One big happy F-A-M-I-L-Y

When I was four, I remember sitting down at my preschool table to paint a mom, a dad, and two kids on a blue and white piece of gingham fabric. At the bottom, I spelled out the word FAMILY.

I still recall the teachers rushing over, shocked shocked at the word I had written without having done so before. I shrugged, “I just sounded it out.” But I still remember, even then, that I was proud of a word with more sounds in it than cat or dog or Liz or Dad.

Last night I caught a glimpse of Thalia furiously working over a sheet of construction paper.

I cried.

I was feeling all obnoxiously proud, the way you’re never supposed to admit that you often feel as a parent lest someone call you out on it. All I wanted to do was race through the town screaming at the top of my lungs that my daughter is starting to learn how to write. SHE’S WRITING! SHE’S WRITING! Which, as a writer, is my greatest pride. Not that I wouldn’t be happy if she also learned how to kick a field goal or solder two pieces of iron together. But still. She’s writing. Oh joy.

Now here is where I must admit that Thalia did write Mamily, the first time.

What can I say, she’s her own person.

Our Mamily.

24 thoughts on “One big happy F-A-M-I-L-Y”

  1. FOM, they certainly poop more than Emily. That's saying something.

    And yeah, it's probably because they've been in the croissants.

  2. That is so awesome. I am so proud of her and she's not even my daughter.

    Soak up these moments Liz, they are so fleeting and will sustain you for a lifetime. Trust me.

  3. That is pretty pride-inducing, I understand the tears.

    And you know what? I might even cry about the mamily. Because the point isn't so much perfection, as the effort. Way to go Thalia!

  4. Awesome. Sometimes I whisper things to my husband – “he just said (amazing thing for a one year old to say)!” even in our own house, like someone is going pop out of the ether to call me on bragging. Shout from the rooftops, I say, 'Mamily!'

  5. I would have cried too. That my children are already such fantastic readers is amazing to me. That my daughter writes creatively? Even better!

    Cute family!

  6. That drawing MUST be matted, framed and hung somewhere obvious in your apartment. The best artwork is the work with a great story behind it.

  7. Frame it? Heck, Lands End has a deal where you can send them a scan of the artwork and you can have it imprinted on one of their tote bags. I'm seeing the 2' x 3' version on your shoulder now! Awesome…maybe Mamily is her version of Mom + Family (not to outdo Nate, but you are THE MOM!) Love this Mamily who shares with us these joys!

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