when I started my Very! Own! Shiny! Blog! so she'll always have a special place in my heart.

  9. Maybe the best things come along when you don't expect anything. At least that's the experience I'm having right now. I'm floored. Thank you.

    So I think the best thing to do is make my own NOBAD nomination. Here's a blog I read regularly that really moves me: Reluctant Memsahib. This woman writes and feels, and it's a powerful combo.

    Have a great trip, enjoy Spain. ¡Qué suerte!

  10. These are all so so great! I love that we can continue to come to this space to be inspired, and return the favor in some small way.

    Keep them coming.

  11. You know who is amazingly positive, even when she's pissed off and political? Polly from

    And her posts about parenting are unbelievable. her stories about her kids make me try to be a better parent, but she isn't the least bit preachy — she's just telling stories about her life and experience of being a parent.

  12. she's not as minor league as most, but jenny the bloggess makes me feel like i'm not alone in the world. and the ramblings that go on in my head aren't quite as crazy or silly as i think they are. she makes me laugh daily.

  13. I have been reading you for ages and only just delurking now (ridiculous) but just to say, it sounds like you are already being pretty level-headed about El Bulli but just in case you have a lingering sense of disappointment, this is a similarly level-headed and very recent review from a British foodblogger (his blog is pretty good too):
    Just thought it might take the edge off!

    One of my fave bloggers is Katyboo, another Blighty blogger, she's just wonderful:

    Anyway, nice to finally delurk and say hallo… 🙂

  14. What a great idea, Liz.

    Maria Niles is one of the best people that I know online or in real life. She always has a good and kind word and gives a gift of undivided attention that is so, so rare. She has gotten me through more than a few difficult times, and she is one of the smartest people I have ever met.

    She writes her fingers off at BlogHer:

    She is also at

    Also, I met Allison from PetitElefant in New York last week and felt immediately comfortable with her, she was so nice and welcoming and tolerated my awkward getting-to-know-you babble while hailing a cab in Columbus Circle. This is what I love about the connections I've made with people online, and why I'm so often dismayed to hear of people having a bad time or dealing with haters, because that just hasn't been my experience. Oh yeah – turns out, unshockingly, that her blog is lovely too.

  15. Well, several of my favorite bloggers have already been mentioned here, but I would add Karen Maezen Miller of Cheerio Road. She looks at mothering and domestic life as spiritual things, and often reminds me how much small actions matter.

  16. Great idea! I would add MOM 101 to the list because it always makes me smile when I read the posts and reminds me that sense of humor is key in parenting..

    Also, it may be self promoting, but reading posts from my peeps over at help me remember I am not alone in the not so perfect parent I am (and I say that sounding like Dr. Seuss, you can tell that I have read his books a zillion times).

  17. Sue over at Navel Gazing ( She's so funny! She just had a baby so she's been off-line for a few weeks, and oh how I miss her sense of humor. If she doesn't come back to blogging after her baby break I will be so mad!

    She is funny but not cynical at all. I find that to be pretty rare. Most people who are funny bloggers seem to pour on the sarcasm or crudeness. It's nice to find something different. Girl went through the wringer: lost her business, almost lost her house, had to move out of it, moved back in… But she kept her sense of humor the whole time. I think it was around that same time she organized a book to benefit Nie Nie. I thought that was so nice – that in the midst of her troubles she was thinking of someone else.

  18. The best part is that I don't know most of these blogs. So happy to find so many great new ones.

    Keep them coming. More happy! More happy!

  19. What a fantastic idea!! I love NOBAD.

    One of the first blogs I became hooked on was

    She can make shopping for school supplies funny and heart warming at the same time. And she has a picture of herself with the Stanley Cup on her blog. You can't beat that.

  20. The Bloggess My Hero #1

    Fussy My Hero #1.1

    Badgermama/Liz Henry – Her all perfect tagline: “She raises a son, lives as a writer in San Francisco and attends PTA meetings where the other moms pretend they're not staring at her purple hair.”

    The Silent i Once a mommyblog, now a travelogue. Glennia, her Hubs and their son go everywhere I want to go.

    SoCal Mom Because Donna writes so well and does not whine like me.

    (In fact, everyone in this list does not whine like me)

    Lucy's Spleen Should post more often. Brilliant writer. Former dogsitter to Dooce. Now dogsits my dog and me because whoa, dollin, I can be a bitch.

    Susie Bright Sex is a happy, not sleazy thing and Susie is the original evangelist for that constructive line of thinking.

    Not Calm (dot com) I tell Jenijen she's the second coming of Raymond Carver. She tells me to shut up. I tell her to shut up. We love each other.

    VDog Cracker happiness and I ain't talking saltines.

    Stargazer and Kingfisher Cove Two close friends from high school, all grown up and still, two close friends. Everyday life at its best.

    Blog d'Elisson Steve! Boomer extraordinaire! My pretend 4th husband!

    Mom to the Screaming Masses I don't know how Carmen does it with all those kids.

    Notes from the Treches I don't know how Chris does it with all those kids.

    Laurie Writes The second coming of Anne Sexton without the inconvenient and horrific psycho-pathology.

    “Maria Niles So smart, you get smart when you read her, Maria's that smart.

    Oh, and, you, dollin, dollin Liz. You, babe. Yeah, you.

  21. Laura from LaLaGirl is a mother of 5, who has TWO sets of twins, and her son has autism. She writes about her family with such joy, and she's so funny, reading her blog just brightens my days.

  22. What a great post, Liz! You and the other commenters are giving me warm fuzzies, and who couldn't use some warm fuzzies? I want to help spread the love!

    I don't think I would have made it past the first month of being a mom if it wasn't for Ask Moxie. Moxie and the people who comment are always so supportive and excepting of each other and different parenting styles.

    Also, I have to mention Karen at The Rocking Pony, especially since it's Downs Syndrome Awareness month. She has such a great sense of humor and delightful stories of her four kids (including one with Downs) and eleventyfour million animals!

  23. For widowed moms, you can't beat Candice of Crash Course Widow and Snickollet for coping and humor on your worst day.

    Tons others, but you said just one, so I'm already over.



  24. Laurie,

    Thanks for the nomination, I really appreciate it!

    Daily happiness:

    -Pioneer Woman {we all know this already}

    -How about Orange {she provides actual, practical design ideas}

    -Bloggess {she's a BRILLIANT writer, and she makes us all feel a little better about life}

    Great idea Liz.

  25. Oh, there are so, so many!!

    I love for her down to earth, real life parenting approach. cracks me up and inspires me. 🙂

    and, last but not least, YOU, liz are a jot to read!

  26. you've probably mentioned this in an earlier post, but when are you wanting to get into El Bulli? i might be able to help…

  27. Anon you may be the other kindest soul ever but I think that train has left the station. In any case, feel free to email me mom101[at] so I can virtually kiss you, if nothing else.

  28. There are so many here that I have not read! I love new blog reading!

    My few…..

    Caroline at . She is the real deal. Honest and transparent.

    Jane Devin at because she is one of the smartest people writing on the web.

    Deb from Interesting viewpoints

    Ilina from Great food, great stories.

    Mishi from Her photos, her words…. amazing.

  29. I would nominate you but… :-). I love Stellar writing and smarty. Loving the love and Liz


  30. Lately I'm finding it hard to get through the day without spending a few minutes with Linda at Sundry Mourning. I so much appreciate her outlook and humor.

  31. I want to add one of my closest friends, Jill at

    She is funny when you least expect it, always sincere, and is quite frankly one of the strongest women I have ever known.

  32. This is a really nice thing to do…of course now my blog reading time is going to be quadrupled…so much for working. I'll will have to come back time and time again.

  33. Oh I love this!

    Maria Niles:

    My very first real boss ever Karen Maezen Miller:

    Mocha Momma:

    Notes to Self:

    Simple Lovely:

    Katherine Center:

    Ordinary Courage:

    And all of the rest of them on my MyAlltop page:

    Yay to all!

  34. I love Jen ( )
    She is so down to earth. She manages to show her humanity and imperfections without any of the self-depricating stuff a lot of bloggers fall into. She's just very real. She's also incredibly passionate about raising money for cancer work. I love everything this woman writes.

  35. Wow – so many new reads to check out! I'm a huge fan of Jane's at

    She's smart, perceptive and about to embark on a cross country adventure that's fabulous!

  36. Danielle LaPorte – White Hot Truth
    Gretchen Rubin – The Happiness Project

    Two consistently provocative reads. Two remarkable women in their fields.

  37. I wouldn't say you were late; just early for next year.

    Thanks to you and everyone who helped our cause and made this a special birthday for My Love.

    Finally, I'd like to give a little blog love to Dorky Dad at because he never fails to give me a chuckle or realize that I'm not alone in this mysterious world of daddying.

  38. So, Glennon’s blog Momastery (at is where it's at.

    She is hilarious and irreverent and wise. And she happens to be a very gifted writer. She brings me to tears regularly – sometimes through stories of her ridiculous misadventures with her children, other times through her profound observations about this heartbreak and wonder of this little life.

    Glennon is real – and you should really check her out:

  39. Ooh, I pick Jessica Bern, of, because she is both lovely and hilarious. And she reached out to make me feel welcome in her blogging circle when I thought I was just a nobody with a quirky sense of humor. 🙂

  40. Seriously, Liz, you for this post (and to Laurie, Grace and Laura for their kind shout outs in the comments and Elisa for her tweet). I cannot begin to tell you how much light you just brought to my day.

    There are so many bloggers I could mention that I could spend the next 24 hours just listing them but I'll just add a few who I haven't seen previously mentioned and who rock my world with their wise words:

    Anika Malone at and Derrick/@geekandahalf who hold it down on FriendFeed.

    Gwen Bell whom I have to refrain from linking to in just about every post I write

    Havi Brooks at The Fluent Self who is teaching me how to ask

    And Professor Kim Pearson who I am blessed to have as a teacher at BlogHer and Professor Kim's News and Notes

    Alright, I'm reluctantly going to stop. But thank you so much for this, Liz.

  41. I love Grace. It's completely crackertastic of her to name me and not include a link, and yet, SOMEHOW I am getting hits directly from this post.

    Some strange crackerness is at work here. Fer sure.

    So, GraceD, LizG, My gurl Stefania, of course, and many, many others.

    Great idea, Liz.

    (Oh and OF COURSE the captcha is dogno. I can't make this shit up.)

  42. Izzy at Izzy Mom (

    When she's not busy fighting the big corporation to benefit us all, she's helping people who are new to the blogosphere get introduced around.

    AND, she's a fabulous designer (just see the website she made for me!)

  43. OK, mine is not a blogger, but you said it could be someone who did something good for no reason.

    Last week, Yo-Yo Ma was in town to play a sold-out concert with our city's symphony. My nine year old daughter (and aspiring cellist) had convinced me a few months ago to spring for the tickets. When we checked the floor plan, we found out that our seats were quite literally in the very last row of the theatre. We were just happy to be able to go and catch a glimpse of him on stage.

    On Monday night, two days before the concert, we received a phone call from an acquaintance. This man attends Tae Kwon Do class with my husband and children, and he told me that he had heard my daughter talking about how excited she was about the upcoming concert. He proceeded to tell me that he is on the Board of Directors of the symphony, and then gave me directions to get to the stage door at intermission so that I could take her backstage to meet Mr. Ma at intermission. It was an unbelievable act of kindness which made my daughter's year! I was overwhelmed to have the opportunity to watch my daughter meet Yo-Yo Ma, but it was even more amazing to know a person who would go out of his way to give an incredible experience to someone he barely knows.

    Have an amazing time in Spain and don't eat the “pulmones” – lungs!!

  44. I'm a bit new to blogging and one of the first blogs that I found that I connected with was Mixed Mama Project. She's pregnant with a mixed baby girl, and I have two mixed babies. She's a great writer and she always finds ways in each post to make you think (as a reader).

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